Daredevils Climb Scariest Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder In The World

Daredevils Climb Shaky ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Mountain Ladder

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The precarious Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder is located in Gosaukamm, Upper Austria. It is tested by daredevil climbers and adrenaline junkies all over the world.

This breathtaking stair case is 140ft long and among the scariest in the world. The wobbly climb is hung over an abyss in Austria that is 2296ft deep.

The ladders are made from steel and rope and stretch high up into the mountain, as if reaching to the clouds.

The Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder
PIC FROM Sebastian Scheichl / Caters News

This really does look like the proverbial Stairway To Heaven. It must take an insane amount of courage and concentration to even contemplate such a feat as climbing the Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder.


Sebastian Scheichl, from Salzburg, took these astonishing images while friend Johannes Jank took on the perilous feat of climbing the ladder along with another 2 fellow climbers.

Sebastian, 23, said: “I was so excited, I couldn’t believe my eyes at that moment.

“It was the first time we’d climbed this ladder and I was scared for sure but we were secured.

“There were harnesses and we had proper climbing gear on us.”

The Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder
PIC FROM Sebastian Scheichl / Caters News

Check out the actual video footage of this incredible ladder climb below. This footage was also taken by Sebastian Scheichl.

As the video pans out you start to appreciate the scale of this thing, it looks truly terrifying.

One strong gust of wind or one shaky step and you are dangling 100’s of meters above the ground. It must take nerves of steel.

Would you climb the Stairway To Heaven Mountain Ladder? Have you climbed this ladder or one of the scariest ?

Source: Caters news

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