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The Best Camping Stove Revealed – Top 5 List Reviewed

The Best Camping Stove Revealed – Top 5 List Reviewed

The Best Camping Stove Revealed – Top 5 List Reviewed – Camping stoves have a significant role to play when you are planning any camping trip. A great camping stove can not only provide you with a warm meal but you can also prepare a hot cup of coffee, or simply heat up some water to freshen up with, in the evening.

We have developed this post to guide you about purchasing the best camping stove to suit your needs and budget. We will be discussing single and double burner camp stoves as well as compact camping stoves and wood burning camping stoves.

To begin with, we will briefly review each camp stove and then we will provide you with our buying guide along with a list of frequently asked questions, hopefully giving you much more clarity on deciding the best camping stove to buy for your requirements.

Let’s begin with a short comparison table list first!

Top 5 Camping Stoves Comparison Table

ProductsBest forPricePowerDimensions
Weber Q1000 Stylish designCheck Latest Amazon Price Here85000 BTUs20.5-inch x 27-inch x 23.5-inch
EcoZoom Versa Value for moneyCheck Latest Amazon Price Here20000 BTUs10.5-inch x 10.5-inch x 10.5-inch
Camp Chef EverestHigh-qualityCheck Latest Amazon Price Here40000 BTUs13.5-inch x 23.5-inch x 4.2-inch
Coleman Eventemp Windy weatherCheck Latest Amazon Price Here28000 BTUs26-inch x 6-inch x 19-inch
Coleman Triton Affordable priceCheck Latest Amazon Price Here22000 BTUs13.9-inch x 5.8-inch x 23.1-inch

Product Reviews

1.      Weber Q1000 – Best stylish design

The Weber Q1000 is a compact camping stove that uses liquid propane. This portable Q1000 grill is a fantastic looking grill and scores top points on that front. Weber’s compact gas grill is small and convenient to carry and simple to get going.  So, you will have the steaks and sausages ready in no time at all.

This grill has a large grilling surface, perfect when preparing food for more than one. There is only one stainless steel burner attached with it to generate 8500 BTU-per-Hour. Also, the body and the lid of this portable grill are prepared with aluminum and the porcelain is enameled along with cast-iron. The Q1000 liquid propane grill uses 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder. You can purchase these cylinders separately as well.

Additionally, the performance of this liquid propane grill is great with the stylish outer look. Plenty of sleek
features such as the sturdy front handle that can be gripped easily because the side handles
are ergonomically designed.

The split grates permit you to use this compact camping stove for griddle or grate and combination of both. There are two main settings involved such as the infinite burner control and the push-button ignition that are easy to operate. The catch pan is easily removable so you can enjoy a delicious cooking experience preparing your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  • The side handles are ergonomically designed
  • This grill is more durable, reliable and lightweight
  • You can adjust the heat setting as your meals requirements
  • It has cast aluminum body and lid with cast iron grates
  • The Q1000 grill uses liquid propane gas by LP cylinder


  • Sometimes the heat isn’t properly pressurized


If you love to travel and go camping with friends or family then the Weber Q1000 grill is a fantastic choice. It is easy to use due to its superb functionality, reliability, durability, and portability. In our opinion, this is the best overall compact camping stove.

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2.      EcoZoom Versa – Best Value for Money
Best camping stove

The EcoZoom manufactured the Rocket Survival Stove with energy and fuel saving in mind. This is a fantastic camping stove because there is no need to use any kind of gas, propane, or electricity. The EcoZoom uses wood, dried biomass, and charcoal instead of fuel. Due to this, it is extremely versatile, durable, and more efficient to use anywhere at any time.

Generally, this product is equipped with stainless steel pots, a complete cooking set for your camping, and the cookware is cast iron. The handles of this product are coated with silicone grips which means safe handling when cooking, no need for gloves.

In addition, it contains a stand/support to hold the biomass, wood, or charcoal for easy feeding into the burner. This EcoZoom Versa generates 2000 BTU-per-hour insulated with a ceramic material. This is the best camping wood stove as it increases its flexibility because and does not produce any harmful emissions while burning the stove.  A fantastic choice if you do not want to go with a gas or electric option.  


  • This product is popular due to its adaptability, durability, and efficiency
  • There is no need to use any gas or electricity
  • Perfect for off the grid camping, no fuel or electricity required
  • No dangerous emissions
  • A supportive stand for continuously feeding wood, biomass, and charcoal


  • Slower cooking times due to time required for heating up wood or charcoal.
  • Difficult to maintain temperatures as compared to a propane stove


This Rocket Survival Stove is fantastic for money due to its outstanding efficiency, durability, portability, and flexibility. This camping wood stove uses charcoal, biomass, and wood to cook your meals so there is no need to use propane, gas, or electricity.

