KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe review

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe Review – The Good And The Bad

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A day hike is a great way to spend your time. Whether you are cruising through the woods on a well-maintained trail or doing some serious bushwhacking in remote conditions, you need a trail shoe that will work as hard as you do.

A good hiking shoe is all about form, functionality, and attractiveness, with the first two components being the most vital to your ultimate trekking success. If you have a well-fitting and well-performing hiking shoe, you will be equipped to head out on the trails much safer and more comfortable than you otherwise might be.

If you’re in the market for a new hiking boot, consider our review of the KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe. This shoe is designed for rugged terrain and is a top contender among its competitors.

Voyageur Hiking Shoe – The Appearance

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe
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These shoes are attractive and versatile, and are worn by many users as their daily go-to footwear. They are stylish, coming in a number of colors including, but not limited to, Alaskan Blue, Brindle, Gray, Lime Green, Earth, Rose, Desert Sage, and more.

This wide selection of colors makes it possible for you to tailor your functional footwear to your favorite hiking attire – perhaps you can buy a pair for each different hiking outfit! At an average price of less than a hundred dollars per pair, it’s certainly possible to purchase more than one.

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Voyageur Hiking Shoe – The Fit

This shoe is extremely comfortable, due in part to its mesh lining and waterproof leather coating. The mesh lets air in without making you sweat on those hot summer hikes. At the same time, the leather waterproof upper coating allows the shoe to breathe without compromising the dryness of your foot.

Your feet will not get wet as a result of rainfall, mud dew, or anything else. You won’t overheat, and you also won’t blister – double win. As a result, you can wear these shoes at any time, including during the winter or in rainy weather.

Users report that the shoes have a wide toe box, making them a good choice for individuals with wide feet or for those whose feet tend to swell during intense exercise. The wide toe box also makes it easier to hie downhill, as your toes won’t slam into the front of your boots.

You can wear them with customized, cushioned hiking socks or even wool socks for hiking in winter weather.  The ankle height is lower than comparable boots, about the same as a regular pair of running shoes.

These shoes can be worn all day with maximum comfort. The wide toe box makes them ideal for people with foot issues, like bunions or plantar fasciitis, as it provides more room for padded insoles or for specialty socks.

While they tend to run about half a size larger than similar hiking shoes, this is a small price to pay when you consider the level of comfort these shoes will provide for you.

Performance (KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe)

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe
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These shoes are made out of quality materials, like non-marking rubber and breathable mesh, that make them ideal for any hiking conditions.

Because they are supported throughout by high-quality materials like a patented toe protection mechanism and removable metatomical dual density EVA footbeds, they offer wearers many years of use for an affordable, reasonable price. Weighing less than two pounds each, these shoes can be worn on the backwoods trails or on busy city streets.

Voyageur Hiking Shoe – Stability and Support

This shoe has an outsole with lugs for better traction and metallic shanks for added stability. Stability is vital, but you also don’t want a shoe that compromises comfort for traction.

This shoe avoids that dilemma by offering an ESS Shank that reinforces the shoe, yet keeps it nice and comfortable for its wearers.

The KEEN Women’s Voyageur also comes with Ghillie lacing. This makes your life infinitely easier by removing the need to tie your laces every time you need to fasten the shoe. Instead, each side of the lace vamp has loops, allowing you to quickly fasten your shoes and continue on down the trails.

These shoes fit snugly – yet not too tightly! – ensuring a comfortable ride as you move along the hiking trails.

Voyageur Hiking Shoe – Traction

These hiking shoes have rugged outsoles that are ideal for uneven ground. With lugs of about four millimeters in length and a total heel height of about two inches, you are guaranteed excellent traction for many years.

The shoes also have a gusseted tongue, adding protection to your tired feet and keeping your toes out of harm’s’ way. No need to worry about a stray rock or tree branch here – your toes will be well-protected.

Voyageur Hiking Shoe – Durability

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe
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These shoes are made in the United States and hold up to most of what you throw at them. They are rugged, mid-height hikers with mesh side underlays and pull-on loops.

With a four millimeter insole and torsion stability, these shoes are designed for hikers who are rough on their equipment.

One of the nicest features of this shoe is how easy it is to clean. To remove a stain, all you need to do is first use a bristle brush or towel to remove any debris.

Then, treat stains with a bit of water and a little vinegar (in the case of challenging, stubborn residue). You won’t have to worry about any discoloration or visible signs of wear, and instead will be able to get right back out there on the trails.

The only component of this product that people tend to complain about is the quality of the insole. These are removable, and often are taken out by users in favor of orthotic inserts or similar, personally-tailored options.

Voyageur Hiking Shoe – Out-of-the-Box Wear

While it’s always a good idea to break your new hiking shoes in at home before testing them out on the trail, most users don’t report a need to do so for these shoes. They can be worn right out of the box with no poor side effects.

Because the shoes are roomy without being too loose and promoting sliding, users report that hiking many miles all at once is possible – even if the shoes are brand new.


  • Wide toe box makes hiking downhill or hiking with wide feet more enjoyable
  • Affordable product with excellent customer service
  • Mesh lining that is breathable and partially waterproof
  • Rugged outsole makes slippery or rocky hikes easy
  • Easy to care for


    • Boxy appearance may not be desired by all users
    • Tend to run slightly larger due to their wide structure

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Voyageur Hiking Shoe – How it Stacks Up

This product offers some of the best customer service, with past purchasers raving over the company’s attention to detail and excellent warranty policies. The shoes last, with users logging hundreds of miles before needing to swap out for new pairs.

They are sized well, especially compared to other hiking boots that tend to run a size larger or smaller than comparable shoes.


KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

In the market for a new hiking buddy? Consider the KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe as a contender for your next summer companion.

Customers rave about these shoes, claiming that these shoes are so comfortable they could “sleep in them” and that they are of “great quality.” While they might be a little boxier than your average hiking shoe, these affordable boots are perfect for any terrain, activity, or style.

These shoes protect and support your feet while also providing maximum ventilation and comfort. You’ll find you can’t stay off those mountain trails with these exceptional shoes on your feet.

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