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3+ Best Generator For Camping – Updated 2022

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When you’re looking for the best generator for camping and RV camping, you will want a quiet and dependable generator that doesn’t take much effort to transport. As well, the generator should be easy to start and maintain. This article will help you determine which is the best generator for camping for your needs.

Generators make sure power is available while camping with the family. This can provide peace of mind that your mobile phones always have a charge in case of emergencies. You can use it to have access to hot water, hot food, lighting, and all the benefits of electrical goodies if you have a generator for camping.

While this method is not for everyone and might take away from the outdoor experience for some people, it gives the missed luxuries for others. It’s certainly down to your own preferences.


This article will review a number of the best generators for camping that are available on the market so that you can decide which is the best portable generator for you to take on your next camping adventure.

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Champion 3400W Inverter Generator

Best Generator for CampingThis generator has a 192 cc OHV engine. It’s a bit of a heavier generator for camping, weighing in at 96lbs. But what it lacks in compactness, it makes up for in performance. At a moderate 25% load, it will run up to 7.5 hours on gas and an impressive 14.5 hours on propane. This is the heaviest generator in consideration for the best generator for camping, but also the highest performing in terms of sheer output and runtime.

A well placed handle works with rear wheels to make transporting the Champion 3400W Inverter Generator easier.

This Generator may be the best for you if what you’re looking for is outright power performance. It’s a bit more expensive than other portable power generators, but well worth it. Despite it’s size and output, it runs fairly quietly at a decibel rating of 59db.

It also has an RV outlet, letting you have access to portable power directly connected to your RV. As an inverter, it’s power output should have a stable voltage, so appliances and electronics will be safe using it. It has cold start technology as well, so it can be up and running quickly even in freezing temperatures. Add in the 3 year warranty, and it’s a strong contender as the best generator for camping.

Check it out on Amazon here: Champion 3400W Inverter Generator

Duracell Power Source Portable Power and Solar Generator

Best Generator for Camping

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly choice, the Duracell Power Source Portable Power and Solar Generator may be the right choice for you. Instead of a traditional gas powered generator, this generator is chargeable via both plugging it in and by solar power. Both methods of charging take up to 10 hours. No Gas means there are no fumes emitted or fuel consumed, so it’s clean energy.

The power storage isn’t as significant as tradition gas powered generators for camping, but it can easily support your devices such as laptops, phones and tablets for many recharges. It can only power larger appliances for a shorter amount of time.

The unit itself is compact for a portable generator, but still weighs a moderate amount at just over 56lbs. As it’s power sources are solar and electricity charge, the Duracell Power Source Portable Power and Solar Generator produces almost no sound when in use, making it significantly quieter than other options.

The generator itself has an digital LCD display to inform you of the power level, energy/solar input status, and power output status. It also has a well located handle for each transport of the generator.

This generator is a good choice if you don’t use significant amounts of power on things like appliances during your camping trip. It removes the need for you to bring fuel along for power purposes, and can support electrical devices for multiple recharges. It’s energy is clean and it’s cost is towards the low end for portable generators, making it an economic an environmentally friendly choice.

It also can be used beyond camping, being kept in your vehicle/home for emergency power without the need of a fuel source. It does hold a charge for about three months, so keep in mind it will need recharging a few times a year if not in use.

Check it out on Amazon Here: Duracell Power Source Portable Power and Solar Generator

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Inverter Generator

Weighing in at 55lbs, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Inverter Generator is an average weight for a portable generator for camping. With a 111cc OHV engine and a 1 galleon fuel tank, it can deliver constant power at a moderate 25% load for 6.5 hours. It’s output is 2200 watts starting and 1700 watts running.

The engine rounds at a rating of 59 decibels, meaning it’s fairly quiet compared to other generators. Two handles on the top make this more lightweight generator easier to for you to transport.

It also comes at an attractive cost, being cheaper than most higher performing portable generators. The power output is constant and stable, so it’s safe to use it for electronics like TV’s, computers and mobile devices.

If you are looking for a traditional gas powered generator but don’t want to buy one of the more expensive models out there, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Inverter Generator is a good in between for cost and performance.

Check it out on Amazon Here: Briggs & Stratton P2200 Power Smart Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator

If you’re looking for the most economic option available while still being able to power your electronics with a traditional generator, this may be the best option for you. The WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator is notably less expensive than most other portable generators for camping.

As it weighs only 39lbs, this is the lightest generator on our best generator for camping list. Pair it’s weight with it’s well placed ergonomic handle and it’s easy for you to transport.

With a 79cc OHV engine, this generator outputs around 2000 watts starting and 1700 watts running. This is good for powering small to mid sized electronics, but may not be able to support large appliances for a significant amount of time.

At a moderate 25% load, the generator can run for an impressive 10.8 hours, providing you power for quite some time. The WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator also comes with an economic mode – turning this mode on preserves power and fuel consumption to keep the generator running for an extended time.

The generator has a 51db sound rating, making it the quietest traditional gas powered generator on our list.

So if what you want is a budget friendly option that can power your less power hungry devices for an extended period of time, the WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator may be the best generator for camping for you.

Check it out on Amazon here: WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator

What is the best generator to buy for camping?

The best generator for camping depends on your needs.

If performance is your only want, we recommend the Champion 3400W Inverter Generator. This generator is a bit more expensive, but it’s performance is well worth the price.

If being budget-friendly is what you are looking for, the WEN 56203i Portable Inverter Generator is a low cost option that still performs well.

If you want to be environmentally conscious, and only need to power smaller devices, the Duracell Power Source Portable Power and Solar Generator may be best for you.

All of these generator options are discussed in detail above.

What size generator do I need for camping?

The size of generator you need depends on what you intend to use if for. A typical generator for camping should output around 2000 watts to power most of your electronics.

If you need to power more significant appliances, like microwaves and air conditioners, you may need to start looking in the 3000 watt and up range.

Can you run a generator overnight?

Yes, Generators can be run overnight while you are sleeping. There are a few things that need to be considered when doing this though.

You need to make sure the generator has enough fuel to last the night. As many generators have 6-10 running hours when filled, it may or may not have the capacity to make it through the night.

You may also find it difficult to sleep if your generator is too loud. If you intend to run it overnight, make sure you and your fellow campers are comfortable with the noise level.

Finally, there is fuel conservation to consider. Unless for it’s for a necessity, running your generator overnight while camping it not an efficient use of it’s power, and may lower your overall fuel efficiency for your camping trip.

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