GoGoMountain Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack and FREE Pocket Blanket

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GoGoMountain’s new Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack comes with a free accessory package.

It includes a 4.5 x 5.3 foot waterproof pocket blanket, a BONUS waterproof backpack cover, and an integrated USB charging port and cable on the backpack.

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GoGoMountain’s backpack is SOLD OUT! Check out this alternative product: Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack

GoGoMountain Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack

Our feature-laden ultra lightweight foldable backpack has been designed for everyday use, short travel trips or for more demanding hiking, cycling or camping adventures.

With its sleek and stylish looks and lightweight functional design, our Foldable Backpack with the pocket blanket bundle is small in stature
but massive on quality and function.

With numerous pockets, breathable adjustable straps, built-in USB charging function and waterproof skin, this the most complete package and value for money on the market today.

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Not Too Big, Not Too Small

This ultra lightweight Foldable Backpack expands to offer an impressive 25L of storage space and folds down to a mere 8 inches x 2 inches (20cm x 5cm).

With several pockets at your disposal.

Certainly, this backpack provides handy storage & convenient organization whatever your needs are.

In addition, the backpack features three front pockets, 2 side mesh water bottle pockets and one small mesh pocket on the front strap.

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Our Lightweight Foldable Backpack Is Device Friendly

We know most people move around with phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, which is why we’ve built a USB charging port into the Foldable Backpack. Simply slip in a battery pack, connect it to your USB cable (included), and you’re good to go! So, this feature is ideal for people traveling, hiking, commuting, walking, cycling, or any other activity where you need your backpack.

Our Lightweight Foldable Backpack Come With A Waterproof Skin Extra Cover

In addition, our Foldable Backpack is designed to stay waterproof in even the harshest of weather. But as an added extra layer of security to ensure your valuables are kept dry at all times. Moreover, we have designed a high-visibility waterproof skin which slips over the backpack and adds an extra layer of waterproofing.

Ultra Lightweight Foldable BackpackPin

GoGoMountain ultra lightweight foldable backpack

Also, this backpack folds into a sandwich sized pocket and weighing a 0.26 lbs. We’ve designed this to be ultra-functional, and no ounce has been spared!

Add no unnecessary weight to your journey.

Limited Time Bonus Gifts
Ultra Lightweight Foldable BackpackPin

For a limited time, while stocks last, you’ll also receive a free waterproof pocket blanket and USB charging cable with your order of the GoGoMountain foldable backpack.

The waterproof pocket blanket measures 4.5 X 5.3 feet and comes with 4 mini stakes (ideal for picnics), and a secret zipper pocket to keep your belongings dry & out of sight.

GoGoMountain’s backpack is SOLD OUT! Check out this alternative product: Ultra Lightweight Foldable Backpack

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