Small gifts for skiers

Small Gifts for Skiers with 19+ Best Ideas

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Ideal for shopping on a budget, small gifts for skiers can be full of great ideas. A small gift can be full of thoughtfulness and even function. Small gifts for skiers such as a retractable lip balm and winter-inspired multitool are easy to carry. Skiers don’t carry many extra gear and this is why gift ideas for skiers should normally be limited to small items.

The following list of small gifts for skiers is split into two main categories. Cheap gifts for skiers are ideal for those shopping on a budget. Unique gifts for skiers are ideal for those who already have all the skiing gear and they would only benefit from other more creative gifts.

Small gifts for skiers

Budget Gifts for Skiers

Here are some ideas for affordable gifts that are also thoughtful and practical.

Ski Lift Ornament

The hallmark way for a thoughtful gift, any ski enthusiast would love to have this ski lift ornament. It’s a fun small gift to add to their festive decor.

Shotski Party Kit

Ski enthusiasts often have old skis they don’t use anymore. You can help them turn their old skis into party shotskis with this set of shatterproof shot glasses. It installs in seconds with no tools needed.

Beard Ski Mask

Enliven the Sasquatch in any skiier with this novelty gift that is fun to wear on a ski trip. It’s a useful gift for skiers, too, because it’s water-resistant and offers extra warmth and wind resistance.

Snow Multitool

This winter sport inspired multitool has 19 tools in 1 piece. At the very least, it is a keychain and a bottle opener. Comes in a gift bag and box.

Lip Balm Holder

Retractable Lip Balm Zip

This retractable lip balm holder will keep your friend’s lips healthy and away from windburn and sunburn. It’s useful for active sports like skiing.

Ski Balm

Cracking lips is an issue skiers face when out all day. This problem can be tackled by using lip balm frequently. A good lip balm is made with hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil, and contains skin protecting SPF. 

These blended ingredients tend to minimize or even prevent dry lips. Affordable lip balms can be a great small gift idea for skiers.

Ski carrier straps

Carrying skis with carrier straps is easier on hands and shoulders. These straps allow skiers to carry skis horizontally and not on the shoulder. The key to good cheap ski carrier straps is to seek the ones that are height adjustable. Since many straps can be adjusted to the height of the skier carrying the skies is even more comfortable with a customizable carrying position.

Balaclava ski mask

Balaclavas can keep your head and face warm below freezing temperatures. Skiers can wear these under the helmet or when making their way around the slopes. Polar fleece is one of the ideal materials for warmth in balaclavas. The material also offers good wind protection to the neck which can be exposed to cold air even when wearing a ski jacket.

Add a gift flair to this ski and winter sport essential with fun colors like camo or galaxy.


Ski gloves can sometimes be expensive. But ski gloves can also be affordable. Small and practical, they offer the right protection against cold air, snow, and hand bruises. Insulated gloves are a must for skiers. Even cheap ski gloves come with reinforced palm materials which are often made for enhanced grip. Another tip when buying cheap ski gloves is to look for added water-resistant ID pockets. These are useful for money, keys, and IDs since skiers often tend to lose these out on the slopes.

Ski goggles

Most ski goggles are expensive and those thinking about cheap gifts overlook them. But some small goggles are quite affordable. Even the cheapest ski goggles now offer UV protection, a flexible polyurethane frame, and a ventilated design.

It’s important to look for ventilated googles when shopping on a budget as this simple design alteration replaces anti-fog coating which is expensive and is only found on premium ski goggles.


A small multitool is both cheap and practical. Skiers might need to repair or adjust skis on the go and a multitool might be the only type of tool they can carry in small pockets. There are now small multitools that perform up to 21 functions.

From adjusting ski boots to fixing ski goggles or cutting wires, these have multiple purposes, as their name suggests. Stainless steel is the preferred material for tools as they can often come in contact with snow or water.

Skiing socks

Ski socks are affordable, warm, and durable. They offer a line of protection against low temperatures while also being sports orientated, unlike regular socks. While these socks can be quite expensive with some brands they are generally cheap.

A good gift idea for something that is small and can easily fit a travel bag also includes the right ski socks. These can be found in all types of colors and color patterns.

Unique gifts for skiers

Those seeking a different type of surprise might need a different style of gift. Skiers often receive cheap gifts but unique gifts can spark a bit more interest.


Handwarmers are a great and unique gift idea for skiers. Since hands can be cold all day hand warmers have their place in the pockets of a decided skier.

Handwarmers can be made with natural ingredients such as iron powder and activated charcoal. These are automatically activated when they come in contact with air. A few hand warmers can be stored in pockets so that skiers enjoy warm hands all day.

Mountain Wooden Hip flask

A hip flask can be a great idea for a quick warming drink. It can partially replace larger water bottles as they don’t necessarily need to be carrying alcoholic drinks. 

The trick is to look for wooden hip flasks which aren’t as cold as stainless steel hip flasks. Easily fitting a pocket, these small flasks can carry all types of drinks skiers might need in extremely cold weather.

A portable battery bank

A portable battery pack is a useful tool for skiers often carrying gadgets such as smartphones and GPS watches. These devices need daily charging. A solar-powered battery bank that is made with shock-proof construction represents a great gift idea for active people such as skiers. These should be chosen based on both wired and wireless charging capabilities as the ultimate energy-efficient gift idea.

Thermal smartphone case

A thermal smartphone case is an accessory most people don’t need until they face using a smartphone out in the cold. Modern smartphone batteries can be drained instantly when exposed to extreme temperatures. Skiers can benefit from these small thermal cases to keep their phones warmer and to prevent instant battery drainage.

Slim wallet

A wallet is a typical gift idea. A slim wallet is atypical and useful at the same time. Slim wallets are made to save space. Thin and practical, they can be used by skiers who don’t have too many available pockets while wearing a ski suit. Made for credit cards and cash, slim wallets are elegant while also saving space making them ideal small gifts.

Helmet camera

Some skiing memories last a lifetime. Others would be nice to remember. A helmet camera is the ideal action camera for a skier. Unlike snowboarding, skiers have their hands busy which means they can’t hold a camera to record the descent. 

This is why a helmet-mounted action camera is the ideal small gift that records all action from start to finish with no user input.

GPS watch

A GPS watch can sound like a redundant purchase for skiers. However, experienced and beginners skiers can use very specific GPS smartwatch functions to have a more pleasurable experience out on the slopes.

For example, some smartwatches offer a heat map in skiing mode. This shows the user where others are skiing, essentially signaling them to either avoid crowded areas or to try out skiing areas people like.


As seen with the examples listed above, small gifts for skiers have impressive practicality given their size. Some of these are common while others are unique. Skiers can benefit from using one of these on their next wintertime adventure.

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