8+ Best Camping Cots for Kids

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The best camping cots for kids are adapted to their small size. Foldable and small, these are great additions to camping gear that prevents children from sleeping directly on the ground.

Just like camping cots for adults, these small camping cots are made to be like a bed. They use a metal frame, typically foldable, and durable materials such as polyester to offer an elevated sleeping surface. 

Kids can use either inflatable mattresses or sleeping bags on top of these cots.

Camping cots for kids have a length between 50 and 70 inches and a width of up to 27 inches. This makes them recommended for kids of various ages from toddlers to 12-13 years old children.  

The Best Camping Cots for Kids – Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Best for All-Season Camping – Baby Delight Go With Me Travel Cot
  2. Best no-assembly cot – Redcamp Long Kids Cot
  3. Best for travel – Kamp-Rite Kids Cot With Rainfly
  4. Best for space – FE Active Folding Camping Cot
  5. Best for 2 kids – Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk

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8+ Best Camping Cots for Kids

The following best camping cots are available for boys and girls. They differ in size, materials, features, and ease of installation.

Kids Travel Inflatable Bed

This one’s designed for kids 3-6 years old. Remember to bring an electric or hand pump so that your kid can enjoy an airbed that’s like the comfort of the mattress at home.

The edges are raised to keep kids from rolling off the bouncy air mattress, as well as keep the sheets tidily on the bed.

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Compact to pack as long as you bring along an inflator, air mattresses offer great versatility and comfort for kids. This design is for toddlers as the edges act as gaurd rails like the ones on the bed at home.

Be sure to bring a puncture emergency kit just in case of any mishaps.

Baby Delight Go With Me Travel Cot

Baby Delight’s camping cot is the most complex for kids. It can be used both inside and outside, making it the most versatile kids’ camping cot. It features a removable canopy which is ideal for nap time. The camping cot offers a quick shaded place for comfortable sleeping during the summer, ideal for small children.

The canopy of this travel cot is removable. But some parents don’t remove the canopy even inside the tent as it creates a safe cozy place for kids to sleep in.

Made with a folding design, the best camping cot for kids can be used starting with the age of 15 months. It continues to be the sleeping solution for kids of up to 75lbs.

At home, you can use this camping cot for sleepovers. Even away from home, you can use it as a kids’ travel bed for sleeping at hotels and cabins. With increased versatility compared to a classic camping cot, it represents the safest solution to sleep in as well. This camping cot is made with a steel frame and it uses angles 26in legs to offer stability no matter the angle kids choose to get on it.

Redcamp Long Kids Cot

Available in multiple colors, the Redcamp Long Kids Cot is ideal for quick assembly. Instant set-up recommends it for camping and even as a backup bed for home use.

It only takes a few seconds to set up and one adult can do the job without any help. While its steel frame is heavy it’s still a lightweight camping cot for kids as it’s made with Oxford fabrics.

The same Oxford fabrics are used to make tents, given they come with proven durability. The fabrics are also waterproof and quick-dry. Safe and easy to clean in case kids wet the bed, the camping cot is also quick-drying in case of a nighttime accident.

Kamp-Rite Kids Cot With Rainfly

This sheltered camping cot for kids is ideal for camping away from home. Traveling to a campsite comes with its challenges for parents. Useful for airport or hotel layovers, this camping cot with rainfly offers a comfortable bed that can be used anywhere.

At camp, the rainfly offers much-needed sun exposure protection. It can be seen as a good protective rainfly for camping near water sources where mosquitoes can be a real burden for the little ones.

With a length of almost 70 inches, this is also one of the longest camping cots for kids in its class. It holds up to 250lbs which means it’s also quite sturdy.

FE Active Folding Camping Cot

A longer camping cot for kids and teenagers is needed as kids grow. This FE Active camping cot can be used by adults but it’s often chosen by parents who want their kids to sleep on a single air mattress pad.

Air mattress pads for a single person don’t fit a standard camping cot for kids that’s shorter than 70 inches. This is why the 74 inches FE Active camping cot is the main choice for parents who want their kids to sleep on a mattress just like at home.

Another reason this camping cot is considered for kids aged 10 and above is its versatility through the teenage years. As kids grow parents don’t need to purchase another larger camping cot.

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk

Bunk beds for camping are ideal for families with 2 kids. This camping cot for 2 kids is one of the most versatile solutions that save space and that folds for transportation. You can install it easily by unfolding the steel frame. Once installed, it holds 2 kids and their accessories such as toys and tablets.

The bunk bed is recommended for ages 7 to 12. The older kids get the likelier they are to start arguing on who sleeps on top. This is why this camping cot bunk bed also doubles as a standard double camping cot for kids. It can even be used as a single camping cot for kids. Its 3-in-1 functionality recommends it for a combined weight of up to 200lbs.

Redcamp Extra Long Kids Cot

Ideal for toddlers and kids, this long camping cot has multiple uses. It can be used as a standard camping cot, as a second bed, as a play area, or as a travel naptime bed.

It features steel construction with a foldable frame design. Its safety is guaranteed by the 10 sturdy legs which allow kids to get on and off from any side without it topping over.

Based on durable 600D Oxford fabrics, the sleeping cot is among the durable options at a low price. The thicker Oxford fabrics are recommended for frequent campers rather than for the occasional campers.

Disney Frozen Portable Slumber Cot

The Disney-themed Frozen camping cot for girls is ideal as a themed sleeping bed away from home. It features a 48.8” length and a 24.4” width which recommend it for small girls.

While it’s a Disney cot, it still features the same must-have characteristics of a durable camping cot for kids, such as a sturdy frame. Its metal frame is supportive, even when kids jump on the camping cot to have fun.

Parents also appreciate its proven foldable design. The folding camping cot for kids takes up just a small amount of space among other camping gear essentials.


Kids need extra attention while camping. The way they sleep is important and camping cots for kids offer them a bed away from home. Often seen as a fun sleeping alternative to a bed at home, when you’re finding one of the best camping cots for kids, you’ll need it to be sturdy for safety purposes.

They also need to be practical and comfortable. Kids can enjoy camping more with a camping cot such as the Baby Delight Go With Me Travel Cot. With an extra canopy that blocks up to 98% of UVA and UVB harmful rays, it’s one of the most helpful camping cot for children.

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