Best Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks

7 Best Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks

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Only the best heavy-duty RV stabilizer jacks can be considered for a truly stable RV. Campers can move sideways when stationed and this can be solved by upgrading or choosing a better heavy-duty stabilizer rack.

From jack stands to scissor RV stabilizers, there’s an endless choice for all types of RVs. Typically chosen by design, they are mainly categorized by weight capacity. Here are the top choices both by design and maximum weight load.

Best Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks

5 Best Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks – Our Top 5 Picks

1. Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack – Best value for money
2. EAZ Lift Telescopic Jack – Best for height adjustments
3. Libra Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer – Best for beginners
4. Lippert Components Power Stabilizer Jack – Best automatic lifting
5. Dumble RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks – Best for maximum height

7 Best Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer Jacks

Heavy-duty RV stabilizer jacks have a nominal load capacity between 6.000 and 7.500lbs. This makes them ideal for just about any RV.

1. Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack

Designed to stabilize and level RVs, this heavy-duty RV jack comes in sets of 4. Camping fans can consider it as the best value for money as it can be used in key areas of the RV to add stabilization and eliminate wobble.

Design-wise the aluminum jack allows users to set various heights. The minimum and maximum levels are 11 and 17 inches, sufficient for just about any RV and terrain. Made from aluminum, the jack stands aren’t the heaviest either. Their weight capacity is 6.000lbs.

These aluminum heavy-duty RV stabilizer racks are the most reliable when not fully extended. Users, not they are very stable up to 15 inches starting to lose a bit of stability when fully extended. However, they make a difference when used in pairs so that there’s no RV rocking when someone moves inside.

Made with a corrosion-resistant design, they are also recommended for garage storage. Most RV stabilizer jacks start to rust rather quickly since they are stored in a garage. But Camco’s aluminum jack can even be stored outside.

2. EAZ Lift Telescopic Jack

Designed with an individual load capacity of 6.000lbs, these telescopic heavy-duty RV jacks are perfect for custom height adjustment. They come with a considerable adjustment range between 16 and 30 inches. This recommends them for RVs that can only be stabilized at high levels.

Durability is also a characteristic of these telescopic jacks. Made with a powder coat finish, they are designed to keep the rust away. This recommends them for camping in all-weather conditions.

3. Libra Heavy Duty RV Stabilizer

Fans of RV stabilizers that don’t need muscle power love to use power drills on scissor stabilizers. This is why this heavy-duty RV stabilizer jack is ideal for beginners. A simple power drill lifts and lowers the jack as needed without muscle power.

Designed from pure steel, the RV stabilizer jack is a bit more rugged than its aluminum alternatives. It holds up to 7.5000lbs making it one of the most rugged scissor RV stabilizer jacks in its range.

4. Lippert Components Power Stabilizer Jack

Lipper is one of the innovative companies in the stabilizer jack manufacturing world. It created this power jack that operates with minimum user input. Power drives from the RV and it raises and lowers the two legs of the stabilizer jack as needed.

The stabilizer jack goes under and across the RV. Its legs are raised to 30 inches. The best part is this is done from a switch and not by hand. One of the most interesting parts about this RV stabilizer jack is the independent leg control, however. Each leg raises on its own making it the ideal heavy-duty stabilizer jack for uneven terrain. If your RV isn’t camped on the tarmac, such a stabilizer jack can prove quite practical.

5. Dumble RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks

If you have a tall RV or if you want to compensate for uneven terrain to raise your RV higher you need a stabilizer jack that goes the distance. Dumble’s stabilizer jack is ideal for a maximum height of up to 49 inches, making it the most reliable design for height reach.

Two stabilizer jacks are included in the pack. These are manually adjusted and users can set a different height for each of these jacks. Each stabilizer jack has a maximum load of 5.000lbs.

High weight capacity recommends them for campers with multiple sleepers. Even when more than 2 people are sleeping on one side of the camper these heavy-duty RV stabilizer jacks are capable to balance out the weight for a stable RV.

6. Camco EAZ Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Bolt-on and weld-on installation are ideal for this heavy-duty jack. Made with a scissor design, it can be one of the ideal stabilizer jacks for RV owners that are also similar to car jacks. Users who don’t want to change the way they elevate a vehicle are already familiarized with this scissor system that equips most small cars.

Stronger and thicker than other steel scissor jacks, these heavy-duty RV jacks are ideal for high humidity areas. Camping in the spring, fall, and even in the winter can make other scissor jacks rust. But Camcos stabilizing scissor jacks are ideal for long-term use.

These are sold in sets of two. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to maximum height. The standard height of one of these stabilizer jacks is 24 inches. But Camco offers them in 30 and 20-inch alternatives as well. Regardless of the maximum height, each of these stabilizer jacks has a 7.500lbs maximum load capacity.

7. Red Hound Auto 4 Telescoping RV Jack

Ideal for lightweight trailers, RV, or compact campers, these telescoping jacks are made for quick set-up. Their telescoping angled design makes them unique and easy to use.

These jacks come in sets of 4. They have a reduced maximum load of 600lbs since they need to be used in groups of 4. Ideal for small campers, these are compact and easy to carry. Users can set them in key areas under the vehicle for better weight distribution.

Final words

Leading best heavy-duty RV stabilizer jacks are made with different designs, as seen above. Made from steel or aluminum, they can be reduced or eliminate wobble or unstable RVs.

In the real world, this means you can stay asleep when someone goes to the bathroom during the night. A stable RV might be hard to find as most are lightweight for various reasons. Ideal for families, these stabilizer jacks ensure the RV remains stable under heavy load.

Another very good reason to choose a heavy-duty RV stabilizer jack such as the Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack is the stability they provide by leveling up the RV on uneven terrain. Most people camping out in nature park the RV on uneven terrain.

An RV can be level when you use two or more stabilizer jacks extended to different heights. Unlike car jacks that only lift a certain part of the vehicle, these jacks lift the entire RV creating a level stable surface to walk on.

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