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Looking for a place to congregate with other renters and owners of motor homes? If so, you should check out Outdoorsy. This online platform gives motorhome enthusiasts a way to put their trailers to use. When they are just sitting idle in the driveway. If you own a motor-home or are looking to rent one for future use, consider this website as a way to meet your needs.

Read our full review below and find out everything you need to know. If it’s trustworthy, competitively priced and suitable for your next RV Rental vacation. Enjoy.

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Potential Vehicles

If you have been hesitating about using Outdoorsy because you think you won’t be able to find what you are looking for, think again. This website has a large selection of available rigs, including Air-streams and even hip Fivers.

When you log in to the Outdoorsy site, you will be presented with neatly organized categories of major RV classes, including pop-ups, van and truck campers, and class A, B, and C rigs. You can even find tow trucks, travel trailers, stationary trailers, vintage trailers, park models, fifth wheels, and more.

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What It’s Like: An RV Owner’s Opinion

Here’s the thing. If you own a mobile home, you likely don’t use it every day out of the year (and if you do, we need to talk!). Instead of using your RV every day, it probably sits taking up space in your driveway, collecting dust the rest of the year. Make some extra cash by not letting your trailer sit around idly.

All you need to do is list your trailer via the Outdoorsy online portal. There, you can upload photos, describe your trailer with unique descriptions, and even list your rental price for each night of use. It’s not unlike the experience of using popular websites for listing home rentals like AirBnB.

Many people are hesitant to rent out their mobile homes to strangers, and for good reason. They might wonder whether it is safe to have strangers operate the RV, and wonder why they might risk damage or irresponsible use of their machines.

However, you can manage some of these concerns in a few simple steps. First, park your RV at a storage area or a reputable RV place. Placing your motor-home for rent on Outdoorsy also gives you some flexibility in that you have the ability to refuse an offer if you don’t think it’s a good idea. If you don’t think the renter has experience in driving RV homes or even in traveling in general, you don’t have to accept their offer. You can instead decline the offer and bide your time until another one comes your way.

Plus, Outdoorsy can help you make some serious coin. RV owners receive eighty percent of all reservation fees and any additional charges, such as excess mileage or generator fees.

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What It’s Like: An RV Renter’s Opinion

Now, here’s the other side of the deal. Rented motorhomes allow you try out an RV before committing to a large purchase on your own. In other words, you can see exactly what RV living is like before you take the leap.

RV renting is common among millennials who aren’t sure whether living in the wilderness- or living nomadically – is the right choice for them. Millennials in particular like this idea because it gives them the freedom to avoid living in a set location, is romantic, and allows them to escape the stressors of corporate work and modern life.

The customer base you will find on this website is huge – from international travelers to weekend warriors, sports fanatics to retired couples, this website attracts them all. Renting via Outdoorsy is simple – all you have to do is submit a thorough background check to make sure you haven’t committed any traffic violations or DUIs. Then, after registering, the company will send you an email with more information on how to complete the process.

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You don’t have to have any kind of special license in order to operate one of these machines. As long as the RV you choose to rent is less than 45 feet and 10,000 lbs, you should be good to go. However, if you want to rent out a larger RV, you should take some extra steps and speak to the owner of the unit to make sure you have appropriate commercial driving experience and licensure.

You will be charged ten percent service fee base on the total cost of the reservation. You will pay a daily charge of $10 for towable motorhomes, or $15 for drivable trailers. The price does not include the tax. And you will need to pay this on top of the fee to use the machine. Often, you can also receive delivery and setup options as part of your agreement as well, but you will usually need to pay extra for these.

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The Process of Renting

When you’re ready to rent an RV through Outdoorsy, you should start by entering in your city of residence and listing the dates you plan on using the motorhome. Outdoorsy will provide you in turn with a list of compatible trailers to help you meet your needs.

Just as when you search for a home to rent via AirBnB, when you click on an RV, a profile page will pop up. You can then see more information about that mobile home, including who owns it, photos, and the specifications. You can view rental quotes and request to book by clicking the large “Request Booking” button on the side of the page.

