Breeo Fire Pit Review

Breeo Fire Pit Review – Is It Any Good?

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If you’re interested in a Breeo Fire Pit review you’re probably looking for more information on the X Series fire pit. This firepit is the newest addition to Breeo’s lineup of durable smokeless fire pits.

Breeo makes the X Series Fire pit (replacing Breeo Double Flame) and the Luxeve Fire Pit. These are double flame fire pits known for their spectacular flames and their ultimate durability.

Breeo Fire Pit Review

Breeo X Series is the most popular fire pit from the popular manufacturer. It introduces corten steel as an alternative to stainless steel, both durable types of steel under high heat.

If you’re after a smokeless fire pit you’re going to shortlist Breeo’s fire pits. The company already has a decade of American-made manufacturing experience in this space.

Breeo Series X Series 19 Patina style

Breeo Fire Pit Review – This is What to Expect

Most Breeo reviews are tied to the older Double Flame fire pit. This has now been replaced by the X Series fire pit. While it doesn’t come with all the accessories a smokeless fire pit can come with, the X Series offers an excellent sear plate that makes it easily stand out.

Breeo Fire Pit Review sear plates

Main Breeo Fire Pit features

Regardless of which size fire pit you choose certain characteristics are similar from one Breeo fir pit to another.

  • Smokeless design

A smokeless design is one of the top reasons people consider a Breeo fire pit. The problem with conventional fire pits is they tend to release a lot of smoke. 

The smoke released by a classic fire pit ends up diminishing the relaxing backyard experience. People need to take a shower to get rid of the smoke smell.

Breeo managed to eliminate smoke almost completely using its double-wall design. This patent-pending design uses additional air circulation that goes up through the double wall and ignites the smoke as it’s released at the top of the fire pit, essentially burning the smoke before it gets out. 

The smokeless design has its limits, however. For example, some smoke is normal in the early stages of setting up the fire. However, this only lasts up to a few minutes, as most Breeo customers note. 

  • Durable steel construction

Durability is an issue with almost all Breeo fire pit alternatives. Low-quality materials equal a short lifespan. But Breeo introduced stainless steel and corten steel as materials for the ultimate fire pit durability.

  • Corten steel

The new corten steel has been introduced by Breeo to make fire pits look a bit different. While there are other stainless steel fire pits out there, corten steel offers a rugged look. It’s believed corten steel changes to a rusty appearance in a couple of years when left outdoors. But it remains highly durable.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is still used to make Breeo fire pits. This type of 304 stainless steel resists high temperature, but it has a new or polished look that it maintains through the years, unlike corten steel. If you’re after a more polished look, you can choose stainless steel over corten steel.


  • A fire pit for cooking

Breeo also introduced the sear plate to its line of fire pits. This separates it from other similar smokeless fire pits. You can prepare tasty burgers in a matter of minutes on the hot sear plate. However, the sear plate is removable if you simply want to enjoy the fire without any cooking.

  • Low ash fire

Efficient burning makes Breeo fire pits ideal for low ash and short cleaning sessions. Since the wood inside the fire pit burns better with a larger flame, there’s less ash to worry about after relaxing by the fire in the evening.

Breeo X Series Review

The X Series is Breeo’s most popular fire pit. You can find it in 3 sizes that correspond to the same technical characteristics. All of these X Series versions come with a choice of corten or stainless steel, smokeless fire, and a standard or sear plate top for cooking.

Breeo X Series

Breeo X Series X19 X24 X30
Rim diameter 22.13in 27.5in 34.5in
Height 14.75in 14.75in 14.75in
Weight 54lbs (with sear plate) 74lbs (with sear plate) 115lbs (with sear plate)


Breeo Fire Pit Review

Breeo X19 vs X24 vs X30 – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Breeo X Series fire pits is size. X19 is the smallest rim diameter fire pit of the series, with a 22-inch rim opening. The X24 X Series comes with a 27-inch rim diameter which recommends it as a mid-side fire pit. X30 has a wide 34-inch rim diameter making it ideal for large families or groups.

All of these fire pits are ideal for wood logs. For the smallest X19 fire pit, you can only use logs as long as 16 inches. The X24 fire pit is ideal with logs as long as 18 inches. You can use large wood logs of up to 24 inches in the X30 fire pit.


Breeo Luxeve Series Review

Breeo’s Luxeve Series fire pits are the luxurious alternative to the X Series. These fire pits are available in various colors and feature decorative glass for a visual impact.

While more expensive than the X Series, Luxeve fire pits are primarily made to be stylish. These suit high-end residential properties as well as commercial use.

One of the distinct characteristics of the Luxeve series is the excellent choice of premium colors. White, earth rust, bronze vein, and silver vein are the premium colors offered in the Luxeve fire pits.

The decorative glass at the top of the pits also comes in multiple colors. You can choose from dark, dark blue, amber brown, gray, and clear glass options for a fire pit that is smokeless and also aesthetically pleasing.

While made with a pristine luxurious look, the Luxeve fire pit isn’t as mobile as those of the X Series. Luxeve fire pits weigh 135.5lbs, making them some of the heaviest steel fire pits out there.

However, with an inner rim diameter of 24 inches, Luxeve fire pits are also ideal for large logs and a fir that lasts longer.

FAQs About The Breeo Fire Pit

Which Breeo fire pit is the best?

Breeo X Series X 24 is the balanced choice for home use. The fire pit accommodates large logs, it looks good, and it’s not as heavy to move as the Luxeve series. Users can still move it around the patio without much muscle power, which isn’t the case with the 135-lbs Luxeve fire pit.

Is Breeo’s sear plate worth it?

The X Series from Breeo added a sear plate when the company updated the Double Fire line. This sear plate is ideal for quick sear steaks. 

What can I cook on the Breeo sear plate?

Meat is the primary seared food for Breeo fans. However, vegetables can also be easily added to the sear plate, together with select seafood. Fruits such as caramelized pineapple slices can also be prepared on the sear plate.

Can I leave Breeo fire pit outside?

Breeo fire pit can be left outside. While it’s not recommended to leave a fire unattended, the fire pit can be permanently stored outside.


Combining durable steel, an innovative smokeless design, and offering fire pits in various sizes is characteristic of Breeo. 

These fire pits are ideal for people who aren’t looking to build a more permanent in-ground fire pit (even if this is possible with the Breeo backyard kit). These fire pits benefit from portability which is why many prefer to move them around the yard. 

Then you can enjoy a relaxing evening around the fire in a different location.


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