Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review A Serious e-Bike For The Serious Hunter (1)

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review | A Serious e-Bike For The Serious Hunter

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Hunters often face a unique challenge when they’re retrieving their game. It normally doesn’t drop at your feet. Instead, hunters usually find their prey in locations that aren’t easy to access. Previously, your options were limited on how you moved through the hunting grounds. You can always walk, and there is always a four-wheeler, but what about the Quiet Cat electric hunting bike?

While going on foot or with an all-terrain vehicle will get you to the game. The noise you make ensures that there isn’t any prey left in the area. Now you have another option with an electric hunting bike from QuietKat. It’s quieter than a four-wheeler and faster than using your feet. Here’s what you need to know about electric hunting bikes.

Let’s dive into today’s Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review.


Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Is It The Best Electric Hunting Bike in 2020 – 2021?

There’s a lot to like about electric hunting bikes. Powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, the bikes are virtually silent when running. The bike also uses green energy. You can make your way down trails that are too far to easily walk without disturbing or polluting the environment. One model that is quickly making its way to the top of hunters’ “must-have” lists is the Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike.

Silently Move Through the Area

There’s almost nothing worse than scaring off the game on a hunting trip. When this happens, you have to leave your blind and move to another area. It takes time to re-establish yourself at a new location. It’s time you could’ve spent waiting for your next clear shot.

Unfortunately, you make the most noise when you’re going after your game. Crashing through the underbrush or along game trails will scare everything away. However, with an off-road electric hunting bike, you can move soundlessly through the area. The Bafang motor is battery-powered so you’ll get to the game faster without any noise.

Tough and Durable

Level terrain is a breeze to cover quietly on foot, but this isn’t where most of your hunting is done. Rough and rocky terrain, along with muddy trails and steep hills are more likely locations. Even though an ATV won’t have any problems with the rugged ground, there won’t be any game left in the area after you’ve passed through.

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

The Quiet Cat electric mountain bike is designed to tackle tough terrain. It comes with 26-inch fat tires that can handle any terrain, along with a heavy-duty thread for plenty of traction. You won’t slip and slide on mud, loose dirt, or gravel. A sturdy 6061 aluminum frame provides stability, and you’ll appreciate the lightweight construction.

Even though you’re not pedaling, you don’t want to haul a heavy bike around. The stainless steel chain is resistant to corrosion so you won’t have to worry about rust in wet weather.

Check out the official Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Video

Speed When You Need It

You don’t want to leave your game lying around for other animals. The goal is to get to it as quickly and quietly as possible. When you’re on an off-road electric mountain bike moving quickly, without noise, isn’t a problem. Not only does the Quiet Cat electric bike live up to its name, but it also moves faster than you expect.

It boasts 7-speeds so you can get your game and get back to your stand or blind in near-record time. The lower gears are ideal when you’re scouting the area. When you need to get there quickly, use the higher gears. You also have the advantage of the bike’s 7-inch mechanical brakes so you can stop suddenly, even on slick trails.

Sometimes your hunting treks take you to areas that are easily damaged. You don’t want to destroy a farmer’s crops by riding an ATV or four-wheeler through the fields. The Quiet Cat electric bike is a step ahead. You can choose a single-speed option that doesn’t come with a derailleur. You can also track your speed on the convenient handlebar display that also lets you know when battery power is running low.


Go Farther With an Electric Mountain Bike

Whether your deer stand is miles from the trail or you have a duck blind at a remote lake, your electric hunting bike will get you there. Even though the bike runs on a lithium-ion battery, you’re not limited when it comes to range. The 48-volt Panasonic battery provides the power you need to travel farther. It also only takes 6-hours before the battery is fully recharged.

Easily Carry All Your Gear

Even a short daytime hunting trip requires plenty of gear. Along with your bow or firearm, there are also snacks, drinks, and the game you get. It’s almost impossible to carry all of this in a backpack, especially once you include the game. Carrying waterfowl and smaller animals is one thing, but larger animals like deer are a problem.

