Best Folding Electric Mountain Bikes by Ecotric

Full Review Of The Best Ecotric Folding Electric Mountain Bikes

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You can now buy a folding electric mountain bike that can handle all kinds of offroad terrain and inclines for the same price as a decent standard model mountain bike. Today, I’m writing a review of the top 4 folding mountain e-bikes that Ecotric has available.

Folding bikes are not a new concept, but a folding offroad fat tire electric mountain bike, well that is a new concept.  Electric bikes have come long and far in terms of cost and technical specifications in the past couple of years.  The new company Ecotric is leading the tech race when it comes to folding electric mountain bikes and an affordable cost.

So let’s dive in and get on with our best Ecotric Folding Electric Mountain Bikes Review

Transportation of Standard Mountain Bikes

If you own a mountain bike, whether standard or electric, you can attest that storing and transporting it is a daunting task. People who do not have enough room in their garages often resort to hanging the bikes on the wall or squeezing them behind the front door. This where foldable bikes come in very handy.

Folding offroad fat tire electric mountain bikes is gaining popularity because of their convenience;  A personal bugbear of mine is unpacking and packing back up 4 mountain bikes on our trailer. We love going out on the trail as a family but having the hassle of packing and unpacking the bikes after a long bike run is a pain in the ass.

The Ecotric range of folding e-mountain bikes is just so innovative that folding and storing away is a breeze.  This feature alone makes buying one worthwhile, but the power, balance, look, and range of these awesome e-bikes by Ecotric are just awe-inspiring. But more on this later…

What to Look for in an Electric Mountain Bike

Before purchasing an electric mountain bike, here are some factors to consider.


Most e-bikes have a wattage that ranges between 300W and 500W. In most cases, a higher wattage translates to more engine power. However, highly-rated motors also consume more power and drain batteries faster. Most e/bikes with a higher wattage also showcase a higher performance compared to those with a lower wattage.

Maximum Power

Power is among the most crucial qualities of an electric bike. The amount of energy you need depends on the bike’s intended use. For instance, a hunting bike should have a higher torque rating that a commuting bicycle.


Most folding electric bikes have a hub motor instead of a mid-drive motor that is common in other e-bike types. This is because hub motors are smaller, meaning that they do not interfere with the folding mechanism. They also enhance portability.

Wheel Size

Wheel size dictates how small the e-bike becomes when folded. Most variants in the market come with 20-inch wheels, allowing them to fold into a size that fits in your car’s trunk. This size is perfect especially if you do not have a large storage space in your car. If you have limited space, you can get the 16-inch models, although they are rare.


How long do you plan to cycle? How expensive is a replacement? The quality of your battery cells is a critical aspect of any electric bike. Generally, the bigger the battery, the more expensive it is. High-capacity batteries also have a bigger range.

It is also worth noting that battery influences your bike’s performance. When the battery is located near the rear wheel, it is easier to remove but shits the weight to the back. On the other hand, batteries situated in the mainframe distributes weight evenly and improves handling, but it makes it difficult to install.

Component Quality

Many people tend to prioritize portability when shopping for foldable bikes and overlook the build quality. Ensure that the core components can suit your performance needs. You should particularly pay attention to the drivetrain, derailleur, display, and battery pack. A high-quality build will also ensure that the bike serves you for the longest time possible and you will also save yourself some repair bucks.

Size and Weight

This is perhaps the most crucial consideration when shopping for a folding electric mountain bike. Ideally, the bike should fold in a way that is small enough to fit in your space. It should also have a lightweight design. This as mentioned earlier ensures that you maximize the storage space you have efficiently.

The Best Folding Electric Mountain Bikes By Ecotric [Fat Tire Variety]

Here is a lowdown of the best folding electric mountain bikes in the Ecotric range.

#1: Ecotric Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike-Matt Black and Blue

Ecotric Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike-Matt Black and blue

Although it is relatively new to the market, Ecotric already has a reputation for producing high quality and reliable electric bikes. The FAT20810-MBL is no different.

