Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review | Ultimate family Fun!

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review | Ultimate family Fun!

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If you love camping, love the water, love the sunshine and the heat then the Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site is for you. Ginnie Springs is located in Santa Fe River in the High Springs of Florida.

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site People fall in love with the Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site because it has the most sparkling clearest natural spring water you will find anywhere. It’s breathtakingly stunning and holds a year-round temp of 72 degrees.

It will not surprise you to know that water sports are its main attraction.

The spring has exciting features that will amaze your whole family. The water is about 72 degrees, making it suitable for snorkeling, tubing, swimming, cave, and scuba diving.

You can enjoy camping in the wilderness sites or sites with electricity once you visit this camping site. Besides, there are overnight rental cottages, canoeing, volleyball, kayaking, and picnicking to optimize the experience for you and your family.

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site

Accommodation and RV Area at Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs Florida Campground offers a variety of accommodation features. There is the option to choose overnight rental cottages, wild camping, or camping with electricity for adventurous people. In any of the cases, safety and cleanliness are guaranteed.

You can choose to stay in a camp near the river or otherwise. The campsite has a charcoal grill and a picnic table. You’ll usually be free to set a campfire on the ground for you and your family to keep warm. Or what else could you need?

Well, some people would prefer to be accommodated in hotels while others would like to eat out with their family. At Ginnie Springs, this need has also been addressed.

The available hotels and rentals are near the Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site. As a result, it is easy to access the site with your family for enjoyment. It’s good to point out the popular amenities you will likely find in these accommodations.

First, expect free WIFI in the hotels. Also, a kitchen is available if you’ll need to make something for your family. There are swimming pool services, free parking on the premises and air conditioning in the rooms. There are a market and nearby shops near the camping site.

This means that you can shop out items for your needs and the needs of your family as the need arises. But it’s always good to go camping prepared.

It’s important to note that phone services are available. An amazing feature of the site is being ADA enabled. Therefore, don’t worry if your travel needs include catering for a person living with disabilities.

The RV and trailers at the Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site include sewer hookups, sanitary dump, water hookups, 50-amp hookups, 30-amp hookups, and pull-through sites.

Things to do for Kids

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site

If you read the Ginnie Springs Camping Reviews, you could realize the many opportunities there are for your kids to enjoy. However, you mostly need to be with the children to enjoy the experience to the fullest. You can take your kids swimming or trekking while they enjoy nature.

But Ginnie Springs Florida tubing along the Sante Fe River is a great choice for many parents. I realized that families who carry their kids tie their tubes together. You could carry a drink or something to the east as you float with your kids in the river. Other than these activities, you can simply spend time with your kids on the camping site.

Doing so is something that will give them a memorable experience.

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Ginnie Springs Florida Campground

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review

Florida is usually warm across the year but has lots of varied weather fronts hitting at certain times of the year. Weather can be extreme during the rainy season and hurricane season so do check with the local weather before booking any vacation. Check out the climate of Florida on Wikipedia for a good year-round description of the kind of weather to expect. I visited Orlando in 2018 in July and the weather was very hot, humid with heavy rain showers each day but they were gone as quickly as they started leaving beautiful sunshine to enjoy.

It’s good to know the right days for visiting the camping site. For a great taste of outdoor activities, visiting the site midweek will give you the best experience. During this time, you will find the camping site less crowded. You’ll most likely come across more birds and squirrels than campers.

But when you go on a weekend, expect crowds of people. If you’re not into partying, avoid visiting the camping site during the holiday weekends. The camping site is filled with partying atmosphere during these periods and usually involves wild and loud music. There’s also a lot of drinking during weekends. Therefore, it’s best to visit the campsite midweek, especially when you’re with your family.

Ginnie Springs Camping Site Cost of the Vacation

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site

Ginnie Springs Camping Reservation is not cheap. Being a private property, it is one of the most expensive camping springs to enter. Adults incur about $14.02 for a day pass, while children will pay $3.73 if they are under five. There are other costs you’ll incur once on the springs. However, these costs depend on the kind of activities you’ll be doing. For example, certified scuba divers will usually incur an extra cost of $22, while all other divers will have to pay $30 for the activity. People who are very serious about scuba diving are given an annual pass at a discounted rate of $330.

Ginnie Springs Camping Site has a unique way of renting its campsite. They will usually ask you to pay a 50 dollar deposit for every site. There is no limitation on the number of people accommodated in one site. Every person who shows up will pay about 25 dollars, including their admission fees to the camping site. An additional $10 is paid for the electricity and water per site. This fee could be quite expensive when you have to pay for the whole of your family. But the quality of services at this camping site outweighs most of the other places you’d visit in the country.

Ginnie Springs Camping Site Contact Details

You can contact the Ginnie Springs Camping site through their website at Here you will be asked to fill in the details of your name, email address, and phone number. You will then indicate your interest in reaching out before drafting your message with the details. The support officers will reach back to you through the provided email with feedback regarding your inquiries.

Besides the webchat, you can reach Ginnie through their social media handles or call them directly. On Twitter, you could reach out at @GinnieSprings. The company is also available on Facebook through @GinnieSpringsOfficial. They also have an Instagram handle. For direct contact, you can reach the website at +1 386-454-7188 or 386-454-7188.

Ginnie Springs Camping Site Campground Map

Let me start by reiterating the location of the Ginnie Springs. The springs are located in the northern parts of Central Florida. It will take you not more than 2 hours to get to the site from Orlando. The closest city to the site is Gainesville, located 45 minutes away.

When you enter the site, you’ll be given the Ginnie Springs Campground map for the whole domain, and you’ll be amazed to see how large the camping site is. The domain consists of many natural sources connected to the Santa Fe River. You can check out the secondary domain map of the camping site through the link below (which leads to a secondary source):

How to Get to the Ginnie Springs Camping Site

You’ll have different options for getting into the camping site. First, you can use the canoeing option, driving into the site, or walking in. Either way, you need to know the exact location before leaving home. You can look at the map of the campsite’s location from the official Ginnie Springs website provided above.

Things to do in Ginnie Springs Camping Site

If you’re still unsure about the things to do in Ginnie Springs in Florida, here is a list of the best activities that will make you happy:

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review

  1. Swimming and canoeing

You’ll have seven different springs to explore at Ginnie Park. While below the water surface, you will encounter different animals. Therefore, enjoy swimming and snookering when you visit the camping site.

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site Review

  1. Tubing at the Santa Fe River

You’ll have the option of grabbing a tube and floating down the Santa Fe River when you are feeling a little lazy. This will give you the best experience.

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site

  1. Kayaking, Canoeing, or Standing Up Paddle Board.

This will be your great option if you are into adventure. You can rent or carry your kayak canoe or a stand-up paddleboard for your enjoyment. Paddling through the Sante Fe River will give you a chance to enjoy its beautiful natural scenes.


  1. Scuba Diving at the Springs

Ginnie Springs Florida Camping Site

Most people claim that Ginnie Springs offers one of the best freshwater diving in the world. Diving is one of the best things you could do in High Springs. Scuba diving will give you a great experience to enjoy the beautiful underwater fauna and flora. The Spring’s crystal-clear water will offer you phenomenal views while you enjoy yourself. Ginnie springs cave diving will give the certified divers a chance to enjoy and explore the magical underwater world that thrives in the Ginnie caves.

Make your Ginnie Springs Camping reservations for you and your family for the best experience ever. Good luck with your next spring camping.

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