Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

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In this Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike review, you will find that this ebike is designed to withstand any terrain, no matter how far you go off-road.

It’s also surprisingly quiet, making it ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to scare off wildlife. To find out if this off-road e-bike is right for you, keep reading to find out more.

Some people have a misconception about electric mountain bikes. The e-bikes typically come with lighter frames, and there are a motor and battery to worry about. You tend to stay away from rugged terrain, afraid you’ll ruin the e-bike.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review


The Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike from Ecotric is impressive. It boasts that it can tackle any terrain. However, does it live up to its reputation considering its affordable price?

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review


Tough, Quiet, and Plenty of Traction

You can ride this off-road e-bike almost anywhere. It’s an all-terrain electric bike that comes with 4″ inch tires that grip the ground, regardless of the terrain.

Snow, sand, gravel, dirt, and mud, won’t slow the e-bike down. The 26″ rims provide stability, and give the Rocket a sporty look.

A durable aluminum alloy frame ensures that the e-bike is lightweight and easy to control. It’s also tough enough to handle whatever the terrain throws at it. Capable of supporting up to 265lbs, it’s a sturdy electric mountain bike.

It comes with a 500W motor, powered by a removable lithium-ion 36V battery.

The motor is virtually silent, ideal for nature-lovers, and the battery can keep you going up to 35 miles before needing a charge. Distance does depend on the terrain and the amount of pedal assistance you use.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Features That Include Tektro Novela Brakes

Ecotric prides itself on manufacturing top-rated electric mountain bikes that are standard with some features. Fenders are optional, but you do get a smart LCD handlebar display.

A speed sensor on the e-bike tracks and sends your rate to the display. It also shows distance and battery life. You don’t want to have a dead battery on a family biking trip.

Tektro Novela brakes are on the front and rear tires. You won’t have a problem stopping on any terrain, even downhill.

The dual brakes also provide stability. You don’t have to worry about your back tire sliding out. Add in the Shimano 7-gear derailleur, and there isn’t any terrain you can’t cover with the Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

Designed According to the Golden Ratio with Suspension

Every e-bike is different in some aspect, and this applies to the Rocket. It’s designed according to the Golden Ratio for the human body.

These are the values when combined that produce perfection. For the off-road e-bike, it’s comfort and style.

The e-bike not only has beautiful lines, but it also conforms to how the human body moves. You’ll get a more comfortable ride since you’re using less body force to control the e-bike.

If you’re planning on taking an e-bike off-road, the suspension is paramount. You don’t want to feel every bump on the trail. It will get painful after a few miles.

You get both seat and front fork suspension with this off-road electric mountain bike. No matter how rocky the trail gets, you’ll handle it with comfort and ease.


  • Quiet, powerful motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great stability
  • All-terrain traction


  • Unlike most Ecotric e-bikes, the Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is only available in one color.




Rear Hub 36V 500W


 Ecotric Smart LCD


 Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor


  Shimano 7 Gear


  Aluminum Alloy








36v 12AH


5-8 Hours


Speed Sensor


Mechanical Disc 160mm Rotor


 Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle


 26’’ X 4.0’’ Fat Bike Tires


400-600 Cycles


Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Fron

What You Need to Know About Electric Mountain Bikes

The best way to get the information you need is to ask questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones about off-road electric bicycles.


What are electric mountain bikes?

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric mountain bikes and traditional models have a primary difference. Electric off-road bikes come with a battery-powered motor.

An e-bike does rely on manual pedaling, the motor only provides an assist. It’s not intended for use as an electric scooter.

You need to pedal to engage the motor, even if the e-bike comes with throttle assist. This function only gives you a short boost, not a prolonged one.

How fast can an e-bike go?

The e-bike’s speed depends on you. It will go as fast as you can pedal or coast. When you’re referring to the top motorized speed, most electric off-road bikes max out at 20mph. At this speed, the motor automatically shuts off and the bicycle is reliant on manual pedaling.

You can find some e-bikes that can reach speeds up to 28mph. The speed is nice, but these faster e-bikes are also illegal on most public trails.

Will the motor work without pedaling?

An e-bike’s motor will only turn on and assist while you’re pedaling. When you stop, so does the motor. The amount of assistance you get also depends on pedaling.

The electric bike has a torque sensor on the drivetrain that tracks how much effort you’re putting into pedaling. You’ll get more power from the motor when you’re pedaling harder, and less when you’re slowing down.

How long does an e-bike battery last?

There is no set answer to this question. There are a lot of variables. The size of the battery, type of terrain, and how often you use pedal-assist determines how far you can go before needing to recharge.

Most e-bike manufacturers, including Ecotric, have batteries that can go twenty miles and more.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike ReviewHow do I charge my electric mountain bike?

Where the battery is placed determines how easy it is to charge. Mid-drive motors are easier to charge than ones located on the rear wheel.

