Best Blankets for Cold Weather Camping

8 Best Blankets for Cold Weather Camping

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The best blankets for cold weather camping are made for the ultimate thermal protection. They offer superior thermal insulation and are only designed to be used in cold weather. These blankets can be used on their own or in combination with a sleeping bag.

Staying warm in cold weather camping is a priority. Regular winter blankets aren’t ideal for camping. They’re too bulky and they offer to suffer from low durability. As a result, cold weather camping blankets are the sole option for staying warm during the night.

Blankets for cold weather camping are thicker than regular blankets. They are normally made with down materials, Sherpa, or other types of synthetic fleece. Wool blankets are also very popular in cold weather camping as they offer the ultimate warmth. Down blankets are the easiest to pack as they fold to a small size, often smaller than a loaf of bread. Wool blankets are the most versatile as many of them can also be considered for home use, on the other hand.

Best Blankets for Cold Weather Camping

8 Best Blankets for Cold Weather Camping

Made from wool, polyester, and other light materials such as nylon, the best blankest for cold weather camping is ideal for lightweight backpacks and warm nights. Here are some of the most popular options.

1. Down Under Outdoors Quilted Fleece Blanket

This thick fleece blanket is ideal for cold weather camping. It has soft fleece on one side and waterproof quilting on the other side. This is why it’s ideal for just about any tent as it stops water and condensation from getting inside the blanket.

The ideal uses for these blankets are diverse. But since it has a waterproof exterior it’s ideal for wintertime tent camping. It prevents melted snow on the bottom of the tent from making it inside the blanket.

With proven anti-slip materials, the blanket is also safe to walk on inside the tent. As its also fully machine-washable, it doesn’t require any types of special care which makes it a practical choice for many campers.

2. Reliancer Ultralight Blanket

At a size of 80” x 54”, this ultralight blanket is ideal for one sleeper. Its fleece filling makes it ideal for easy lightweight packing. Unlike regular blankets, this camping blanket is all of the makings of a product that is easy to carry, essential in wintertime camping.

The spill-proof 20D nylon outer materials of the blanket are also recommended for those who like to eat inside the tent. It prevents spills from getting to the inner fleece.

Campers also like the blanket’s button snap. It converts it into a poncho. Ideal for evening campfires or morning cups of coffee outside, this warm blanket keeps campers warm similar to a classic poncho.

3. Redcamp Sherpa Blanket

Made with Sherpa fleece, this Redcamp blanket is ideal for just about any tent and cold weather camping. It can be used for hammock sleeping as well as it has a large size of 78.8” x 59” which covers a sole sleeper completely.

Water-resistance is a must and this blanket has it. It comes with an outer layer of 150D Oxford fabric. This is the same type of material used on waterproof tents. As a result, it makes the Sherpa blanket for cold weather camping both durable and waterproof.

4. Tirrinia Throw Blanket

This blanket is known for having the largest fastener in its class. It doesn’t unfold accidentally when tied to a backpack as a result. The blanket is one of the most practical designs on the list offering a unique design that also keeps campers warm.

Sherpa is used to add warmth to the blanket. One side of the blanket is made with waterproof materials while the other side is made with Sherpa and it’s the side that’s in contact with the camper. Ideal for lightweight backpack travel, the blanket is also machine-washable so that it’s always fresh and clean for the next camping adventure.

5. Horizon Down Camping Blanket

Horizon’s camping blanket is ideal for its lightweight, high warmth, and multiple color options. This blanket only weighs 1lb, making it the lightest warm blanket for cold weather camping. Durable and waterproof, it can be used in all weather conditions. Most importantly, its reduced weight makes it ideal for multi-day trekking.

The blanket also has a reduced weight when packed. Smaller than a loaf of bread when packed in its travel bag (included in the pack), the down blanket is ideal for those who need to travel light. Its stain-resistant design further recommends it for families as kids tend to spill food and drinks inside the tent on occasion.

6. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

A cozy wool blanket is never a bad purchase for wintertime camping. This Arcturus blanket is one of the ideal releases for cold weather camping. While not waterproof, it’s made with natural wool and features the versatility of warmth on both sides.

The blanket is available in multiple colors. It also comes with good touches such as solid lock-stitch edges. Furthermore, as a thinner blanket, it also comes in a larger size, even if it looks small when packed. At 64” x 88”, it’s one of the largest wool blankets for cold weather camping.

7. Brawntide Waterproof Blanket

Made with thick 300 GSM polar fleece, this blanket is ideal for just about any cold weather camping situation. Its thick polar provides instant warmth as it retains body heat quickly. The soft-touch fleece is also ideal for sleeping comfort.

The blanket is also made with a windproof outer. This makes it ideal for outdoor relaxation moments during the winter as well. One of the most interesting parts about the blanket is its small packed size. It also comes with a travel bag that features a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

8. USGI Industries Military Woobie Blanket

This military-style blanket is ideal as a base layer of the tent. It features attachment straps that allow you to tie it down inside the tent to avoid it are moving around. At the same time, it can be used as a regular blanket for cold weather.

Available in multiple patterns, the blanket is the ideal purchase for hunters and those who prefer to remain camouflaged during cold weather camping. It suits people who prefer to sleep in hammocks in cold weather as well.

Final words

Choosing the right blanket for cold weather camping is not easy with so many good products on the market. However, it’s important to look at the insulating materials first, as they provide thermal protection.

Some campers also value waterproof blankets. These are ideal for just about any situation where you need to stay clear of melting snow inside the tent. Waterproof blankets are also recommended for those looking to stay dry while enjoying the campfire or a hot brew outside early in the morning.

The blankets recommended above are made with durable materials. They are safe for machine washing. These are ideal for campers who often come back home with dirty gear which needs washing to eliminate all dirt and bacteria. The ultimate durability is often seen on nylon, Oxford, and fleece blankets. These are easy to wash and they tend to last the longest, even when machine-washed.

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