Helinox Chair One vs Zero

Helinox Chair One vs Zero – What’s The Difference?

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Both Helinox Chair One and Helinox Chair Zero are ideal for camping and backpacking. Similarly priced, these chairs have some similarities in sizing, materials, and practicality. However, there are small differences you need to know about if you only want one of these chairs.

A good camping chair needs to be lightweight and foldable. Both these qualities are met by Chair One and Chair Zero. Without a doubt, these are some of the most trustworthy chairs for just about any moment you live in the house.

Both chairs are lightweight but durable. They are among the few camping chairs backed by a warranty. This speaks about their build quality.

Here are some of the most important specifications of the chairs.

Helinox Chair One vs Zero

Helinox Chair One Specifications

  • Materials – 1.200-denier polyester
  • Height – 25.5in
  • Width – 19.5in
  • Depth – 20in
  • Weight – 1lbs
  • Capacity – 320lbs
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Colors – 10

Helinox Zero Specifications

  • Height – 25in
  • Width 18.5in
  • Depth – 20in
  • Weight – 1lbs
  • Capacity – 265lbs
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Colors – 3

Helinox Chair One vs Zero – 9 Main Differences

There are only a few small differences between these chairs. They can be categorized as follows.

Design and colors

Materials and color options are the 2 largest differences between the Helinox Chair One and Zero. These camping chairs come in different colors and they use different materials. The frame design is the same.

Colors play an important role when it comes to successful designs. Campers who want to match their chairs with the color of a tent or their camping gear might find this task easier when choosing the Helinox Chair One. This camping chair is available in 10 colors. From red to blue, campers can find the color that most suits their style, camping gear, or simple design preferences. While this might seem like a small difference, it’s an important decision since light colors tend to get dirtier easier, especially when camping for multiple days.

Materials and breathability

The materials are similar on these chairs. However, the backrest is made from the breathable mesh on the Helinox Chair One. This makes it one of the best choices for camping in hot weather. Users who want to sit all day or those who might consider enjoying a long campfire can find the Helinox Chair One as the better option for comfort. Mesh allows quick ventilation even when camping in the high summer heat.

The Helinox Chair Zero uses similar polyester materials. However, it has no mesh panels which means it warms up the user quicker. This chair can be good for camping in the spring or camping in the fall. It doesn’t offer the ultimate comfort when sitting on a camping chair in the high summer heat as it has been shown to cause sweating, unlike Chair Zero.


Helinox Chair One is 0.5” taller and 1” wider than the Helinox Chair Zero. This is a small difference that can be important for overweight users or for big and tall users who want a bit more space to sit on.

The sitting position is also slightly higher on Chair One. Again, this favors taller users. Short campers feel more comfortable sitting on the Helinox Chair Zero. However, the sizing differences are small and they are insufficient to largely influence a buying decision on their own.


There are a handful of accessories sold separately with these two camping chairs. They are mostly applicable to the camper and not so much to users who plan on sitting on these chairs at home.

Cup holders

A cup holder is offered as an extra for these chairs. Made out of lightweight plastic, the cup holder is mounted easily on the chairs using a screwdriver. These cup holders are ideal for a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or to hold any refreshments while camping. They can also be taken off the chair during transportation to avoid any damages.

Ball feet sets

There are multiple ball feet sets sold for these chairs. These are the supportive feet balls for both chairs. Made by Vibram, these rubber balls attach to the feet of the chairs to add stability. You can use these particularly on uneven terrain where it’s a bit more complicated to use a camping chair safely.

The rubber ball feet attach to the chairs without tools. You can remove these when not sitting on uneven terrain. The rubber ball feet are ideal on beaches where feet can sink into the sand. They also work for forest camping where feet can slip on ground-level leaves. The attached rubber feet are also recommended for wintertime camping in the snow. The highest chances of a chair slipping away are on snow and these rubber accessories are a must for all campers looking to go outside in the winter.


One of the best reasons to consider Helinox’s chairs is the manufacturer’s warranty. It ensures you get the chance to use these chairs without needing an upgrade anytime soon. While priced slightly different, both these chairs have a 5-year warranty.

Packed dimensions

There’s only a 1” difference in the diameter of the packed dimensions for these camping chairs. Helinox Chair Zero has a shorter diameter. However, the difference between 3.5” and 4.5” in diameter are considerable. For most people, it’s the ideal chance of getting into camping with a small camping chair as the reduced dimensions help reduce camping gear size.

Both chairs come with a travel bag that features a loop handle. Shoulder straps are available for these camping chair bags but they are sold separately.

Ideal uses

The Helinox Chair Zero is ideal for spring and fall camping. The Helinox Chair One is better suited for summertime camping as it features a breathable mesh backrest. For most users, this difference is small, however. Some might prefer the look of the Chair Zero for summertime camping.

Size and weight differences are also small. 1” differences in height should not be considered for campers. The depth of these chairs is the same which means campers sit similarly on them. They support a relaxed sitting posture, mostly recommended for hanging around, sitting around the fire, or relaxing after a day of hiking. The slightly reclined sitting position doesn’t necessarily recommend the chairs for fishing.

Final words

Both Helinox Chair One and Helinox Chair Zero are durable foldable camping chairs that can be used for camping and hiking. The smaller Helinox Zero might be a bit easier to fit in a hiking backpack. This recommends it for long hikes, especially multi-day hikes that are always limited by the amount of gear the hiker carries.

On the other hand, these chairs aren’t mutually exclusive. Those who prefer to camp around the year can use both chairs. The Helinox Chair One is ideal for just about any situation that involves camping in high heat, even out in the sun. The Helinox Chair Zero is better for summer nights, spring, and fall camping where ventilated mesh panels aren’t as appropriate for minimum thermal comfort.

The fact that both chairs are covered by a warranty for 5 years means there are no shortcuts in durability for the mesh version of these chairs. Both camping chairs are very durable with a high weight capacity.

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