This e-bike has a convenient folding mechanism that allows you to store it easily in small spaces. While most foldable e-bikes tend to compromise power for portability, the FAT20810- ML does not – it generates massive torque levels that enable you to haul heavy loads and ride on uneven terrains without breaking a sweat.


• Motor: rear hub 36V 500W

• Battery: 36V 12aH

• Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano

• Weight: 52 lbs. (battery included)

• Weight capacity: 200 lbs.


• Excellent battery life

• Huge load capacity

• Powerful motor

• Easy to assemble


• Front fenders tend to loosen after cycling

Check Out The Customer Reviews HERE


Typical foldable bikes tend to have a lower capacity to maximize portability. However, this unit is different since it can carry loads weighing up to 200 lbs. besides, it has a powerful 500W rear hub motor that makes it ideal for riding off-road and on all terrains, whether sandy, rocky, snowy, or mountainous.

#2: Ecotric 48V Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with LCD display-Black and Blue

Best Folding Electric Mountain Bikes by Ecotric

Unlike other e-bikes, Ecotric’s FAT20S900-MBL has an ergonomic design that guarantees comfort when riding. On top of this, it has a robust rear hub motor that thrust you through challenging terrains and an LCD that displays crucial bike information when cycling.


• Motor: rear hub 48V 500W

• Battery: 48V 13aH

• Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano

• Weight: 52 lbs. (battery included)

• Weight capacity: 200 lbs.


• Unrivalled stability in challenging terrains

• Excellent build quality

• High maximum speed

• Superb range


• Charger heats up when charging

• The battery takes time to start charging when drained

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This e-bike is an improvement on the FAT20810-MBL. Although it has a similar weight and load capacity, it comes with a bigger 13aH battery that increases its range. Its motor is also more powerful, meaning that it is better suited for steep landscapes and mountains.

Both brakes have 160mm mechanical disc rotors than respond promptly when activated. This adds to the stability offered by this e-bike’s excellent suspension system.

Moreover, this electric bike has ergonomic handle grips to ensure that you are comfortable while cycling.

#3: Ecotric Black Portable and Folding Fat Tire Mountain e-Bike – Dolphin Model

Best Folding Electric Mountain Bikes by Ecotric

Next up is the Ecotric Dolphin-MBL, also known as Dolphin. Like other bikes in the Ecotric range, it has a robust motor and excellent battery life. It also features a 7-speed Shimon derailleur, allowing you to shift the cycling speed depending on the terrain.

The aesthetically pleasing looks of the Dolphin and shape of the frame make this model a firm favorite with the ladies. Being able to get on and off the dolphin is a breeze when wearing a dress or skirt due to the low cut frame.  It packs a good punch too and can handle all kinds of terrains.


• Motor: rear hub 36V 500W

• Battery: 36V 12aH

• Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano

• Weight: 52 lbs. (battery included)

• Weight capacity: 200 lbs.


• Impressive range

• Easy to assemble

• Ergonomic handle grips

• Attractive design


• Some Notable power loss on very hilly terrains

Check Out The Customer Reviews HERE


The Ecotric Dolphin e-bike offers the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Though it has an aesthetic appeal, it does not compromise its primary function, which is commuting. This electric mountain bike has a 500W 36V rear hub motor that propels it through all terrains. Its frame is entirely made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

On the downside, this bike tends to struggle on steep uphill terrains. When cycling at high altitudes, you will notice a loss of power, especially after riding for long distances.

#4: Ecotric Starfish 20-inch portable and folding electric bike – Matt Black

Best Folding Electric Mountain Bikes by Ecotric

If you are after a stylish folding electric bike that is extremely portable, look no further than the Ecotric Starfish. With its weight slightly exceeding 50 pounds, it is one of the lightest electric bicycles in the market. Its design also makes it ideal for women wearing dresses.

While not specifically a mountain bike or a fat tire one it does have enough ooomph and robustness to tackle some backcountry trails but is also a fantastic ‘about town’ e-bike.


