How To Make Money Backpacking

How To Make Money Backpacking – Travel the World!

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Backpackers are known for living adventurous lives around the world. You would rarely like to be in the same place for more than a few years at a time. The backpacking lifestyle also need money! In this article, we will explore the ways you can make money while traveling the world.

How To Make Money Backpacking

How To Make Money Backpacking

Some of the things you can do are similar to a job, such as freelancing. Backpackers can also get jobs, especially those in the service industry which comes with perks like getting hired easily and meeting the locals whilst travelling the world.

Livin’ La Vida Nomad with Freelance work

You can be a digital nomad if you like. The challenge would be finding good enough Wifi while on the go, to send your project and connect to your coworkers. Because who knows when you could be invited to go on an off-road adventure? With Mobile Wifi hotspots, that could be less of a problem.

You can make money online while travelling by being a contractor! Websites like Fiverr and Upwork can hook you up with the gig. And all you gotta do is be systematic about applying and responding the potential employers’ questions.

The types of jobs you can do online are expanding. So chances are, you can find something within your field, experience, or expertise that you can do online. But here are a partial list of online jobs to get your ideas flowing for a digital nomad lifestyle:

  • Virtual assistant: anything between data entry, research, WordPress, executive tasks, there are many types of jobs to choose from. The more technical usually means more pay.
  • Writing: from creative writing to copywriting, the writing world is for you to choose
  • Teach a language online
  • Social media manager

You can always check out the job boards on Upwork or Fiverr. In general, Upwork is better for longer term gigs. Both platforms support microbusinesses so there are many opportunities.

Freelance work has always been in high demand. The current trend sees freelance work becoming even more popular. A certain level of freedom is the main advantage of freelancing. You can work 10 hours one day and not work at all the following day. This type of schedule freedom can be one of the ideal scenarios for backpackers

Remote Work

Like the freelancing work mentioned above, you might have to hustle for a good Wifi connection just to get connected with the office. If you’re a remote full-time or part-time employee, you won’t have to frequent the job boards for contracts. However, you may have to work around your job schedule when it comes to backpacking adventures. As well, not all work from home employees are allowed to be location independent while working, so be sure to check in with your employment contract.

Create a YouTube channel

If you find yourself filming often, getting on Youtube may have crossed your mind. If you or your friend enjoy editing videos, then this could be something worth investing the time.

Initially, this is not a paying gig. (: It could be something to do (editing videos) while you’re getting from point A to point B in a non-crowded area.

There is a special formula to get enough traction Youtube:


You gotta know how to use TubeBuddy, or similar apps, to find out what people really want to see on Youtube! Many backpackers and travelers make the mistake of posting random videos. Although they are interesting, if people can’t find your video or if they didn’t know they were interested, then the video won’t get any views.


Once you know what people are looking for, this is the next step. You gotta write catchy titles, captions, and sometimes a few lines for the content depending on how much you want to talk.

Now to making the money

Some of the most well-funded backpackers have their own YouTube channels. That means building a full-time income backpacking on YouTube is possible! Because of the adventure, there are many opportunities for backpacking as a journey worth documenting and sharing on social media.

What Do You Need to Start a Travel Youtube Channel?

Today’s cellphones capture HD video and you can use this to your advantage. It’s easy to start with a POV phone holder. These can strap a phone around your chest or your head.

You can improve the audio with a microphone attachment.

To get paid on Youtube, YouTube offers a monetization method where content creators are paid per view. The more views a video has the more it will earn to its creator. With the power of sponsors, YouTube can be a full-time job for many. Creating a script, filming, and editing are skills that you already have (good for you!) or can learn on Udemy.

Sharing experiences on a blog

Blogging is not dead. There are many personal blogs still creating a full-time income through a large following. Backpackers who have good SEO skills, writing skills, and those who find the worthy blog titles that get searched online can still create successful blogs these days.
It can take as much time to build a blog as it takes to build a YouTube following.

Some say blogging is even harder than YouTube. However, the benefits of a blog outweigh the benefits of YouTube once successful. As a blogger, you have full control over your blog. On the other hand, you’re tied to the policies of YouTube.

Seasonal work

Seasonal work such as jobs in farming represents another popular method of earning a living as a backpacker. Countries such as Australia and the USA are known for offering many types of seasonal jobs.

These can involve working on a farm running daily tasks. Other seasonal jobs are found in entertainment venues, parks, and even with concert organizers. Backpackers typically choose the jobs which also allow them to travel. A seasonal job in a hub with good transport connections is always the best.

Teaching English

Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the most popular methods of earning a living while traveling. Teaching positions in Asia are always in high demand. While not every country pays the same wage, you can still earn a good local wage in just about any Asian country teaching English.

Other countries to teach English in are found in Europe. However, positions here are scarce compared to the high number of options you can choose from in Asian schools. Alternatively, backpackers can also consider teaching English online. Hours of online conferences can turn into real money at the end of the month.

Publishing books

Books are a known source of passive income. Most books don’t make a lot of money. But good books with good marketing tend to create high recurrent income for their writer.

Good backpacking books are a must-have in modern bookshops. Everybody interested in backpacking is certainly interested in the experience of others in this space. This is why it can be tempting to start writing a backpacking book.

Writing it is one thing, but you also need to know how to promote it. Online ads are a good way to start. Networking and social media are other good methods of promoting a backpacking book.

On the other hand, a book can be turned into a blog. You can publish multiple posts which represent its chapters and start promoting them for free online. Alternatively, you can promote one chapter of the book and offer the rest of the book for free based on an email opt-in subscription. This then allows you to sell products or advertise directly through your email.

Selling photos

Backpackers certainly see many interesting people and locations when they travel. Those with good photography skills can certainly get into this hobby by making money behind the camera. Stock photography is the best route here. You can create good photos which you can then sell through a photo-sharing platform.

Working in a hotel

Hotel work is easy to find. Hotels are found in almost every country and every large city. From maintenance to reception work, these types of jobs require no previous qualification, making them ideal for backpackers. Hotel work often offers perks such as on-site accommodation. This can help backpackers save considerably every month.

Making or serving food in a restaurant

Restaurant work is always in high demand. From making food to serving or delivering it, backpackers can work in this high-paced industry with a low entry barrier. However, some of the jobs backpackers have access to without experience are basic jobs that don’t pay too well.

Wages in restaurants tend to go high with experience. Working at high-end restaurants is one of the methods backpackers can make more money each month.

Restaurant work tends to be highly demanding. You need to work long hours and you might also need to work during the holidays.

However, it’s a space of merit where the experience gets promotions. It’s also a good place to save on food as many restaurant workers benefit from free meals while at work. Restaurant work also builds social skills which you may desire when you’re there for a new adventure.

Tour guiding

Working as a tour guide is one of the best methods of earning while traveling. You can become a city tour guide without a formal qualification. Some cities require having a permit while others don’t require any type of documentation.

The perks of working as a tour guide include earning a living while meeting people from all over the world. Tour guides work with tourists and this can often come with good networking opportunities and more backpacking opportunities.

Tour guides can also be employed at various companies. This method ensures a fixed monthly salary, recommended for those who don’t like the idea of freelancing of varying income.


Backpackers can earn a living through various means. Some of these means can be combined for a fixed income and a recurring monthly income. A job can be combined with a blog or YouTube. However, those that earn considerably from blogging or social media tend to do this full-time.

Being a backpacker was never about making a lot of money. But this has changed considerably over the past few years. It has never been as good of a time to be a backpacker as today. Jobs and freelancing jobs can now be found just a few clicks away. The opportunity to self-publish through blogging, writing books, or creating a YouTube channel has never been easier as well.

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