Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review
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Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review

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Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot is made for camping and home use. Its popularity is rising based on its low price and ease of use.

Camping cots are getting increasingly expensive. Mountain Trail’s Base Camp Cot is still found at an affordable price and this is why many of it prioritized it over its competitors. But being affordable isn’t its only plus. This camping cot is practical and durable, making it a must-have for those new to camping.

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 Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review of Characteristics

  • 225lbs maximum weight capacity
  • 75 inches long
  • 30 inches wide
  • 7.5 inches tall
  • 9.82lbs weight
  • Made with a collapsible design
  • Designed with a polyester top
  • Backed by 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


The materials used by Mountain Trails are as good as in any other good camping cot. The frame is made from durable steel. This frame is made up of multiple steel pipes which attach. Small holes need to be aligned for easy setup. The detail isn’t mentioned in the assembly instructions.

Polyester fabrics represent a solid choice for the cot. The material is not soft as it’s made for durability. One of the qualities of polyester is its fast-drying ability. This makes it an ideal cot in case of water spills. Polyester is also breathable as it’s a synthetic fabric.

The breathability of the Base Camp fabrics recommends the cot for summertime use. Summertime sleeping in tents can be quite hot, even during the night. This is where getting off the floor and using a breathable cot matters the most.

Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review


The camping cot is easy to set up. Assembly requires a few minutes for an adult. The small metal parts of the frame need to be assembled. The interesting part about the assembly process is that there are no straight legs to put together as in other tents.

Users need to install pointed legs to keep the cot up. With 4 of these legs, the cot manages to remain stable even when leaning to the left or the right while sleeping.

As the frame itself, its pointed legs are made with a powder coat finish. This durable finish recommends the frame for long-term use, even in areas with high humidity. Resistant to scratches, it’s one of the most durable finishes used in the camping world. Most users are familiar with powder coat finishing from tent frames.


75 inches long makes the Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot a roomy single-person cot. Most adults need a cot that’s at least 72 inches long. Campers who own it say the cot is roomy and that it’s also the right size for one person.

The cot supports a pillow, a blanket, or a sleeping bag plus a person. Its size is ideal for a tent that fits at least 2 adults. Couples aren’t able to put two cots together to create a bed given they

Ideal uses

The camping cot is ideal for multi-day camping. It gets users off the ground which recommends it for those who suffer from low back or upper back pain. Consider it’s a camping cot made out of steel it’s also recommended for long-term use. It’s unlikely this camping cot would need an upgrade in the future given its high durability.

The camping cot is successfully used as a second bed at home as well. Many users recommend it as a guest bed at home where easy set-up makes it a good emergency solution for guests.


  • Easy setup

It’s estimated the camping cot can be installed in minutes. Some people have been experiencing a slow setup process due to unclear assembly instructions. But the camping cot is straightforward to install as the frame is all users need to put together.

To avoid frustration out when camping it’s best to first assemble the cot at home. Once the cot is assembled users know how to quickly put it together in the tent while out camping.

  • Durable simple design

Both steel and polyester are the main materials of the camping cot. These represent some of the most durable materials of the camping world.

Polyester is used widely to make cots, tents, and camping clothes. Lightweight and breathable, this is the type of material that works better for durability as opposed to canvas.

While there are cheap canvas cots to consider as an alternative, they tend to absorb sweat and moisture as opposed to cotton that wicks moisture.

The metal frame of the camping cot also ensures its long-term use. Unlike camping cots made with a plastic frame, users can count on the frame to hold up for years. The only downside is metal is heavier. However, all the best camping cots use a metal frame.

  • Compatible with small tents

Since the camping cot is quite compact it can fit some single-person tents. It fits most 2-person tents and it proves a good addition to 3-4 person tents.

When it comes to the right use it has the correct structure for adults. While kids can sleep on this camping cot there are smaller alternatives to consider for children that don’t take up as much space inside the tent.

  • Included carry bag

A carry bag is shipped together with the tent. Campers can easily transport the camping cot in its zipped carry bag. This is ideal for those carrying a lot of camping gear. It also makes storage easier. The camping cot’s bag is smaller than a tent’s carry bag.


Not everything is perfect with this camping cot. While many can overlook its confusing assembly instructions, its weight is something to think about for hiking or trekking.

  • Heavy for backpacking

Heavy for those who love to hike for days, the camping cot might not be something to carry when you plan to hike for miles each day. A sleeping bag might be the only valuable solution for sleeping in this case. But users who can set up camp and who don’t need to carry all the gear every day are going to find it a good purchase.


Made with a simple design, the Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot is ideal for those shopping on a budget. It features a metal frame with a powder coat finish and polyester fabrics that are made to last. Assembly only takes a few minutes as well. The ideal use for the camping cot is in tents of 1 to 4 people, depending on the free space. It offers breathable materials that allow campers to sleep off the ground. While it’s not the most comfortable camping cot it’s one of the most affordable purchases as camping gear can get quite expensive.


Is the Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot suitable for kids?

Kids can sleep on the Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot. However, the cot proves too large for a single child and too narrow for two kids. This is why a kids’ camping cot is a better alternative for the little ones.

How long does the Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot last?

A Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot is expected to last for years. This is one of the most impressive affordable camping cots that last. Given it’s mostly made from thick polyester Oxford and durable metal framing, the camping cot is expected to last a long time.


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