BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review | With Full Hunters Package

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In this BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike review, you’ll learn what you need to know about these powerful offroad electric mountain bike.

Electric hunting bikes are coming to the attention for hunters because it’s a fast vehicle for you to get to the site. It runs in near silence thanks to the electric-powered engine so you can save your energy for the actual hunt.


  • Move fast and quietly to not scare off everything the area
  • Easy to operate
  • Fun ride even for steep sections
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design
  • Seat designed for comfort on long rides, rough terrain
  • The hunter’s package comes with a trailer


  • You may need to add fender extensions to keep the bike cleaner
  • Heavy bike at 70lbs but this heavy-weight might be a pro
  • Might want to add accessories like a bow holder

Bottom Line

This hunting ebike moves fast, works easy, and climbs steep terrains like a mountain goat. The silent electric engine gets you where you want to be without scaring away all the prey. And if you run into trouble their customer service is pretty fast (at the time of this writing).

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BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review


You won’t have any problems finding an E-bike made for hunters. However, you can also choose one that comes with a trailer, saddlebags, and a handy repair kit like the Mule Elite Hunter Package from BAKCOU. It comes with everything you need to successfully get your game, regardless of its size.

BAKOU Mule after three months of usage:

Tackle the Toughest Terrain with Electric Bikes for Hunting

Hunting is rarely limited to smooth, even terrain. It would take the fun and challenge out of the sport.

Instead, you’re usually off the trail. Rocks, brush, mud, and hills are common and you need an offroad electric mountain bike that can handle whatever the terrain throws at it.

The Mule Elite is designed to tackle almost any terrain. The hunting e-bike boasts a 6061 high-grade aluminum frame. The metal is lightweight for easy control and sturdy enough to handle bumps and potholes.

The material is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Since weather conditions often aren’t ideal on hunting trips, you want an e-bike that can survive the elements.

Off-Road Electric Mountain Bike: Stability and Traction

Even though you get a boost from the electric motor, you still want to pay attention to the bike’s tires. Hunting e-bikes need tires that provide plenty of stability and traction. The Mule has 26 x 4 ” Maxxis Minion tires. The wide tread won’t get bogged down in mud or slide on loose gravel.

The wide pedals are comfortable and wide. It’s exactly what you need when you’re going off-road to retrieve your game. It’s not only the pedals that are designed with stability in mind. The seat and handlebars are as well. The seat post absorbs shocks as you’re traveling over rough terrain.

The handlebars are broader than other Ebikes for hunters at 740 millimeters. The wider handlebars, along with the pedals, improve stability so you can easily travel to and with your game.

Silent E-Bike for Hunters: Battery Life

The silent e-bike runs on battery power instead of gas. It ensures the 1000-watt motor won’t startle nearby prey.

The Mule Elite uses a lithium-ion 48V extended-distance battery. While it won’t run for days, it is good up to 40 miles. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about distance when you’re chasing after prey.

Don’t worry if the battery dies. The wide pedals combined with the nine-speed Shimano Alivio gears will get you back to your campsite.

Mid Drive Bafang Motor with Trailer

Don’t let the hunting e-bike’s name fool you. It takes its name for the mule’s ability to work, not it’s slow, steady gait. It comes with a mid-drive Bafang motor that is powerful enough to pull a trailer loaded with your game. The bike comes standard with a 1000-watt motor.

You can downsize to a 750-watt one and increase the speed when you’re ready. Both have the power you need to tackle steep hills and rocky trails.

With the 1000-watt engine, you have a top speed of 35 mph, even on rugged terrain. Torque sensors ensure that you’re receiving the power and performance you need without touching a button. You’re not limited by preset factory settings. The Mule e-bike for hunters also comes with a handy Walk-Assist mode. It slows the bike’s speed down to 3 mph, so you can easily walk alongside it.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 1

Hunting usually comes with the same problem. How do you retrieve your game without disturbing other prey in the area? Walking is always an option. It’s quieter than driving an ATV vehicle. However, there’s distance to consider, along with how to carry the game back to your stand or blind.

Three Trailers to Choose From

When you purchase the BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Package, you get more than an electric bicycle for hunters. You can choose one of four trailers designed to hold your gear and game. Before you pick one, think about where and what you normally hunt.

Folding HuntingTrailer

When storage is a problem at your hunting stand or in your vehicle, consider getting a folding cargo carrier. When it’s not in use, the hunting cargo trailer folds down for easier storage. It comes with two wide tires for traction and stability.

The sturdy frame is ideal for carrying small game and your extra gear. It’s also a breeze to hitch to the back of the Mule hunting bike and detach when it’s not needed.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 8

Hunting Cargo Trailer

Even when you’re only on a day-long hunting trip, you still bring a lot of gear. The Mule Elite Hunting Cargo Trailer is the ideal solution. It doesn’t take up a lot of space but will still carry everything from your bedroll to your gun or bow. It comes with a single wide wheel on the back that rolls smoothly with the e-bike’s pace.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 9

Folding Deer Trailer

The main problem many hunters face during deer season is transporting the game back to the stand. Deer are heavily muscled animals that weigh more than most people want to carry. Not to mention the amount of noise you make dragging a deer through the underbrush. The folding deer carrier solves this problem.

