ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review

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If you’re planning a camping trip, you have lots of things to consider. Where will you camp? Do you require a 4 person tent or larger? Are you going to sleep directly on the ground? Who will be coming with you? What will the weather be like?

While some decisions are beyond your control (unfortunately, we can’t control the weather – although we’d certainly like to!) you can make some of your decisions easier by looking at informed product reviews. We set out to review the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Review with the average consumer in mind. We know how complicated it can be to select the best tent for your needs and wanted to make your purchasing decision just a little bit easier.

Update: The Lynx is currently sold out.  The Taurus is almost Identical. See it HERE

You have plenty on your mind as you embark on your next camping trip. Solve all of your tent-related problems by considering our review of one of the more popular 4 person tents on the market today.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent –  What Customers Say

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Customers are appreciative of the make of this tent, as it offers durability and lightweight materials, contributing to consistently reliable performance. The stakes are basic, but they seem to be relatively rugged. The same goes for additional materials like clips, zippers, and fabric.

According to customer reviews, it’s easy to erect, coming together easily in less than eight minutes. It only has four guy lines, lacking the line that holds down the center of the rain fly. The tent contains two simple poles that clip on rather than sliding through a sleeve.

Update: The Lynx is currently sold out.  The Taurus is almost Identical. See it HERE

Manufacturer Claims

The poles were created under strict manufacturing standards for backpacking poles, so they are incredibly tough and can bend easily, meaning they are much less likely to break. The manufacturer claims that the assembly of this tent is “frustration-free,” allowing you to set up your tent with minimal aggravation and in a limited amount of time.

Despite this, customers rave about the waterproofing of the tent. It is able to keep out wind and precipitation even in bad storms. The floor is relatively thick and the ceiling contains No See Um mesh so that you don’t have to worry about bugs getting in on a clear night when you decide not to use the rain fly.

Although this tent is low in height, there is plenty of space to sit up and offers enough space for two adults and maybe a couple of children. Despite being a four-person tent, it really does not offer enough room for four fully-grown adults.Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent review

Customers report that although this tent has excellent ventilation and airflow, it is not ideal for winter camping. It has minimal condensation, with two functional doors and a sprawling floor plan, but is not made out of rugged enough materials for heavy winter camping. Customers report that the rain-fly holds up well to heavy rainstorms and even gusty winds.

For long-term use, the Lynx is another smart choice. Customers repeatedly report back on the longevity of their tents, saying that there are few issues with zippers, clips, and flooring even after multiple years of use. The tent holds up well to inclement weather, with some users reporting that the tent has minimal leakage even after enduring heavy winds and multiple inches of hard, blowing precipitation.

Update: The Lynx is currently sold out.  The Taurus is almost Identical. See it HERE

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent – Features and Benefits

This four-person tent is made out of conventional polyester and takes a dome shape. It is freestanding in design, making it easy to pick up and move on a whim, and comes with two aluminum poles. Therefore, it is relatively lightweight, coming in at less than eight pounds in total. This is a great option for backpackers or for those with minimal space in the car.

The tent is lined with plenty of mesh in the walls, doors, and ceiling, providing good ventilation without causing you to be freezing cold in the middle of the night. The tent has two outer vestibules for storing your shoes and other belongings outdoors, but out of the rain. It also comes with two pockets and ceiling storage, making it a good option for campers with lots of gear they want to stash off the floor, like cell phones or flashlights.

The tent is spacious, offering two vestibules and two doors. This offers exceptional weather protection and creates plenty of extra storage space. Each vestibule is about 12.5 square feet in size, providing plenty of room for shoes, luggage, or a pet, including of course your sleeping bag or even a medium-sized double sleeping bag, in each vestibule. Unfortunately, the tent does not have a lot of internal pockets, so these vestibules are a must for extra storage.

Features and BenefitsAlps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent review

The polyester tent fly is water-resistant and also limits UV damage. It adds two vestibules so that you have extra storage space. Inside the tent, there are two internal stash pockets, which are short and don’t allow for a ton of extra storage space but do provide an area where you can stash the necessities.

The tent has a low peak height, so you won’t be able to stand up. However, this is relatively standard for a dome-style tent. The tent packs down small, reaching about 23.5 by 7 inches to pack down in your car or pack.

The tent comes in one color only, a grey and orange design, with the package including stakes, guy ropes, a rain-fly, the tent itself (which has #8 zippers and two doorways, along with a couple of storage compartments), and a carrying bag.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent – What’s in the Box

While the tent does not have much in the way of extra rooms or additional bells and whistles, it serves as a good stand-alone product for any consumer. That being said, the tent does come with an included gear loft. This allows you to hang items above you, like lights or clothes that need to dry, to provide a bit more sleeping room on the floor of the tent.

For an affordable price, you also receive an added rain-fly. This fly is simple but adds extra storage space and rain coverage. The tent, when packed in the bag, fits nicely on the outside of a pack and can easily be used as a backpacking tent or for car camping trips.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent – How It Stacks Up

This dome-style tent is labeled as a backpacking tent, but many users consider it more for car campers or for casual camping excursions instead of for carrying for far distances into the wilderness.

That being said, it is easy to set up and is incredibly roomy. It is durable, allowing for multiple years of use.


  • Lightweight at just 8 lbs 10 oz – an ideal car-camping tent that packs small
  • Separate rain fly and tent body to allow for a double-walled tent and better airflow
  • Poles made out of 7000 series aluminum, making them hold up against breakage
  • Solid floor that doesn’t require a tarp for extra protection
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty in case it stops working


  • Too much of a squeeze for 4 adults
  • Cannot stand up inside

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent – Verdict

This might not be the best option for four adults looking to camp in a single tent, but it’s phenomenal for a couple or a small family. It offers easy setup capabilities and waterproof materials and is well-ventilated to make it ideal for camping in any condition.

Update: The Lynx is currently sold out.  The Taurus is almost Identical. See it HEREAlps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent review 6

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