Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Not everyone rides their electric mountain bike on city streets or hard-packed trails. Beach cruising is always fun on a bike, and what about winter excursions through the snow?
Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review
If you want to tackle softer terrain, without pushing your off-road e-bike you need one that’s designed for these conditions.
One model to take a look at is the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. It boasts a cool, retro 70s design, and plenty of stability to tackle any terrain.

However, before you decide this all-weather bike is perfect for you, you’ll want to check its specifications.

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is a cross between a cruiser and an all-terrain bicycle. Add in the motor, and you can cruise for hours. Here’s what else you need to know about this e-bike from Ecotric.
Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Stylish and Durable Design

Anyone that loves the look of vintage 1970s cruiser bikes will appreciate the design. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame follows the same lines as the old-school bicycles. Even though the frame is lightweight, it provides plenty of stability over soft and rocky trails.

The bike can support up to 265lbs, ensuring it can carry you and your gear. The off-road e-bike has something else in common with cruisers. It’s also designed for comfort.

The sporty seat comes with a shock-absorbing suspension seat post. You won’t feel the bumps regardless of the terrain.

Powerful Motor and Battery

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Very little will slow this electric mountain bike down. It’s called the Hammer for a reason.
The 1000W 48V motor will give you the push you need to get up steep hills or lug heavy loads. It is a rear hub motor, so you can expect to feel the added power as your pedalling.
The large motor requires an equally large battery, and this adds weight to the e-bike. At 73lbs, it is one of the heavier electric mountain bikes by Ecotric.
It’s not a breeze to push through snow or even a hard-packed trail, but it’s doable, even when the bike’s loaded with gear.
The 48V battery gives you plenty of power up to 20 miles, depending on your pedaling. It also takes around 5-8 hours to recharge.

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Traction and Braking

Not all electric bicycles are designed for different types of terrain. You won’t have this problem with the Hammer fat tire e-bike.
The 4″ wide tires give you plenty of traction on soft surfaces. You can ride down the beach or over snowy trails without sinking or sliding.
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure you stop no matter the terrain. The 180mm rotor controls both the front and rear brakes. Lightly press on the brakes and you’ll stop on snow, sand, and even wet, oil-slick city streets.

Front and rear fenders, optional with purchase, keep you dry in wet and muddy conditions.


  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Fat 4″ tires
  • Retro design
  • Sturdy frame


  • The Hammer fat tire e-bike does not come with a USB port for off-road charging.


MODEL SIZE 2100*800*1600mm
MOTOR Rear Hub 48V 1000W
DISPLAY Ecotric Smart LCD
SENSOR  Speed Sensor
BATTERY LIFE 400-600 Cycles
REAR BRAKE  Hydraulic Disc 180mm Rotor
FUNCTIONS Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle
FRAME  Aluminum Alloy
TIRES 26’’×4.0’’ Fat Tires
FENDERS Optional
FRONT BRAKE  Hydraulic Disc 180mm Rotor
BRAKE SYSTEM Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front

An Introduction to Ecotric

When you’re trying to decide if the Hammer Electric mountain bike is a good fit for your riding style, it helps to know a little bit about the manufacturer.
The e-bike manufacturer, Ecotric, began in 2017. The company focuses solely on the research and development of electric bicycles.
The company is headquartered in Oakland, CA, and recently opened two warehouses in Mobile, AL, and Chicago, IL.

The company’s goal is to combine traditional bike designs with modern features that include cutting-edge technology. Unlike its competitors, Ecotric puts its customers first and keeps its e-bikes affordably priced.

Understanding Electric Mountain Bike Motors

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review
The main difference between off-road e-bikes and traditional mountain bicycles is the inclusion of a motor. Suddenly, buying a bike is similar to car shopping.
Motor type, brand, and power all come into play, and it’s not always easy deciding on what you need. Here’s what you need to know about motors and electric bicycles.

Mid-Drive or Hub Motor

Off-road electric mountain bikes come with either a hub or mid-drive motor. Both give you extra power when you need it.
Whether you’re trying to make it up a steep, snowy hill or carry heavy gear through the sand. The difference is where the motor is located and what you feel when the motor kicks in.

