“Doomsday Survival Preppers” TV Show Star Arrested

Doomsday Survival Preppers TV Show Star Arrested

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Sheriff’S deputies arrested a Washington state man who is shown firing. Two rifles on the doomsday prepper reality show in November % uh the November episode on the Nat Geo program, a channel Tyler Smith, a convicted felon who is barred from owning done, described his plans to commit armed robbery at the shot, but she firearms I on his Property, so he’s not supposed to have guns he’s on a show not only holding a rifle but shooting it and threatening his neighbors. Basically, if the apocalypse comes, he knows who’s gon na go after first, so, needless to say, he’s in a little bit. Trouble 10:26 by the way you look like a hard 40, but I and II airline. Look at that.


But yeah for opening with is a what happened. 72, a space got the scuffle yeah. The 26-year-old man was arrested Wednesday and charged with 20 counts. Other second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm – yes, they don’t unfamiliar with this movement. The people who are ready when the shit hits the fan that they always say like, and it’s not just it would be cool to be prepared for the and its man shit.


I got like a month and I got ta get ready by extra water. Like me, yeah rights coming up, Dec yeah, I know this guy a Disney is buying is fine for me, but he’s also making his own body armor. That’S what the episode was about. You discovered it was making armor that he thinks a bill to stamp the military, and this guy even said that when the that’s exactly right, that’s exactly like yeah, I was joking know.

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I can only hope that you hear about to say only. I didn’t think that live action, role playing is dead in america know it’s so live it. Just doesn’t involve doors, and else anymore involves the end of the world, black Kings, zombies, and this guy thinks man, my life sucks right now. Look at me. I look like hell, but when the end comes, I wan na be the apex predator, that the exact term that he uses yeah he’s in any pain in the world when the end comes know, you’re a loser now and I Got News for You be a loser. After the end of the world man, he only shot so fast.



I want to this stupid idiot. He hangs out with you, don’t think he would be taken up like a warlord’s, jester yeah, who you think is gon na, be sittin on the iron perot yeah. I don’t know if best your gon na be teary, and you know that about what. Rather don’t disrespect carry on like that, oh and by the way he was previously convicted of theft and a gross misdemeanor for communicating with a minor Park purposes.