Your e-bike came with a power adapter and cable. Attach one end of the cable to the battery and the other to the adaptor. Plug the adapter into a power source, and in 5-8 hours, you’ll have a charged battery.

If the motor is on the tire, you might have to remove the fender to connect the charging cable to the battery.

Why are off-road e-bikes heavier than traditional mountain bicycles?

E-bike manufacturers have done everything to keep the weight off their bicycles. It’s one of the reasons most e-bikes come with aluminum frames.

The material is durable and lightweight. It helps to counteract the added weight from the motor and battery. You can find lightweight electric mountain bikes starting around 55lbs.

The weight goes up with more powerful motors and batteries. Some e-bikes weigh over 70lbs without gear.

Are fat tire e-bikes good for traveling?

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

There’s no reason why you can’t take your electric off-road bike with you on vacation. Some models by Ecotric are foldable, making portability a breeze. However, even if your e-bike doesn’t fold down you can still take it with you.

Traveling with an e-bike to a campsite or vacation spot is the same as bringing a standard bicycle. The e-bike does weigh a few more pounds, but it’s still the same length and height as your standard bike.

Can I ride an e-bike with a dead battery?

Your electric bike will function without battery power. The pedal motion is what engages it. The battery won’t run without manual force.

You can take steps to ensure you have plenty of power. The LED screen on the handlebars tracks battery life and available power. Most have an indicator light that flashes when the battery is low.

Using the pedal-assist mode less often also conserves battery power. You can also turn off the thrust mode if your e-bike came with that option.

How do I keep my electric mountain bike safe?

Sometimes, you have to leave your e-bike on the street when you run into a store. Electric bikes have the same frames as standard bicycles.

You can chain the frame and wheels to a bike stand or another immovable object. Most e-bikes, including ones by Ecotric, come with removable batteries.

The battery is one of the e-bike’s most valuable components, you want to take the time to take it with you.

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review


There’s a lot to know about e-bikes, but Ecotric has made it easy. They have an off-road e-bike for every style of riding, including those that love power and speed. The Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountian Bike is quiet, durable, and powerful. It will easily tackle any terrain you want to go over. At a budget-friendly price, this electric bike comes with everything you need for your next off-road adventure.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading our Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review.


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  1. I think I learn a couple of new things from this article. I didn’t know the difference between an e-bike and an electric scooter. I like the idea that manual paddling is needed to engage the motor so that I can still enjoy cycling and having that exercise, though it is considered assisted, given there is now the motor. But you are right, it is important we should take out the battery when we chain the frame to a bike stand. However, what about the motor? Is it easy to steal..?

    1. Hi Richard.

      With anything, if a thief wants to steal your bike, a chain will not stop them but with regards to them specifically wanting the motor then no, it’s built into the wheel. It would be easier just to steal the full bike.

      I would not be leaving my shiny new Ecotric Electric Mountain Bike chained to a random bike stand for too long anyway 🙂

  2. Since I get four seasons where I live, I have always thought about these fat tire bikes so that I could ride in snow and/or rain.  The electric motor sounds awesome too, although it is not something I thought about when looking into buying a new bike.  Still, I recall one ride that lasted almost 40 miles that I did NOT prepare for, and this motor would have been a lifesaver. 

    For me, I’m not sure hitting 20+ MPH would make sense on snowy hills from a safety standpoint, or at least not until I built up the bravery to do it in a wide open area.  The brakes sound solid though, so that’s reassuring. This definitely sounds like fun and the motor could be helpful if I got onto a trail that lasted longer than I anticipated.

    1. Hey Max,

      Thanks for the comment it’s appreciated. With regards to hitting 20mph on a hill in the snow, you are always in control of the speed.  No need to worry about the bike going faster than you are comfortable with.

      With experience though you will be flying around those trails with the utmost confidence.

      Amazing fun to be had 🙂

  3. Thank you for your review on Ecotric rocket fat tire, the electric mountain bike. I have been trying to find a new hobby that I do with my nephews and this bike seems to be a perfect answer for it. I love the fact that it can go through any terrains and it is quite. The brakes is the most important thing in my opinion and I like the fact that it has dual brakes. I am going to check it out. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes its has an awesome braking system and will make for a fantastic hobby adventure with your nephews 🙂

  4. My brother-in-law and I have a standing bet: If I can stay off Facebook for a week, he has to give up his 4-Wheeler for the same amount of time. If he can refrain from telling his BORING civil engineering stories for a week, I have to do his business paperwork for that timeframe. He has a lot of undeveloped roads and trails around the cabin he owns. Without his 4-Wheeler, an Ecotric is just the type of vehicle he could use to get around (and maybe get in a little exercise at the same time – he could definitely use it). Is there a particular model you would recommend for the absolute novice?

    1. Hi William.  Any model really. They are all suitable for beginners. This Ecotric Rocket model would work for him. 

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