Is The Ghostek NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack The Most Technically Advanced Backpack In The World?

Is The Ghostek NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack The Most Technically Advanced Backpack In The World?

We have just came across the Ghostek NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack and are pretty amazed at the features on this beauty. It’s an extremely versatile backpack aimed at the millennium generation and has all the features and gadgets you would expect in a futuristic backpack such as this..

Certainly, avid hikers, campers and backpackers will love this 60l backpack with its ample storage for all the necessary gear you would need for a serious weekend hike, camping trip or if your planning a backpacking adventure..NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack

This 60l hiking backpack comes featured with an 11W solar panel and is capable of storing energy in the integrated 16,000mAh battery power pack that can be used for charging all your smart devices on the go.

With an incredible 5 USB ports ( 2 ports on Solar Panel, 2 Ports inside the 60l backpack and 1 external port) you will have more than enough for your needs.

Adventurers and gadget freaks will certainly see how amazing this backpack is, it looks fantastic too with its sleek and futuristic style.

Ghostek NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack Specifications:


  • Polyester
  • Premium Water-Resistant Nylon
  • Built-In 16,000mAh Battery (superb addition)
  • 11-Watt Solar Panel | Intelligent Power LED Indicator
  • 5 USB Ports Total (2-Ports On Solar Panel, 2-Ports Inside Backpack, 1 External Port)
  • Dimension: 24.5″ x 11″ x 8″ | Limited 1-Year Warranty Exchange Included


NRGcamper 60l Hiking Backpack
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This backpack is brand new on the market and certainly would make it’s mark in the industry. But with looks and features to match this fantastic hiking backpack is definitely one to try out. The price tag is on the lofty side but with 5 usb ports. A built in solar panel and built in battery pack we think the price tag is more than fair.


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