10+ BEST One Shoulder Backpacks Review in 2022

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Sling bags are convenient and trendy. It’s worn on one shoulder or across your chest, with the weight of the bag is designed to be worn near your front chest or on your lower back.

They are a type of backpack that have only one strap. It is used to put a few light things in when you go for a day trip or music festival. And if you’re looking for the best one shoulder backpacks to carry your day trip essentials, we’ve got you covered.

The utility of sling bags are plenty, which is why you’ll see that these one shoulder backpacks as a day trip essential, as well as an everyday carry bag (EDC). Because when you are planning a day hike, or just walking the dog, you will only need to take essentials (and snacks) with you.

To help you make an informed choice, we have checked out 11 of the best one strap backpacks available on the market today. 

How to Pick the Best Sling Bag

One shoulder backpacks are also known as a sling bag, or a one shoulder strap backpack. They are popular for day trips, dog walking, travel, hiking, and music festivals where you can fit day trip essentials. They come with different compartments, colors and sizes and it should be relatively easy to find the options you want.

Left handed or Right handed

Although many are designed to be ambidextrous, you’ll want something that fits how you like to sling.

For versatility, you can choose a sling bag with an adjustable reversible strap. So that you can wear it on the left or the right.


The backpack has to be portable because it’s usually something you pack in your travel bag.

You can go as far as the minimalist ultraportable sling bag that folds up.

Or if you don’t mind the added weight, look for a trendy sling bag with features like: phone access and multiple compartments.

Weather Resistant

If you live in areas that often rain like London, UK, or British Columbia, Canada, you will want a waterproof sling backpack.

Or if you’re out all weekend, like at a music fest, the rain won’t have a chance to dampen any of your stuff with a waterproof sling bag.


You can usually choose from nylon or fabric when it comes to one shoulder bags.

If you like the look of leather, there are genuine leather crossbody backpacks, as well.


When you are picking the best sling bag for an all day adventure, you’ll want something comfortable.


Think of what you need to bring with you. Most sling backpacks will fit your phone, snacks, notebook, wipes, bug stickers and athletic tape.

For gamers, it should also fit your Nintendo Switch in its console & accessory case.


Have more than 2 compartments can make your life easy on the go.

Some will have outlets or a compartment for portable charging.

What Should You Bring In Your One Shoulder Bag

The options are endless for this day trip essential.

Aside from essentials like your phone, spare undies and socks, you can bring:

Now that you’ve seen the utility of the one shoulder backpack, let’s take a look at our top 11.

10 BEST One Shoulder Backpacks Review

  1. Camouflage Crossbody Pack for Hikers or Festival Goers

Not only does this have a camo design that makes it a really nice looking bag, it is waterproof. Now you can be up for any activity, rain or shine.

This bag has a solid build that makes it a good casual day bag. It has a padded compartment for an electronic device up to a 7″ tablet.

Because of the middle sling design, you can carry this bag as a front carry or back sling, but not as a shoulder bag.

2. Sling Bag Backpack by Outdoor Master

Sling Bag one shoulder Backpack by Outdoor Master
This spacious sling bag has a big main pocket that can be used for a small laptop, tablet or even your books.

Its soft, padded single strap has been designed to offer flexibility and comfort while carrying it around.

The shoulder strap on this one shoulder strap backpack is also reversible.

So it can be easily changed depending on your preference and it can be switched between the right and left base.

Another cool feature is the nifty hidden anti-theft pocket which can be used to store credit cards, passport, or cash.

3. Packable Shoulder Backpack by Waterfly

Packable One Shoulder Backpack by Waterfly
In addition to its main pouch, this one strap shoulder backpack has 4 small pouches that can be used to organize your phone, tablet or iPad and other items perfectly.

It is manufactured from soft nylon which is rain proof to protect your belongings against water. The waterproof feature makes the bag a contender in our best one shoulder backpacks review.

The SBS brand zipper also ensures easy use. This cross body bag is high quality and also can be easily folded into its small pouch, while is it simple to once again expand to a big backpack.