The electric bike from Quiet Cat is designed to carry hunter’s gear, including game. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. Depending on what you’re hunting, in most cases, it will only take one trip to haul your gear to the blind, stand, or your parked vehicle.

When you’re hunting larger game that won’t fit easily on the bike, the company also manufactures convenient trailers. The trailers are durable, quiet, and hook easily onto the bike.

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Top Features

  • Quiet Bafang motor
  • Rechargeable 48V battery
  • Digital Display
  • Aluminum frame
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • 7-speed gears
  • Stainless steel drive chain
  • 300 lb. maximum weight capacity

What is an Electric Mountain Bike

Not every hunter is familiar with an electric mountain bike. Some people envision a bike similar to an electric scooter. While the bicycle does come with a recharge battery, it also has pedals. You’ll still use the pedals, only the battery-powered motor provides a little extra push. Instead of struggling up rocky hills or through thick mud, you and the bike work together.

You conserve energy so you can travel greater distances. It also speeds up the amount of time it takes to get to your game.

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Electric Hunting Bike Buying Guide

Even if you’re familiar with off-road and mountain bicycles, there’s a little more to consider when you’re shopping for an electric hunting bike.


Even though you’re not physically pedaling the bike all of the time, you’re still using your body to control it. The last thing you want is a heavy bike when you’re maneuvering over rough terrain. The goal is for the electric bike to make your hunting trip easier not more difficult. Look for a model under 80 lbs.

The electric mountain bike from Quiet Cat is relatively lightweight at 74 lbs. Most of the weight comes from the bike’s frame so look for ones that are made from lightweight and durable aluminum.

Battery Size and Placement

The size and placement of the battery will matter when you’re on the bike. When the battery is placed lower on the frame, your center of gravity is thrown off. It will be harder to control regardless of the type of ground you’re covering. Look for an electric bike that has its battery positioned higher up on the frame.

It’s also more comfortable for you to ride. You don’t have to worry about bumping the battery with your legs. Battery size determines how far you can go before running out of power. The larger the battery, the greater the range. Battery life is measured in amp-hours. The higher the voltage rating the longer the battery can go before its needs recharging.

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Hub-Drive or Mid-Drive Motor

Mid-drive electric mountain bikes use a motor sensor to provide electrical assistance based on how hard, fast, and often you pedal. The bike automatically accelerates the harder you pedal. Mid-drive bicycles are ideal for beginners. You have the familiar feeling of pedaling, along with an electric boost. There is a downside to this type of electric hunting bike, it comes with additional parts that can break.

Hub-drive electric bikes are more durable due to fewer parts. There is still a sensor in the hub that gives you a push while you’re pedaling. It does take a while to get used to the feeling of having a slight push when you pedal, but you will get where you’re going faster with the hub-drive. Consider your familiarity with an electric bike and the terrain you hunt on before you pick one drive over the other.

Features to Consider

Every product seems to come with optional features, and electric hunting bikes for adults aren’t an exception. If you’re carrying a lot of gear, a rack on the back tire rim is a handy option. It’s ideal for strapping down bedrolls on overnight hunting trips. You can also use the rack to carry the game you’re bringing back.

Cup holders are also nice to have, especially if you’re hunting off-trail. Some models also come with small display screens attached to the handlebars. The screen can display everything from speed and distance to battery life. Hunters of larger game animals may also want to consider a bike that can hook up to a small trailer.
Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review


The Quiet Cat electric hunting bike comes with everything you need to get your game without disturbing other prey. The bike is incredibly quiet and comes with a powerful rechargeable 48V battery so you can go farther and faster. The lightweight frame makes controlling the bike a breeze, even on rugged off-road trails.

You’ll also appreciate the continual pushes from the Bafang hub-drive motor.

Whether it’s your first time using an electric hunting bike or you’re looking to replace an old one, it’s hard to go wrong with this model from Quiet Cat. Thanks for reading our Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review. If you want to check out this model head over to the main website by hitting the button below.

Quiet Cat Electric Hunting Bike Review

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