Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ecotric Seagull Review – 4 BEST Features Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

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It’s not easy to find either a traditional or electric mountain bike that is comfortable, fast, and looks great. In this Ecotric Seagull Review of the Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, you will find out if this off-road e-bike comes with what you need and want. Before you rush out and buy the affordable e-bicycle, it’s always a good idea to take a closer look at what you’ll be riding.Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike in Black - ecotric seagull review


  • 48V battery
  • 1000W rear-hub motor
  • Suspension forks and seat post
  • LCD smart display
  • 6-8 hour charging time
  • You get your choice of a white frame or black frame, and each will get you noticed wherever you’re riding


  • The e-bike does not have a USB port. You can’t charge the battery or connect an external handheld device

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Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

The first thing you’ll notice is the e-bike’s design. Ecotric’s designers got creative with the Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

Instead of using the traditional frame style, you find on most mountain bikes, the Seagull has an upper tube with a straight slope.

It slightly resembles the bird it’s named after as it’s taking flight. It’s an elegant and flexible design, and that’s one of the aspects that sets this off-road e-bike apart.

1. Comfort and Power

Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

Two words that you don’t often use together are comfort and power. It’s tough to have both, but the Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain bike accomplishes it.

You get a 1000W electric motor capable of producing plenty of power for those uphill climbs.

It’s also surprisingly quiet. You can engage the motor on the trail and not risk scaring any nearby wildlife away. It’s a great bike for family camping trips.

To ensure your comfort over rocky terrain, the e-bike comes with a suspension comfort seat post. You won’t feel bumps or potholes no matter how fast you’re pedaling. The front suspension forks also absorb shocks.

You’re not only comfortable riding, but you also have improved control over the bike.

2. Added Power When You Need It

The purpose of getting an electric off-road bike is to have a little extra power. Sometimes, hill climbs and rocky terrain are tough to go over.

You can’t turn the motor on and stop pedaling. It would make this a scooter, instead of an electric bike. You will get an added boost when needed, and you have two modes to choose from.

  1. Pedal-assist kicks in when you’re going 20mph or lower. When you engage the motor, there’s a second delay before you feel extra power helping you pedal.
  2. Throttle-mode is only intended for a few seconds. It gives you a short burst of power, similar to a runner nearing the finish line. It’s more than enough to get you over steep mountain trails.

Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

3. Durable and Safe

The aluminum alloy frame is lightweight, but this doesn’t mean it’s lacking in durability. It won’t have any problems handling the roughest terrain.

The lightweight material also helps to make up for the heavy battery and motor. The e-bike weighs over 50lbs so you don’t want a heavy steel frame. It can support up to 265lbs, even over bumps.

With speed and power, you also want good brakes. The Seagull from Ecotric comes with Tektro Hydraulic rear and front brakes. Hills, loose gravel, and snow won’t affect your stopping power.


4. Traction is Key

Even electric mountain bikes must come with plenty of traction. Otherwise, it’s only good for city riding.

Off-road electric mountain bikes are all-terrain bicycles if they come with fat tires.

The Seagull is an all-terrain e-bike. It boasts 26″ x 2.125″ fat tires.

It might not look like a cruiser, but it won’t have any trouble riding down the beach. Snow, gravel, mud, and other conditions won’t affect the tires’ grip on the surface.

You can go almost anywhere with this off-road electric bike.

Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle specifications and features




Rear Hub 48V 1000W


48V 13AH




Ecotric Smart LCD


Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor




400-600 Cycles


Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front


Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle


400-600 Cycles


26’’×2.125’’ CST Tires




Aluminum Alloy


68 Lb


Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor


Speed Sensor



Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

What To Know About Ecotric Electric Mountain Bikes

When you’re looking to buy an e-bike, one thing to consider is the manufacturer. It’s impossible to tell if it’s a top-quality electric mountain bike or if it’s only advertising. You need to have a little background on the manufacturer’s mission to make an educated decision.

Ecotric promotes healthy living and energy saving, green modes of travel.

They also encourage people to experience nature, which is why the company developed its line of off-road electric mountain bikes.

These e-bikes aren’t only designed for off-road adventures, but also use in the city. The eco-friendly company is working hard to promote a healthier lifestyle and environment.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Electric Mountain Bike Terms

Reading product reviews always helps, but only if you understand the terminology.

You went shopping for a mountain bike, and suddenly you’re dealing with wattage, torque, and a few other things.

Before you Google the mountain bike dictionary, here are the terms you need to know before buying an off-road e-bike.


It’s not an unpronounceable word. It’s the initials for Electric Mountain Bike (EMTB). Once you’re in the store or online shopping, you’ll quickly learn that this is one of the easier terms to decipher.


Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

Europeans beat Americans when it came to embracing electric off-road bikes. It’s another term for a bicycle that comes with a pedal-assist.

European e-bikes do differ from American models. Their motors are limited to 250W, while U.S. e-bikes are common with 1000W motors.

Speeds also differ, with European bikes topping out around 10mph slower than American-made off-road e-bikes with speeds between 20 – 27mph before the pedal assist function stops.


Unless you’re planning on purchasing an electric mountain bike in Europe, it’s one term you don’t have to worry about. S-Pedelec refers to e-bikes that can reach speeds of almost 28mph and have continual motor assistance.

You can find them in the United States but the bikes are also illegal on most public trails. You may also need a driver’s license and the e-bike classified as a motorscooter.


Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

Your electric mountain bike comes with a battery. Its capacity is measured in wattage. This lets you know how long the battery lasts. Unless you enjoy running out of battery power on a steep hill, it’s always a good idea to know the wattage.

Higher wattages are better, but this also means a larger and heavier battery. If you want to explore farther, without the risk of losing power, your best choice is an electric mountain bike with a 500-1000W battery.


You’ll often see torque listed as Nm. It’s Newton meters and is how torque is measured.

When you’re talking about torque, it’s the rotational power the motor provides as you’re pedaling.

Higher torque equals more power. Check the Nm ratings on the product description. You’ll know how much power you’ll get.


The term is confusing. The function doesn’t help you walk beside the e-bike. Instead, it powers the electric off-road bike without pedaling. You only have to balance and steer the bike.

Not all e-bikes come with this handy function. Typically, it’s only on the higher-priced models. It also eats up a lot of battery power.

Battery Range

Your e-bike comes with a battery that powers the motor. When the battery dies, the motor won’t engage. Several factors determine the battery range.

Weight, terrain, and how often you engage the motor determines how long it will last. Weather also affects battery life. Warmer temperatures will shorten it.

Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - ecotric seagull review

Dropper Seat Post

It’s a fun way of saying adjustable seat. Some mid and higher-priced electric mountain bikes come with this feature.

You can raise and lower the bike seat by pressing a button on the handlebars.

The bike does need a charged battery connected. If you’re sharing the e-bike with other family members, it’s a great feature to have.


Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike in White - ecotric seagull review


The Ecotric Seagull Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike boasts comfort, power, and style. You get a quiet, 1000W motor and a battery that can go over 30 miles. Suspension forks and seat keep you comfortable on rocky surfaces. It also comes with a stylish design that lives up to its name. At an affordable price, this off-road electric mountain bike lives up to its reputation.

Hopefully, our Ecotric Seagull Review of this Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike has given you a bit more of an insight into whether this model is suitable for your needs or not.

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