4. Rope Backpack by KAVU

Rope One Shoulder Backpack by KAVU
Many people highly recommend the KAVU one strap shoulder bag. The top pocket on the outside of the backup can be closed with a Velcro tab and is big enough for at least 3 phones to fit.

A second small pocket on the left side can be closed with a zip and is ideal for items such as earphones, keys, or a charger.

The inside of the backpack is divided into 2 area where you can easily put a small laptop or tablet, along with your books.

5. Sling Bag by Everest

Sling Bag by Everest One Shoulder Backpack
This Everest one shoulder strap backpack is manufactured from 100% polyester which makes it extremely durable. It is also very portable, making it easy to use and carrying your belongings with you everywhere you go. The zipper closure secures everything inside, protecting it and making it safe. The two exterior pockets can be used to store a tablet or phone that can be reached easily and quickly. With a shoulder strap of 12 inches long, the length can easily be adjusted to your preference and height.

6. Women Sling Backpack by Roma Leathers

Womens one shoulder Sling Backpack by Roma Leathers
This leather backpack with single shoulder strap by Roma Leathers was especially designed for women. This elegant and stylish backpack has a main compartment large enough for most of required items, including a water bottle, phone, books, wallet, and tablet. Its 1 rear and 2 side pockets are zippered and provide extra storage space with easy access. Manufactured from real leather, this backpack will make you look stylish and has a soft pebble texture.

7. Mens Tactical Gear Molle Sling Shoulder Backpack

NPUSA Mens Tactical Gear Molle Sling Shoulder Backpack
This special NPUSA one strap shoulder backpack is manufactured from 600 Denier polyester that will provide durability for daily use. It features a PVC lined hydration pocket where you can easily fit a 2L bladder, complete with a slot at the top where a water tube can be passed through. It has 1 main zipper, 3 zippers in the front, and another zipper in the rear hydration pocket. This sling backpack has a wide adjustable strap that is padded and it can hold any water bladder.

8. Capital Sling Backpack by ADIDAS


The ADIDAS sling backpack is made of polyester and is an excellent choice for both sports and adventure as it is lightweight and durable. The sling backpack can be used to stylishly carry various items such as a phone, headphone, books, or gym clothes. The main compartment is big enough to store a number of big items, and the three external pockets can be used for smaller items such as cards, and keys. The shoulder strap is adjustable to provide maximum comfort.

9. Lightweight Travel Shoulder Backpack by HOPSOOKEN


This one strap shoulder backpack is high quality, tear resistant and waterproof, as it is manufactured from high quality Nylon. The reinforced stitching and SBS metal zipper ensure that this backpack is one of the most durable on the market. The backpack has a main pouch together with four small pouches. This provides ample space to store a number of items such as a phone, tablet, books, etc. As it is also portable, it can be folded up very small when it is not used, or needs to be taken with as luggage.

10. Prime Sling Shoulder Bag by LC

Prime Sling one Shoulder Bag by LC
This chest bag provides multiple purpose storage as it was designed with two big compartments with smaller inner pouches. A phone, tablet, and bottle, can easily fit in the large compartment, while small items like snacks, phones keys, etc. can be kept in the smaller zippered compartment. This backpack is versatile, lightweight, sturdy and strong, and can hold a number of items inside, while also being water-resistant.


11. Sunhiker Packable Shoulder Backpack

Sunhiker Packable Shoulder Backpack

This durable, packable shoulder backpack from Sunhiker is manufactured from high quality material, and is both tear and water resistant. The durable abrasion resistant SBS metal zipper will last for years. The backpack is roomy yet lightweight which makes it perfect for vacation, day trips, camping, travel, and other activities. Although it looks small, opening it will reveal more space than expected.


That’s all for our roundup of the best one shoulder backpacks in this review. The important part about these backpacks is its weight, slim design that fits what you need to carry, and the comfort of the shoulder strap and bag against your back. Having many compartments will make it easy to keep your things organized.

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