When you have finished booking your RV, Outdoorsy will show you other compatible motorhomes. You will also be asked whether you want to get a vacation care plan, which can be added for just $15 per day. Next, you can add certain add-ons, like roadside assistance, or you can opt out of the vacation care plan. If you do decide to opt into this plan, you’ll receive a membership ID and other information via email about one day before your reservation date.

If you own the RV, you will receive an emailed notice that a renter wants to book. You can cross-reference the dates and coordinate the pick-up time, day, and location with the person who wants to rent. You have twenty-four hours to approve the request to book and decide whether the rental dates will work for you.

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Are you An RV Owner? List Your RV On Outdoorsy Here

They will be charged the full price for the rental of the RV once the reservation is finalized. Funds are held for about 24 hours – there is a waiting period until the RV is confirmed as received – and then released to the owner’s bank account.
As a renter, you can pay the reservation deposit once the owner of the RV confirms the booking request. This will provide you with a tour of the RV. Allowing you to learn more about how the specific amenities work and to ask specific questions. You might want to take the included lessons about how to pop the slides out, how to start the generator, or even how to set up the RV for boondocking.

Looking To Rent?

Keep in mind that you will be required to record mileage, top up the gas, and pay for ay extra mileage as a renter. You will also need to record generator hours. And you should clean the RV before you return it. You are also responsible for knowing and understanding the many aspects of renting an RV. Such as the rules, mileage fees, and generator fees. You will be responsible for canceling or extending any bookings, when necessary. You should also record all drop off times and locations.

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Insurance of a Rented RV

As an Outdoorsy renter, you are responsible for any damage to the RV once it has been picked up. You should fill out the RV return form when you give the RV back. To provide a time stamp on the condition of the motorhome both before and after the rental period. This protects both parties involved in the transaction.

Outdoorsy offers $250,000 in coverage for comprehensive collision damage and $1million in liability insurance coverage. This covers you for the duration of the rental. However, you will be held liable for things like interior damage and damage caused by non-collision events. Make sure you insurance coverage fills in any gaps. And know what sorts of things you will be responsible for when you are on the road.

Generally, minor damages that cost less than the $1,500 deductible will need to be covered by the renter. This includes the full cost of the repair. Motorhome damages that are lower than the price of the security deposit should be covered by removing the amount from the deposit and taking the rest from the renter.

How to Cancel a Rented RV

If you rent an RV via Outdoorsy, there are three different ways you cancel your rental agreement. Each one has slightly different stipulations and conditions depending on your needs.

In the moderate rental agreement, a renter may request a cancellation one week prior to the agreed-upon date of pickup. They can receive seventy-five percent of the total costs back, minus all service fees. Fifty percent of the reservation costs are refundable if you cancel within a week of your trip.

In the flexible plan, renters can request a cancellation five days before the scheduled pickup date to receive their entire costs minus any service fees. Seventy five percent are reservation costs are fully refundable in this plan.

Finally, in the strict cancellation policy, renters can request a cancellation two weeks prior to the pickup date and will be refunded half of the total costs, again minus all service fees. Cancellations can be completed within two weeks but the reservation is non-refundable.

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Why Should I Go with Outdoorsy for My RV Rental?

Are you still undecided whether Outdoorsy will be a good choice for you? Here are some pros and cons to help you make up your mind.


What We Like:

  • The website offers easy navigation and ease of access
  • Paperwork, including all money transfers, is completed entirely by Outdoorsy
  • The insurance policy covers your RV for damages up to $1 million.
  • The company has excellent customer service and responds to queries in an incredibly fast manner.
  • If you choose to add it, RV setup and delivery is included.


What We Don’t Like:

  • Not all the RVs that are listed are pet-friendly. So you will want to check with the listing owner to make sure your pet is allowed.
  • Even though you pay for mileage upfront, it adds up and adds to the engine.


Outdoorsy offers a great solution for people looking to rent out their own or rent someone else’s RV. RV rentals have been limited to corporate RVs with tacky logos covering the side in the past. Now, you can rent a fantastic RV that is spacious. And meets your specific needs – without having to pull any extra strings.

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