Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

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It seems that electric mountain bikes have finally caught up with traditional ones when it comes to performance and comfort.

Since their introduction, e-bikes have always lagged behind standard off-road bicycles. With the Ecotirc Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain bike, this is changing.

Now, there’s an electric mountain bike with full-suspension and a configuration designed for enhanced performance.

The Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike sounds like something every outdoor enthusiast will want. While its description sounds ideal, you need to know more before you spend your money.

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

It’s black and sleek. Other than the rear hub-drive motor, the Tornado looks like a standard mountain bike. When you add the fat tires in, the e-bike has everything it needs to go over any terrain.

Power, Durability, and Traction

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bicycles are known for their power and speed, and it’s the same with this off-road e-bike. It has a 750W rear hub-drive motor and a 48V battery.

Depending on the terrain, you can reach speeds up to 40mph. It’s fast enough to keep up with morning rush hour traffic in the bike lane.

Even though the Tornado is great on city streets, it’s not what this off-road electric mountain bike was designed for. It’s a mountain bike that’s designed for rough terrain. 26″ fat tires give you the traction you need for any off-road trip.

You’re not limited by loose or soft terrain. Snow, gravel, and even soft sand won’t slow the Tornado down.

The powerful motor and battery add weight to the e-bike. It’s the last thing you want in a mountain bike. To compensate for the weight, Ecotric uses an aluminum alloy material for the frame.

It is sturdy, and durable, while also helping to keep the e-bike relatively lightweight. The lightweight frame can support up to 265lbs.

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Safety, Speed, and More

You may want to take the Tornado on the road. It comes with reflective stripes on the tire spokes, along with a headlight. You’re easily visible at night. If you’re worried about the headlight scaring wildlife, it’s manual, not automatic. You can turn the headlight on whenever needed.

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike ReviewBraking is another part of bike safety, even if it doesn’t come with an electric motor. You don’t want to speed through an intersection or lose control on a hill.

The off-road e-bike comes with front and rear disc brakes. It doesn’t matter how wet the terrain is, you won’t have any problems controlling the Tornado.

Speed is always a concern. You don’t want to get left behind on a family bike trip. You get Shimano 7-speed gears that will help you tackle soft and tough terrain.

There are also enough gears to match your speed. Between the gears and throttle, you don’t have to worry about being left behind by the group.


  • Sleek design
  • 750W motor
  • 48V battery
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleur
  • Suspension seat posts


  • You cannot connect external devices via Bluetooth or USB port.

When it comes to this affordable electric mountain bike from Ecotric, the pros do outweigh the minor downside.

Ecotric Tornado Full Suspension MTB Electric Bike specifications and features




Rear Hub 48V 750W


48V 12AH




Ecotric Smart LCD With Usb Port




Speed Sensor


Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor


Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front


 Throttle With Pedal Assist


Suspension Comfort


26″×2.35″ Tires




Aluminum Alloy


62 Lb




Hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor


400-600 Cycles

FAQs About the Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Knowing the Tornado’s specifications helps, but you still might have questions about the off-road e-bike’s performance.

How fast does the Ecotric Tornado e-bike go?

The electric bike does come with a powerful 750W motor you can engage at speeds of 20mph and below. You can increase your speed with pedaling, especially downhill. Exceeding speeds over 20mph is easy.

This isn’t the only reason it’s hard to give an exact speed limit for the e-bike. The top motor speed is adjustable. You can program the maximum speed to meet local laws.

What is the age recommendation for e-bike riders?

How old a rider has to depend on local ordinances and parental consent. Some states allow riders as young as 13 to ride e-bikes on public streets and nature trails.

Other states have higher age limits. Parents or guardians of minors also have a say in when their children are old enough to ride an off-road electric bike.

How far can the Tornado electric mountain bike go?

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Depending on how many spare batteries you have, the Tornado’s range is limitless. The model specifications list the range between 25-37 miles.

The variance is due to how often you use the throttle and pedal-assist. Pedaling without assistance will increase the e-bike’s range.

The rechargeable battery is also removable. Depending on the number of spares, you can switch out every time the battery dies. You do want to check the LCD for distance covered. You want to have enough battery life to make it back to the campsite.

How long does it take the battery to charge?

It can take anywhere from 6-8 hours for the Tornado’s battery to fully charge. The length of time depends on a few factors. Fully depleted batteries will take longer to charge.

Not all electrical outlets output the same steady flow of electricity. Outlets will a lower electric output will increase charging times.

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

When does the e-bike battery need replacing?

Ecotric fitted the Tornado electric mountain bike with a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. It boasts an average lifespan of 400 to 600 charges.

For most cyclists, you won’t need to purchase a new rechargeable battery for two years. The off-road electric bike also comes with a one-year warranty that includes battery protection.

What materials is the e-bike constructed from?

The frame is made from an aluminum alloy material. It’s lightweight and durable.

The tires are rubber, and the kickstand is made from the same material.

The handle grips are designed for comfort. They’re covered in a rubber/leatherette blend that’s comfortable to grip, and slip-resistance.

Can I use the Tornado as a standard mountain bike?

The e-bike has a battery and motor. However, you don’t have to use electrical power. You also have pedals that are the same as a traditional mountain bike. The throttle and pedal-assist modes are voluntary. They only kick in on your command. There are advantages to using the pedals instead of the motor. You conserve battery power and get in a little exercise.

The Tornado is legal on most city streets. Even when the motor’s engaged. You do want to check with local vehicle laws before you take the e-bike to the streets. Chances are, if you stay in a designated bike lane you won’t violate any laws riding the e-bike as a regular bicycle.

Can the e-bike connect to a smart device?

Some off-road e-bikes do come with USB ports. Others are Bluetooth enabled. You download the mobile app, and you’re compatible devices are connected. It’s a great feature to have.

You can stay in touch with family and friends on the trail. Unfortunately, you will pay extra for the feature. It’s only available on high-end electric mountain bikes.

Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

Is the Tornado an Off-road e-bike or just for city streets?

You don’t want to take the e-bike onto a freeway, but it won’t have a problem with urban riding. It’s also designed to handle rough trails that include uphill climbs. It comes with a shock-absorbing suspension, along with front and rear disc brakes.

The fat tires give you traction on all surface types. The lightweight frame also makes the e-bike easy to control. Whether you’re biking to work or on a family camping trip, the Tornado will handle both.

Are there additional safety features?

The e-bike is designed for safety. It comes with a headlight and reflective strips on the rims. The headlight ensures you can see the trail. It also lets automobile drivers know you’re on the road with them.

Ecotric also offers additional safety features for its electric bikes. Rear brake lights are recommended when you bike at night.

The e-bike manufacturer also offers bike horns. You can also attach a bell to the handlebars. It’s cheap and easy to install.


Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike gives you comfort and performance. It also has a sleek design. Along with full-suspension, it boasts a 750W motor. Combine this with the fat tires, and you don’t have to worry about the terrain. The Tornado can handle almost anything.

Ecotric is an innovative company at the top of its game and it’s growing at an exponential speed in the USA due to the fact they offer high-end electric mountain bikes at a price the mainstream population can afford.

If you are planning on making a purchase over on ECOTRIC’s website just know you are in safe hands and what you buy will be of high quality.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading our Ecotric Tornado Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review. Hopefully, this post has put questions about this ECOTRIC bike well and truly to bed 🙂

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