Breeo vs Solo Stove

Breeo vs Solo Stove – Which is Better?

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Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits are practical for backyard use as well as for camping. They also provide a cooking platform for either grilling or roasting, making them efficient for a quick fire-side snack or a full grilled meal.


Both Breeo and Solo Stove use durable materials and a simple design which is both durable and efficient. These fire pits look similar at a first glance but they’re quite different in how they intake air, how long they last, and even on the types of foods they can prepare.

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Furthermore, there are multiple Breeo and Solo Stove fire pit series which makes a general comparison between all models a bit more difficult. However, you can analyze these 2 fire pits by considering the following.

Breeo vs Solo Stove

Breeo vs Solo Stove

Smokeless fire

Both fire pits are smokeless. Of course, there is no true possibility of a 100% smokeless fire pit. But both Breeo and Solo stove is as close as possible to this goal. The way they make this a reality is interesting because they both rely on air intake but under different principles.

Solo Stove uses a double wall system for airflow. These double walls aren’t sealed at the top and the bottom. Air intake happens true the bottom and as it gets hot it starts to rise. At the top, the newly-intake hot air meets the flame inside the fire pit, essentially burning and creating a larger flame that burns almost all the smoke.

The Breeo fire pit uses a similar air circulation principle. The essential element to a smokeless fire is a lot of air intake. This is achieved by bottom fire pit holes in Breeo fire pits plus external air intake through a similar double wall system. The 4 feet joined in an X-style under the fire pit have air openings that fuel the fire with extra air. This burns smoke efficiently.

A smokeless fire pit has multiple benefits which include the following.

A unique flame

The flame of a smokeless fire pit looks very different from the classic flame of a fire pit. It adds a cool factor to the fire. This can be seen in both Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits where the hot air from the double walls meets the main combustion chamber through holes that shape the flames.

Higher heat output

Both fire pits come with higher heat output. More oxygen fuels the flame to burn more intensely. This makes both Breeo and Solo Stove great portable fire pits for the cold months.

Smoke-free backyard time

Since there’s no smoke these fire pits are recommended for small backyards and even for patios as they burn with a reduced impact on their immediate vicinity.

Grilling and roasting

Grilling and roasting are possible on smokeless fire pits. While Solo Stove isn’t as good for grilling, Breeo can be a good option for foodies.

Materials and durability

Both fire pits use 304 stainless steel. Breeo Stoves use thicker stainless steel which also makes them more durable. Thicker steel comes with higher heat resistance which recommends Breeo for all users concerned about durability issues.

You also need to factor in Breeo fire pits that are US-made. Together with thicker steel and the guarantee of US manufacturing, Breeo fire pits are the main option for durability.


There are a growing number of sizing options in Breeo and Solo Stove fire pits. Both brands offer different sizes for different backyards.
Breeo X Series is available in sizes from 19 to 30in diameter. These fire pits are considered the affordable option and the option that is made for all people. Their size is recommended for camping and home use. Those who want a larger fire for groups can consider one of the larger X Series.

Breeo Luxeve is available in on size as the luxury fire pit. This isn’t a camping fire pit but rather a special design to make your patio or your garden look better.

Solo Stove Ranger is available in a 15in diameter. It’s the smallest and the most portable fire pit made by Solo Stove. This is the ideal option for camping as it fits car trunks without taking up too much space.

Solo Stove Bonfire 19.5in is the mid-range option for families and camping fans. It’s a great addition to any deck. Solo Stove Yukon is available in a 27in diameter. It’s the largest fire pit alternative to the Breeo Luxeve. You can consider it just as the ideal fire pit for a large fire.


Users need to decide between grilling and roasting as the 2 fire pits are different. Breeo has a good selection of grills that allow you to quickly prepare vegetables, meats, and roasted fruits. Solo Stove is a bit different. Its roasting ring works for burgers and a few other small vegetables. However, the cooking surface is small by comparison. Breeo fire pits are the main choice for all those interested in cooking.


Both Breeo and Solo Stove have multiple accessories that can be bought for the fire pit. From grills to shields, you can find just about any accessory to prepare quick meals on the fire pit. All of these accessories are centered on food preparation.

There are no accessories for making the fire burn differently or for changing the way the fire pit looks except the steel spark screen which has both a protective role and a decorative role.

Which one should you buy?

Get a Breeo fire pit for:

Smokeless fire

Burning wood without smoke almost sounds hard to believe. But all Breeo’s fire pits are known for burning without smoke.

Meal preparation

One of the main reasons to buy Breeo fire pits is grilling. If you plan to do no grilling at all you should buy one of the Solo Stove fire pits.

A durable heavy-duty construction

Made with thicker steel, Breeo fire pits are mainly recommended as a long-term purchase. While you lose portability you gain longevity for the fire pit.

Get Solo Stove fire pits for:

Smokeless fire

Burning without smoke recommends these fire pits for the ultimate flame and one of the best backyards experienced without clothes smelling like smoke.

A lightweight portable construction

Solo Stove fire pits are lighter than Breeo fire pits. They are ideal for camping and for frequently changing up their location around the yard.


While not ideal for cooking, Solo Stove fire pits can still offer minimum roasting space. You can consider quick burgers on the fire pit.

Breeo vs Solo Stove

Final words

While both Breeo and Solo Stove are durable fire pits, Breeo uses thicker steel. Since it’s made for heavy grilling it needs thicker materials. Solo Stove isn’t as focused on grilling and this is why it’s made with thinner stainless steel, mostly practical for camping and frequent moving around the yard.

There’s no bad choice between these 2 fire pits, however. Both are made to last and both are available in different sizes. Large Breeo fire pits are ideal for cooking for small groups and families while the smaller fire pits are ideal for small families. Large Solo Stove fire pits are ideal for maximum heat output which the smaller Solo Stove fire pits are recommended for patio use.

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