• Motor: rear hub 36V 350W

• Battery: 36V 10aH

• Derailleur: 7-speed Shimano

• Weight: 50.7 lbs. (battery included)

• Weight capacity: 220 lbs.


• Affordable

• Excellent build quality

• Adjustable seat

• Huge load capacity


• Limited power

Check Out The Customer Reviews HERE


The most impressive feature of the Ecotric Starfish is its huge load capacity, despite having a smaller motor than other e-bikes in the Ecotric range. That said, its 350W rear hub motor still produces enough torque to assist you through off-road conditions. However, the limited amount of power means that riding the Starfish on steep terrains requires more effort as compared to other bikes in the Ecotric range.

This model is great for very mild country trails and rides about town.  If you are looking for more hardcore offroad trail biking then one of the other 3 models would be more suitable.

Folding Ecotric Electric Bikes Is Easy

The method of folding all Ecotric Electric Bikes is pretty much the same. Some small changes depending on the model but full instructions come with the bike.

Check out the full range of Ecotric Electric Bikes HERE

The Bottom Line

The default maximum speed limit on all Ecotric bicycles follows the United States’ federal regulations. However, this feature is programmable to allow users to adjust the speed limits according to local rules.

The options mentioned above are the best folding electric mountain bikes in the Ecotric range. They are all of a very good build and will serve you efficiently depending on your individual needs. Despite having slight differences, these models are robust, reliable, comfortable, and have high-quality parts.

More importantly, they are affordable, making them ideal for first-time e-bike owners to enjoy some awesome offroad adventures.

Thanks again for reading our Full Review Of The Best Ecotric Folding Electric Mountain Bikes.  Thanks for stopping by remember to bookmark our blog and please pop by again 🙂

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  1. Great review, Martin.

    I love this concept and I have been looking at these bikes much more seriously of late.

    The issue is always their ability to climb and battery life.

    What type of charging process is involved? How much life does a battery have?

    Can the driver assist the electrical system when climbing to preserve battery life? Very informative and complete. I will forward this to my brother.

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul.

      Thanks for your comment. To charge the Ecotric Electric Mountain bike is simple. You will be supplied with a charging adapter that plugs into the battery directly on the bike and then into the mains. A full charge after full battery drain is about 8 hours.

      You have full control over the pedal assist. Can be turned off or on with a flick of a button. So yes you can preserve the battery when you do not need the assist.

      I hope this has answered your questions sufficiently?

      Please ask more if you need any more clarification.



  2. Been on the lookout for a good e-bike for a while now but have not seen any that tick all boxes with regards to prices, portability etc. This seems to be pretty close to what I’m looking for in an electric bike, robust frame, fat tires, can fold, and does not cost a bomb.

    Defo going on my shortlist. Thank you for a very good review. Bookmarked for later.

    1. HI Aug,

      thanks for your great comment and glad I have helped you make up your mind on which e-bike to go for.

  3. I have been looking over your reviews on this ECOTRIC brand and done some more research on them also. Not too much info online but I guess that’s because they are pretty new right?  The electric mountain bikes they sell and in particular these folding electric bikes have really caught my eye.

    Not quite ready to buy one as yet but they are definitely on my ‘to buy’ list. Thanks for a really well put together review.

    1. Hi Sean. Thanks for the great comment and for taking time out to read my Ecotric Electric Folding Mountain bikes review.

      Yes, you are correct, Ecotric has not been around for that long but they are an awesome brand and a very trustworthy company.  

      Really top quality e-bikes at a very affordable cost.



  4. I’ve been in two minds about electric bikes but after reading your article I’ve noticed there are more pros than cons. Would you say getting an electric bike is generally more beneficial or does it all depends on what you use it for? For example, if I wanted to use it for fitness would it be better to get a normal bike?

    1. Hi Kurtes,

      Thanks for your comment.  If your main aim is for fitness then having pedal assist does not really make sense but you can turn it off and have the best of both worlds.

      There are hills you can tackle that you could not do on your own which opens up routes to you that you would not ever consider with a normal bike.

      So yes it’s great for fitness as you can turn pedal assist on and off when you please.

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