5 Best Queen Size Cots in 2021

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The best queen size camping cots are ideal for comfort in all weather. Sleeping off the cold ground in the winter is more comfortable. Camping cots also allow better ventilation for summertime camping.

Queen size cots are ideal for 2 people. Since 3-4 person tents fit a standard queen size mattress, queen size camping cots are ideal for tents that accommodate at least 3 people.

Most queen size cots have a height of at least 14 inches. Campers need to factor in the height of the air mattress as well. The total height of the queen size camping cot plus the air mattress height is going to dictate whether the queen size cot fits the tent.

Best Queen Size Camping Cots – Our Top 5 Picks

  1. Best for comfort – Coleman Camping Cot
  2. Best lightweight queen size camping cot – Ivation EZ-Bed
  3. Best for transportation – Simpli Self-Inflating Air Bed With Built-in Frame
  4. Best versatility – Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot
  5. Best value – Coleman Camping Cot

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5 Best Queen Size Camping Cots Compared

Some of the best queen size cots are available with or without a mattress. While all of these camping cots fold for storage, they differ in weight and ease of transportation. All of these variables recommend the following camping cots of queen size measurements.

Coleman Camping Cot

This heavy-duty Coleman Queen Size Camping Cot is ideal for campers of all ages. It provides an air pump for the included queen size mattress. This allows users to set the preferred hardness level of the mattress.

While not a memory foam mattress, the air mattress included in the pack is something users say it’s ideal for dealing with low back pain. Since the mattress is thick it also lifts sleepers considerably off the ground, making it ideal for camping in low-temperature weather.

The entire cot folds for travel. It’s also where the only negative aspect of this cot can be found. Once folded, the camping cot doesn’t stay in place. But there’s a travel bag to use to prevent it from unfolding.

This is also one of the main reasons the queen size cot is the best in its class. Given the queen cot folds for travel many campers expect it to be quite large. But its air mattress deflates to a small size and the cot itself folds for storage. Together, they fit in a compact travel bag that is about the same size as the packed tent.

Ivation EZ-Bed

Ideal for couples, this EZ cot is one of the lightest queen size camping cots with its 50lbs weight. This is even more impressive when factoring in the queen size cot that comes with an air mattress. Apart from its low weight for such a large camping bed, this queen size cot impresses with the quality of its air mattress.

Made with 48 circular coils, this camping cot is ideal for extra support for 2 sleepers. It’s also recommended for comfortable sleeping in pairs since one person getting off the camping cot doesn’t disturb the other person sleeping based on the design of the circular coil. The coils are ideal for avid campers who might suffer from back pain. Frequently sleeping on cold ground isn’t ideal for camping and this is where the comfortable mattress improves the value of the cot.

The lightweight queen size camping cot sets up in 3 minutes. An electric air pump is included for its air mattress. Deflating the mattress only takes a few minutes as well. Once deflated, the Ivation EZ-bed fits under your bed at home just as the Coleman Camping Cot above for easy storage.

Simpli Self-Inflating Air Bed With Built-in Frame

Moving around a queen size camping cot is not easy. Even if many of these camping cots are made with a folding design, they are large and heavy for a single person to move. Simpli makes a smart choice by adding casters to its built-in frame. This is why users simply carry it around without actually lifting the camping cot.

Simpli also includes one of the most reliable air mattresses in the queen size cot market. This is where its comfort coil design proves reliable for stability. The queen size cot is also a few inches larger than the standard queen size mattress. Its mattress measures 80 X 62” which means it’s 2 inches wider than the standard alternative.

The extra width of the mattress is also impacted by its coil-based design. All-in-all, the Simply queen size camping cot is comfortable and easy to carry despite its large size.

Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot

Kamp-Rite’s queen size cot comes without an air mattress but it is the most versatile option on the list. Used without a mattress it can offer support for 2 sleepers. Even sleeping bags can be considered for sleeping on the cot.

Those who already own a queen size air mattress can also consider the Double Kwick-Cot. Its size is perfect for 80 X 60” queen size mattresses.

Otherwise, this queen size cot feels like a water mattress when used without an air mattress. One moving person moves the other person. Still, it lifts sleepers off the cold ground, which is most important. At the end of the camping trip, it folds for easy transportation in the trunk of the car.

Amazon Basics Foldable Queen-Size Bed Frame

Queen size cots for home use can often be considered queen size camping cots. Amazon Basics shows how such a versatile product can be practical and highly affordable. Ideal for campers who only venture out in nature a few times per year, this queen size cot is made with a lightweight design.

Made with a foldable design the sleeping solution works with 80 X 60” air mattresses the best. It also elevates sleepers at least 14 inches above the ground, which allows for better thermal comfort when camping out in cold weather. But this high elevation is also recommended for summertime sleeping where enhanced airflow is ideal for staying cool and sweat-free.

How Large is a Queen Size Cot?

Queen size camping cots are measured by queen size mattress dimensions. A typical queen size camping cot measures 80 X 60”. This can vary to different dimensions such as 79 X 61” or 81 X 59”.

Most camping cots are made with a folding design. Practicality is a must for camping gear. As a result, they are made for inflatable air mattresses first. Some soft camping cots might also be considered for sleeping bags. The ideal sleeping bags for a queen size camping cot include single-person sleeping bags and sleeping bags for two people.


Only the best queen size cots are made with a sturdy frame that is easy to set up and easy to fold down. These camping cots are among the most versatile solutions for sleeping off the ground while camping.

Queen size camping cots are defined by their size that fits a queen size mattress. Some camping cots such as the Coleman Camping Cot above already come with an included air mattress. Others such as the Kamp-Rite Double Kwik-Cot above come with no mattress at all, making them a good value purchase.

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