Mid-drive motors are becoming more standard on off-road e-bikes. The motor is mounted to the frame’s midsection, out of the rider’s way. Due to its center mount, a mid-drive motor doesn’t affect the bike’s balance or rider’s stability.

You’ll also find that it’s easy to charge and replace the battery when it’s center-mounted. Hub-drive motors are typically mounted on the rear wheel, though it can also be upfront.
Hub or wheel-drive motors are usually found on lower-priced electric-mountain bikes, but there are a few downsides. It’s harder to charge the battery on a hub-drive motor. The wheel often needs removing to reach the battery. Its location and also throw-off the e-bike’s balance. The motors also overheat more easily than mid-drive ones.

Motors and Off-Road Mountain E-Bike Class

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review
Electric mountain bikes or EMBs are commonly divided into three separate classes.
Class 1
Inexpensive electric mountain bikes are often designated as Class 1. The bikes are also ideal for beginners.
The top speed of these e-bikes is 20mph. The motors are 750watts are less, meaning they’re smaller in size.
The e-bike is lighter and easier for beginners to control. The motor can only be engaged when you’re pedaling since there isn’t a throttle.

Class 2
Hub-drive motors are the most common on these electric mountain bikes.
Most are in the mid-price range, though there are also budget-friendly models.
The motors are larger, often over 750watts. The maximum speed is 20mph but the e-bikes do come with a throttle motor.
The motor will stay engaged even when you’re not pedaling.

Class 3

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

You’ll want to have some experience riding off-road electric mountain bikes before you go for a class 3 rated model.
The throttle motor will engage at speeds 28mph and below.
You also have the option of adding suspension to many of these electric bikes.
State laws do vary when it comes to class 3 e-bikes. You may have to wear a helmet on city streets.
Another difference between these types of e-bikes is where you can ride them. Not all public trails allow you to ride class 2 or 3 off-road e-bikes due to the throttle.

E-bike Motor Brands

There are several fat tire e-bike motor brands, but four are the most recognized and commonly used by manufacturers.

  1. Bosch manufacturers four types of motors, including one specifically for electric mountain bikes. It’s a mid-drive motor that gives you the power you need on steep hills and slippery, loose terrain. It’s legal on all public trails and has a top speed of 20mph.
  2. Brose is a German motor, similar to Bosch. It’s one of the quietest, making it ideal for hunters and nature-lovers that don’t want to disturb the wildlife. There are four types of Brose motors, all with speeds up to 20mph. You can also add a second chain to the motor to increase the number of gears.
  3. Shimano is synonymous with bicycles, include off-road e-bikes. The motors have a smaller design that doesn’t interfere with the e-bike’s center of gravity. It does have the lowest torque ratio, but you still have plenty of power for steep climbs in any trail conditions. You can even add another chain when you want more gears.
  4. Yamaha has three motors designed for e-bikes. The motors are lightweight and come with 80Nm of torque. It’s just what you need to make it up a steep climb when you’re carrying a lot of gear. What sets the Yamaha motors apart, is their Bluetooth connectivity.

Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Pay Attention to the Battery

The battery is what powers the motor, and not all are designed the same.
They are all rechargeable, though some don’t need frequent replacing.

Lithium-ion batteries, like the one in the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, can power the motor up to 500watt hours. You can travel over 20 miles before needing to recharge the battery.

You also want to pay attention to charging times. Some batteries take longer than others. Most do take between 5-8 hours to recharge, and this is helpful information to know. You don’t want to run out of power in the middle of a snowy, steep trail.


Anyone that loves the style of the 1970s beach cruisers will find the Ecotric Hammer Fat Tire Mountain Bike’s design appealing. Add in the sturdy and comfortable seat and frame, along with the two 4″ tires, and you’re ready for soft and rocky trails. With a 1000W motor and plenty of battery power, there’s no limit to where this off-road electric mountain bike will take you.

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