Simply tie the deer to the trailer attached to the Mule Electric Hunting Bike. Two side wheels prevent the trailer from tipping over and keep the electric hunting bike balanced.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 7

Compact Gear Trailer

Not every hunter has a lot of gear or storage space. Sometimes, a smaller trailer is perfect. The Mule Elite Compact Gear Trailer is just what you need to carry your stuff. The sturdy frame won’t bend or break traveling over bumpy terrain. The bars on the four sides keep your gear safely inside. Two large tires keep the trailer steady, while also ensuring the bike’s balance isn’t thrown off.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 6

Dual-Use Pannier Bags

You can’t forget about the two saddlebags that come with the Mule Elite E-bike for hunters. The pannier bags hang over the rear tire on the fender. The bags won’t interfere with the bike’s performance or get tangled in the rear tire. With two pouches on either side of the bike, you can carry everything from snacks and water to extra ammo and tracking devices.

You can keep items that might make noise out of your pockets and safely inside the hunting e-bike’s pannier bags.

E-bikeGeneration’s Bakcou Mule overview video on the visual feel for this e-bike

eBikeGeneration’s Pannier Bags overview video

What You Need to Know About Electric Hunting Bikes

Before you buy an off-road electric bike for hunting, you want to consider a few factors. It will determine how the bike performs out in the field.

Type of Motor

The motor is what gives you the extra push, and there are three types found on electric bicycles.

  1. Rear hub motors are found in the back wheel. They are inexpensive and a breeze to maintain. The downside is the low torque. It’s often not enough for steep hills, especially with a trailer in tow.
  2. Mid-drive motors power the wheel through the crank resulting in a stronger throttle. Steep hills aren’t a problem for these offroad electric hunting bikes. The motor is located between the pedals in a protective housing and won’t get in your way.
  3. Ultra mid-drive motors give you more torque and better control. However, these electric bicycles come with a higher price tag.

Rear hub motors are the least expensive but lack power. When your hunting range covers steep hills, you want a mid-drive motor like the 1000-watt one in the Mule Elite.


When you’re discussing range and e-bikes for hunters, you’re referring to the battery’s lifespan. It depends on several factors. The type of terrain will affect lifespan, along with how often you pedal. Speed can also deplete the battery’s charge. Most electric hunting bicycles have a range of around 20 miles. However, the Mule Elite e-bike for hunting boasts a top range of 40 miles.


Since you’re not racing, speed may not seem important. It is when you want to get to the game faster than you do on foot. Using the pedals, the e-bike’s maximum speed is up to you. When you engage the motor, some models have top speeds over 30 miles per hour. It’s fast enough when you’re in a rush to get your game and return to the deer stand.


You’re not biking over paved paths when you’re hunting. You need an electric mountain bike that is lightweight, weather-resistant, and durable. Aluminum frames are rust-resistant and lightweight. You won’t have any problems controlling a bike with an aluminum frame. It’s also sturdy enough to handle rocky terrain.

It’s not as strong as steel but it is less expensive and lighter in weight.

Trailer Weight Limit

Some electric bicycles like the Elite Mule Electric Hunting Bike Package come with a small trailer for gear and game. You want to look at the weight limit before you purchase it. Some trailers are designed for gear, while others for large game.

Check the tie downs and frame. Aluminum frames are sturdy and easy for the bike to pull. The weight limit is limited under the trailer’s specifications on the official website HERE

Bakcou Mule Elite Hunter e-Bike Specifications


  • Motor: Bafang Ultra M620 750w/1000w mid-drive Motor w/integrated Torque Sensor
  • Battery: Extended Distance 48v 14.5ah, 17.4ah, or 21ah lithium-ion
  • Range: 40+ Miles (see “eBike Range Explained” under “Resources” on our website)
  • Digital Display: Bafang DP C18.UART Full Color LCD
  • Brakes: Powerful Tektro Dual Piston Hydraulic, 203mm Front & 180mm Rear rotor
  • Suspension: BCEB GT MRK 100mm AIR Fork
  • Frame: High Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Size: 18″ Frame suited for 5’9″ to 6’4″ – Shorter riders should check out the Mule Step Through (Same exact bike with a lower crossbar)
  • Wheels: Quick Release Front Hub
  • Tires: Unparalleled Traction and Control Maxxis Minion 26” X 4.0
  • Gearing: Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed, 40t Front 11x36t cassette
  • Steering: Wide 740mm Handlebars for Greater Stability
  • Load Capacity: 300lbs
  • Locking Ergonomic Handlebar Grips
  • Shock Absorbing Suspension Seat Post
  • Front & Side Rear Derailleur Guards
  • Saddle: SR Sport Saddle
  • Aggressive Skid-Proof Wide Stance Pedals
  • Weight: 68 lbs

BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review 4

Customer reviews

With lots of reviews available from customers on the official website HERE, you can watch a video review from one customer after using it for 3 months.

Final Words On Our BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Review

The Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike Package comes with everything you need to carry your gear and any game. It’s a sturdy, durable bike, with a lot of torque and a powerful battery.

It will go longer and faster than other e-bikes that are not specifically made for hunting. When you add in a trailer and the dual-use pannier bags, the Mule Elite e-hunting bike package is a great choice for the serious Hunter.

The Bakcou Mule is not cheap, but if you compare it to an ATV or something similar then it is a cost-effective, electric-powered option to bear in mind.

With zero fuel costs and no gas engine, you can move in near silence while getting more fresh air with the sport.  It’s a win-win.

The demand for these Electric Hunting Bikes is massive during hunting season and over on the main website you might need to place a pre-order as these models sell out quickly.

They restock all the time so your wait will not be long, but again you could land very lucky and catch one in stock.

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