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3.    Camp Chef Everest – Best Quality
Camp Chef MS2HP Best camping stove

The Camp Chef high-output two-burner stove uses 20000 BTU high-pressure in each burner to heat up. This is best for group/family camping because the double burner camp stove cooks your food easily and quickly along with matchless ignition system.

This Everest camping stove is equipped with a propane cylinder, aluminum coated burner, three-sided windscreen, and an influential burner that works even in windy situations. The stove looks stylish and trendy due to its stainless steel finish.  With an easy to clean tray and an updated temperature control and convenient carry handles make this is a superb all-rounder camping stove. Moreover, the cooking surface area is about 317.25 square-inches and it has adjustable feet that help to balance the stove in your cooking place.


  • It is equipped with two burners, perfect for group camping
  • The cooking surface area is about 317.25 square-inch
  • The company gives you 01-year warranty as well
  • The adjustable feet, temperature control, and 3-sided windscreen makes it a very popular lightweight, and fully portable camping stove


  • A little less compact than some competitors


The Camp Chef double burner camp stove has adjustable feet to balance the level of the stove. Also, this Everest high-quality two high-pressure burner stove is lightweight and easy to fire up with the ignition that comes with the matchless system. So, with the 3 side wind protection its a great choice for wide open spaces and great for group cooking.

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4.     Coleman Eventemp – Best in windy weather
Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Best camping stove

The Coleman Eventemp 3-burner propane stove presents you with a lightweight, portable, durable, and extremely efficient stove to make your outdoor experience great. It also provides equal temperature burners for ultra-fast cooking. It uses matchless system ignition technology that utilizes an electric spark for lighting up the burners. You can use this by pushing a button so there is no need to use any lighters or matches.  

The non-slip feet give stability to the stove and you can easily whisk in the pans or pots. The pressure control technology helps to provide stable heat for consistent and better performance. This PerfectFlow technology also works in such situations like in cold weather or low fuel.

This Eventemp stove is a great choice because it contains side panels to guard the burners against the wind. These panels are fully adjustable also. It acquires 28000 BTU to heat the burner by using the instant-start ignition technology. You can easily and quickly remove all stains from the chrome-grated grate after cooking your meal.


  • It gives equal heat in all burners
  • The ignition system technology uses the Insta-start matchless system
  • Non-slip feet creates great stability
  • Adjustable side wind guard panels


  • The Eventemp stove is bigger and heavier than many competitors


Coleman Eventemp 3-burner propane stove is a good choice especially for those who love to camp in all weathers. The special wind guard side panels increase its efficiency and also provide PerfectFlow temperature control that helps to provide consistent and even heat to the burners for preparing your meal.

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5.      Coleman Triton – Best affordable

The Coleman Triton 2-burner stove is another fantastic outdoor camping stove which easily fits into the top 5 best camping stoves. The 22000 BTUs of power helps to provide heat the two adjustable independent burners. The cooking area presents a 12-inch and a 10-inch area to place your pan for preparing your meal.

Additionally, the PerfectFlow technology is used to keep the heat stable and consistent for showing better performance of the stove during your camping adventure even in cold weather or when low on fuel. This double burner camp stove is also equipped with PerfectHeat technology that uses a combustion fuel process to carry out very effective heat to cook your food with little fuel.

The side panels shield the burners from wind and you can adjust it to suit a larger pan. It also gives you the facility to fold it down and use it as a side table for keeping items on. A wonderful choice for family camping trips. 


  • The Perfect Flow technology shows good performance in bad weather situations
  • Wind panels guard the burner against strong winds
  • Very easy to clean
  • The PerfectHeat technology cooks food with less fuel
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Reports of temperature controls being unreliable
  • The quality of gas line and knobs are of poorer quality than some competitors


The Coleman’s double burner camp stove is a great option as it is equipped with PerfectFlow, PerfectHeat technology along with 3 sided Wind block panels. Therefore, this portable and affordable camping stove deserves to be in the top 5.

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Best camping stove
Buy Directly From (Click Image)

Our personal favorite of this roundup turns out to be the Q1000 by Weber. It does not only comes at a very good price but also provides plenty of value. It has a burner equipped with a capacity of 8500 BTU an hour or heating 189 square inches of the overall cooking surface.

The cooking grates are made of cast iron enameled with porcelain while the lid and the body are made of cast aluminum. The best part is you don’t have to assemble anything and it comes out of the box fully assembled.

Also, the stove comes with ignition (push button) and infinite settings to control the burner valve. It is the best camping stove in almost every aspect.

All stoves in this article are of very high quality overall, choose according to your personal needs and requirements.

We hope that you have found this article informative and interesting. For any queries or suggestions, you can reach out to us by dropping your comment in the section below.

Enjoy your outdoor cooking!

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