Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review | The New Heavy Weight of Outdoor Firepits?

Looking for a great looking portable firepit that will stand the test of time and keep its good looks for years to come? Then the Solo Stove Yukon firepit is an excellent option.

It’s a big, yet portable firepit from the Solo Stove Fireplace range that’s perfect for large groups of friends to huddle around and enjoy some smores,  hotdogs on sticks and maybe even a few beers.

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit ReviewThe best memories have always been made around a campfire in my household. There is just something magical about cuddling up around a campfire, sharing stories, and enjoying some lovely treats roasted over the flames.

The YUKON Firepit by Solo Stove provides a smokeless flame, cozy warmth and little ash is leftover. It is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the Solo Stove Yukon firepit among many outdoor enthusiasts.

It is tested and proven to be an exceptional addition to your backyard space.  The YUKON Firepit is the biggest in the Solo Stove range but it is still classed as portable. You can for sure load it up into your truck or RV and take it along with you on your next outdoor adventure. But this model was made with backyards more in mind.

If you are looking for a smaller and more portable Firepit you can check out the YUKON Firepits’ younger siblings. Read our Solo Stove Ranger Review and the Solo Stove Bonfire Review.

Anyway, let’s get on with our review..

We have compiled a detailed and honest Solo Stove Yukon review to help you make an informed decision. Take the time to read through the guide before making any purchase.

The Solo Stove Yukon Firepit is feature-laden and an impressive bit of kit, but as with any product there are pros and there are cons. Let’s explore.

Pros of Solo StoveYukon Firepit

The Solo StoveYukon firepit is typically for large fires and a lot of woods. The purpose is to provide a healthy dose of heat through the night.

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The impeccable design and general functionalities have made the portable firepit to increase in demand among many outdoor enthusiasts across the globe.

Here are some of the crucial benefits of this portable firepit:

✔️Produces Less Smoke

The presence of smoke around the campfire is usually irritating. It makes the eyes itch and clothes to produce a bad smell.

Having a smoky surrounding in the campsite or backyard firepit reduces the level of enjoyment and entertainment. People will concentrate on dodging the smoke after every minute.

But the Solo StoveYukon firepit is the real deal. It is fitted with vent holes at the bottom to facilitate perfect airflow and reduce the production of smoke.

An adequate supply of oxygen enhances the complete combustion of wood. Thus, guarantee an enjoyable backyard or campsite experience.

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review

✔️Generate More Warmth

Outdoor temperature is dynamic at night. You need to get more warmth that provides a cozy environment for interaction with friends or family.

Solo StoveYukon firepit is one of the best outdoor firepits that generate much warmth. It is fitted with double walls that help to burst out hot air.

The portable fire pit needs a lot of firewood. The sufficient supply of oxygen by the air vents ensure the woods get burnt completely to produce little ash.

✔️Easy to Use

The outdoor fire pit is ready for use. There is no need of assembling parts or setting up the portable firepit. The unique design and air vents at the bottom allow an individual to start the fire straight away.

This is one of the best portable firepits for both beginners and experts in outdoor adventure. You do not need to read the firepit guidelines for usage to get started.

✔️Durable Design

The portable fire pit is made from premium stainless steel materials. The material is beautiful and guarantees many years of service.

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The outdoor firepit has a single-piece construction marked with a fire ring. The purpose is to produce great flame on the campsite.

✔️Stunning Appearance

Solo StoveYukon firepit has a shiny metal finish. The aesthetic outlook makes the campsite or backyard patio look appealing.

The shiny stainless steel and thick wall block the wind from causing interference on the big flame. The aim is to ensure the unique flame patterns throughout the camping period.

✔️Ideal as a Stationary Firepit

Solo StoveYukon firepit can be kept in the backyard. There is no need for taking the appliance indoors after every use.

The package comes with a versatile cover that protects the portable firepit from adverse weather conditions like winter or wet seasons.

If you are looking to set up a massive stationary firepit in the backyard, the Solo StoveYukon firepit got your back. It helps reduce the hassle of shifting the position every time you need to have an enjoyable backyard party.

Cons of Solo StoveYukon Firepit

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review

No outdoor product in the market is perfect. Each product usually comes with its benefits and drawbacks. It is one of the reasons behind the technological dynamics.

The purpose of this guide was to give an honest review of the Solo StoveYukon firepit. We had to go the extra mile to dig deeper into the product to find out some shortcomings.

Some of the crucial drawbacks include:

❌Consumes a Lot of Firewood

Solo StoveYukon firepit is known for generating a lot of heat. This is only possible if the firepit is fueled by a lot of firewood.

It implies that the outdoor firepit is not energy saving. You are likely to spend more on purchasing the firewood than saving on the general costs.

❌Quite Expensive

The Solo StoveYukon firepit is one of the most expensive products from the stove store. But the performance of the firepit has no close relationship with the price.

We recommend getting a portable firepit that is worth the value of your money. Keep in mind that the cost of the product and fuel is likely to drain your bank account.

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❌Large and Heavy

The massive size of the Solo StoveYukon fire pit is too much to be regarded as the best portable fire pit in the market. The firepit weighs about 27 pounds, which is too much for an outdoor trip.

If the bulkiness and weight of the Solo StoveYukon is putting you off, then maybe you would like to read about the Solo StoveBonfire, which is the Yukon’s smaller sibling, much more portable and weighs almost 20 pounds less.

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The Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Dimensions & Specs

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review

Product Specs

304 stainless Steel

Firewood Logs

40.35lbs | 18.3kg

Size: 16 inches tall  x 27 inches wide (outer)  x  23 inches wide (inner fire area)

Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review

In Conclusion

If you are looking to generate more heat and produce large flames, then the Solo StoveYukon Firepit is a great option. Besides that, it is a great alternative to the Solo Stove Bonfire or Ranger Firepits.

The performance of the Yukon outdoor firepit is worth the value of your money. Keep in mind that exceptional performance comes at a heavy price in terms of the amount of fuel it burns, but on the flip side to that, a bigger fire means more heat, more fun, and more people you can entertain and keep cozy and warm into the wee hours.

We hope this in-depth Solo Stove Yukon Firepit Review will help you make an informed decision before making any purchase.

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