Breakfast Ideas When Camping

Breakfast Ideas When Camping

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Some of the best breakfast ideas when camping is easy to make. Camping is an exciting time to try out different breakfast ideas. It also provides the perfect location for trying out various recipes with fresh ingredients as well as with long shelf life ingredients.

Good camping breakfast recipes are easy to follow. However, you need at least a few recipes if you plan to camp for more than a couple of days at a time, especially when out with the family.

Breakfast Ideas When Camping

Quick Breakfast Ideas When Camping

The following breakfasts can be ready within minutes. They can work for those with a sweet tooth or for those who like salty food alike.

With a camping stove, your breakfast menu will expand into hot breakfasts, too!


Peanut butter sandwiches

Peanut butter sandwiches represent the quickest camping breakfast idea. They can be ready within a couple of minutes and they represent a top idea for the morning when you wake up hungry.

Peanut butter is known for its healthy fats and high protein content. This is why it’s the perfect start to a day out in nature where you need a lot of energy.

Peanut butter, a couple of slices of bread, and jam represent a great quick breakfast idea for almost anyone looking to start a day with a lot of energy. These sandwiches can also be stored in a backpack to serve as a quick snack out exploring the trials when camping,

Blueberry pancakes

Just add water pancake mixes are recommended as breakfast ideas both at home and while camping. The good part about pancakes is that you can use long-shelf life products such as flour to create delicious breakfast treats even days after you’re headed out to camp.

It’s always best to bring dried or fresh blueberries with you when you go camping as these tend to last a few days more compare to frozen blueberries which go off within a day. Even better, you can consider picking blueberries around the camp, depending on where you decide to set up your base.

Chicken avocado sandwiches

Both chicken and avocado have high protein and fat. These are essential for physical activities such as trekking or playing sports while at camp. Chicken breast can be quickly prepared on a small camping stove while avocado can be sliced and added to the sandwich fresh. Alternatively, you can try mashing the avocado and mixing it with chopped tomatoes and onion to create your own avocado guacamole recipe.

Fruit salads

Fruit salads are a great healthy meal to consume at any moment of the day. Fruit salads offer a great vegetarian breakfast idea for camping as well. You can consider all types of fruits that don’t go off quickly for your fruit salads.

Apples, pears, blueberries, pineapple, and oranges are just a few fruits you can create a delicious and quick fruit salad with. Some fruits can also be stored and used later for lunch and dinner. For example, pineapple can be used to create a delicious grilled pineapple with a cinnamon snack later through the day. Grilled fruits never taste any better than in camp as well.

Salmon bagels

Bagels are the type of products you can create quick breakfasts with just as bread slices. Smoked salmon, a slice of cheese, and a how bagel is an ideal breakfast idea for campers. Salmon is rich in protein which bagels offer those carbohydrates used as quick energy sources.

Salmon bagels can be created with salad, avocado, and even fruits. In fact, salmon can be replaced with just about any type of protein from bacon to ham. Bagels offer one of the easiest breakfast ideas you can count on when you have no time to cook.

English breakfast

A classic English breakfast is a complete breakfast idea when camping. It might require a camping stove, but it adds more nutrients to a breakfast that has a long history.

The classic English breakfast is made with beans, toast, tomatoes, fried bacon, eggs, and black pudding. You can skip the black pudding if this isn’t something you fancy. Otherwise, beans can be cheaply bought in cans with a long shelf life. It’s the bacon and the tomatoes that need to be fresh to create a full English breakfast while camping.


Omelets are some of the best breakfast ideas for any occasion. Frittatas ad tomatoes and even mushrooms are a great alternative.
Camping frittatas can be prepared with just about any type of leftovers in your camping cooler, especially vegetables. Frittatas are also made with many eggs which means you’ll have the protein needed to keep up with daily camping activities.

Overnight oats

Oats for breakfast are the classic choice both at home and while camping. You can prepare oats on the spot or you can make overnight oats so that you have your breakfast ready to consume early in the morning when you wake up.

Oats can be served with fruits, cocoa, and even jam. This is one of the most versatile breakfast ideas as you can always add or remove fruits as you still have access to them in camp.

Granola bars

Granola bars can be made from scratch or bought in advance and stored in a backpack. If you need a good camping breakfast idea but you don’t have cooking means you’ll need to think about pre-made snacks such as granola bars.

There are many types of granola bars. Some are simple while others are dipped in chocolate or mixed with other fruits. No matter the ingredients they come with, granola bars offer a quick source of energy. They might not keep you from going hungry for more than a couple of hours, but they could be considered for just about any camping situation when cooking isn’t an option.

Hot ham and cheese croissants

Croissants are just as good as bagels but sweaters. Most croissants can be turned into delicious sandwiches. Ham and cheese croissants are popular across the world. Melted cheese and fresh ham together with fresh greens make for a delicious croissant.

Danish cheese can be used instead of burger cheese for these croissants. Switching up the type of cheese you use in croissants makes them taste completely different. Alternatively, you can consider cheese spread as a quick method of having a croissant ready without any cooking.
Tomato slices can be combined with just about any type of cheese and croissants. You need to slice them as thin as possible so that they are easy to eat.


Some breakfast ideas for camping need a cooking stove. Others require no cooking at all. While both can taste great, it’s often a warm breakfast or grilled sandwiches that tend to taste the best when camping.

Having access to fresh food is the most important element when preparing meals at camp. You can consider fresh food in coolers as a means of preservation. Otherwise, you need to get creative if you want food to remain fresh for a few days. Tomatoes might even last a week, but ham needs to be consumed quicker.

The best part about camping is that it typically allows you to have the freedom to try out new breakfast ideas compared to the breakfasts you enjoy at home. It’s just a matter of trying out a few recipes until you become a master at creating them quicker.

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