Best RV Rental Companies USA

6 Best RV Rental Companies USA

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Some of the best RV rental companies in the USA offer various types of vehicles. Specialized RV rental companies only focus on certain types of RVs such as vintage vehicles. Customer recognition mostly comes from good products and great support. While there are thousands of RV rental companies in the country, just

Best RV Rental Companies USA

6 Best RV Rental Companies USA

1. RVShare

RVShare Review best place to rent an rv

RVShare works as a crowd-based RV rental company. It allows users to rent out existing RVs as well as to list their RVs for rent. This is an atypical RV rental company that enjoys success across the US.

The main benefit of having a camper-owners-based RV rental company is the ability to add many more vehicles compared to smaller rental companies. There are thousands of RVs on RVShare’s website which means this is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to finding a vehicle during the holiday season.

Another top reason to consider RVShare is the ability to rent out your vehicle when not in use. Your RV could be earning you money and it could pay for your next holiday. RVShare has a tool that estimates just how much you can earn by renting your vehicle.

The large selection of vehicles also covers numerous types of RVs. The ability to choose from all types of RVs is also rare, at least a large company that has many backup vehicles.

2. Cruise America

Cruise America is one of the largest and most trusted RV rental companies in the country. It has a more traditional approach compared to RVShare but it still has a country-wide presence. This means its vehicles are seen on the streets of major cities around the US as well as in many remote areas of the country.

Vehicle type selection is smaller than in RVShare, but it still covers the needs of most people. From truck campers to compact RVs or large RVs, Cruise America offers a wide selection of products. Rental deals make Cruise America a worthy option for a wide range of campers.

Their special deals include the following.

  • Two free nights
  • 50 free miles per night
  • Up to 10% early booking discount
  • One-way special offers

All of these favor campers who book a motorhome in advance. All of the deals are accessible to those planning their holidays.
But Cruise America also intermediates RV sales. You can buy a camper through their website which makes them a complete go-to option for all things RV-related.

One of the main reasons to buy a vehicle from the company is their quality assurance practice. You can buy refurbished motorhomes at a more convenient price from the company.

3. Vintage Surfari Wagons

One of the fun RV rental companies with high popularity in the country is Vintage Surfari Wagons. These old VW campers used to be the main attraction of motorhome camping back in the day. They are now back with their vintage appeal.

Vintage Surfari VW Wagons offer a unique camping experience. The custom Eurovans with built-in roof tents and all the interior amenities a vintage van can come with.

The ideal customer for Vintage Surfari Wagons is a bit different from the ideal customer of other campervans. Those interested in vintage campervans are normal people with a relaxed way of approaching a holiday who aren’t necessarily looking for the fastest RV to travel through the country with.

While these campers don’t come with the latest high-tech air conditioning, they often benefit from organized tours. This is why people looking to camp in groups might be interested in this company more than others. The campers are also known for attracting many photography enthusiasts. Those seeking the ultimate holiday to share on social media are often interested in the classic Volkswagen vans the company offers.

The biggest downside to choosing vintage campers is their lack of modern facilities. But those seeking the most modern facilities aren’t normally interested in vintage RVs in the first place.

4. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is a complex RV rental company. It allows users to list their RVs on the platform which makes it similar to RVShare. These vans are recommended for their new state first. There are many almost new RVs to rent on Outdoorsy which recommends the company for campers looking for the ultimate traveling comfort.

A system of reviews makes choosing each RV camper easier. You can easily choose the RV you like the most by selecting the vehicles with the best user reviews. Multiple photos for each RV make Outdoorsy a good choice as well. With so many customs and various other types of RVs, it’s best to simply choose the vehicle according to its real-life pictures.

All vehicle details are normally easily viewed per RV. You can see its amenities such as showers, TVs, and entertainment options easily.
If most vehicle description details don’t offer information on the stock levels, you can easily find the users commenting on these in the reviews. This is why you tend to get more information about a given vehicle at Outdoorsy compared to what other companies offer.

5. Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans offer a wide range of campers to choose from. The company is known for Jeep Campers and Ford campers.
With a wide presence in cities with large camper communities, Escape Campervans can be opted for around the country. However, its locations are limited to Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, New York, and Orlando.

These campers aren’t available in the capital as they aren’t available in many other large US cities. This makes them a good choice mainly for cross-country camping. Various itineraries are recommended by Escape Campervans to begin your first camping journey.

6. Adventure Travel Sport Rentals

Adventure Travel Sports Rentals offers a good selection of vehicles such as Class A, Class C, Class B, and camper van motorhomes. These are some of the largest motorhomes you can count on when camping.

Known for its good-state large RVs, the fleet at Adventure Travel Sport Rentals is recommended to those flying to California for holidays. The company offers RVs with all facilities including toilets and showers so that campers don’t need to resort to staying in tents, motels, or hotels for their entire stay.

Adventure Travel Sports Rentals is only present in San Diego which only recommends them for Southwest US. With wide recognition on the West Coast, the company is recommended for adventures in Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park.


Some of the best RV rental companies in USA offer country-wide rental options while others are known for operating in popular camping destinations such as those in California or those in Florida.

The companies listed above operate by a wide type of vehicles policy or by a niche side motorhome camping policy. The largest companies such as RVShare and Outdoorsy are known for having a very large motorhome selection. A large selection of vehicles also makes them popular for many campers.

However, there are now many niche-type RV rental companies such as those specializing in vintage motorhomes. Almost all of these offer completely different vehicles to the RVs you can find at the largest companies in the country.

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