The Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review

ECOTRIC Bison Review – 4 Reasons It’s The Best Fat Tire Ebike

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If you are on the lookout for a feature-laden fat tire electric bike, then you’ll want to read on this ECOTRIC Bison review. If you want to know more about this ebike, we’ve gathered a detailed guide on the ECOTRIC Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

Why We Like This Ebike

1. Excellent for Off-Roading Activities
2. Highly Versatile in Performance
3. Premium Safety Measures
4. Easy to Ride

What We Don’t Like

Finding Replacement Parts

Bottom Line

We recommend the ECOTRIC Bison fat tire ebike because it’s marked with high-quality materials, robust construction, and impeccable traction fat tires. The rider can easily cruise over the mud, sand, and snow with ease.

ECOTRIC Bison Review Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


The Bison Fat Tire e-bike is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts. It’s a performance-oriented cycling option, coming with a host of features to take your cycling experiences to new levels. The information outlined in the article is based on our personal research and interaction with a pocket of test drivers we use for our ebike reviews. You can take the time to read through the information and make an informed decision.


ECOTRIC Bison Review – Fat Tire Electric Bike

Pros of the ECOTRIC Bison Ebike

The Bison fat tire electric mountain bike is among one of the highest-rated Ecotric electric mountain bikes. It comes with a lot of advantages for off-road enthusiasts.

Here are the advantages of the Bison fat tire electric mountain bike:

ECOTRIC Bison Review angle view

1. Excellent for Off-Roading Activities

The rugged design and fat tires make the bison electric mountain bike an excellent option for off-roading activities. The tires can cruise over the snow, sand, and mud with ease.

The power to conquer all roads is one of the reasons behind the rapid growth in demand. If you love cycling in rough and hilly terrains, then this is a great deal.

The robust and innovative design of the mountain bike is worth the value of your money. Thanks to the premium materials used to construct the Ecotric fat tire e-bike.

2. Highly Versatile in Performance

One of the most incredible features of Ecotric electric mountain bikes is the versatile performance. Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is not an exception. It can cruise over the sand, mud, and snow.

Besides that, you can still ride the bike from Ecotric Company on a tarmac road. The patterns on the fat tires offer impeccable traction on any surface.

The grip of the tires and ease of control give the electric mountain bike power to navigate through troublesome terrains. The practical functionalities give it an upper hand over regular mountain bikes.

3. Premium Safety Measures

All Ecotric electric mountain bikes have high-quality safety measures in place. The fat tire mountain bike has excellent braking systems to ensure the safety of the rider.

The bike is fitted with front and rear brakes. These brakes boost the confidence of the rider to cruise troublesome terrains without any fear.

The purpose of these safety features is to ensure the rider has an enjoyable riding experience in different terrains. You may opt to ride along the beach or around the hilly slopes.

ECOTRIC Bison Review dash close up

4. Easy to Ride

The majority of Ecotric electric mountain bikes are a great option for novice riders. You require fewer skills to hit the road and this is what makes the bike easy to ride.

The good news is that experienced riders will have more fun while riding the bike. It allows an individual to use the pedals and electric motor which boost the performance.

However, more skilled bikers prefer non-fatty bikes. It happens because most experienced bikers are in the hobby to win some races.

But Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is ideal for casual riding or dirt bike activities. If you love outdoor activities, the fat tire bike is a great deal.

Pretty impressive Specifications




Rear Hub 48V 1000W


 Ecotric Smart LCD


 Hydraulic Disc 180mm Rotor


  Shimano 7 Gears


  Aluminum Alloy








48v 17.6AH


6-8 Hours


Speed Sensor


Hydraulic Disc 180mm Rotor


 Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle


 26’’ X 4.0’’ Fat Bike Tires


400-600 Cycles


See Product page


Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front

Cons of ECOTRIC Bison Fat Tire Ebike

ECOTRIC Bison Review Side View

We have to acknowledge that Ecotric fat tire e-bikes are real gems. But no product in the market is 100% perfect. Every product tends to come with its limitations.

Our primary goal is to help you make an informed decision. We endeavor to offer an honest bison fat tire mountain bike review for you.

Here are some of the drawbacks associated with Ecotric electric mountain bikes:


Depending on your budget, the ebike could be considered by some to be expensive. However, if you check on competitors like TREK, you’ll find that they start at $10k for some of models. CRAZY, right?  I have put the cost of this model in the cons section as it might be considered a bit expensive by some.

In my opinion, the cost is a steal for what you get. The good news is that this ebike offers high-end features worth the value of the money. Besides, the rugged design can withstand the tough terrain.

Finding Replacement Parts

Ecotric electric mountain bikes have unique and expensive replacement parts. Also, getting these spare parts can be a bit of a task.

There are few dealers across the country, and this is another reason behind the maintenance costs. Buying in any mountain ebike comes with some thought on replacement parts.

ECOTRIC Bison Review front angle

Final Thoughts

When we came across ECOTRIC we were just amazed at how awesome these bad boys look. They have dozens of models and also have folding fat tire ebikes, and we’ve done a full review of these folding ebikes. The emerging electric mountain bike brand, ECOTRIC, has a full range of fat tire e-bikes that have the power and looks that compare to models 3x the cost.

If you are looking for the best Ecotric electric mountain bikes, then the ECOTRIC Bison Ebike is a great option.

This mountain e-bike is worthy of your investment due to its performance, power, rugged good looks, and feature-laden specifications.

For our ECOTRIC Bison Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review, this mountain bike is worth it.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review on Ecotric. I have to say that the ecotric bike looks sick! I really want one just to ride around with my husband. I love the fact that it can cruise in any kind of condition, even sand, now I am impressed. Personally I do not mind paying more for quality as long as thins bike is durable and does not break down on the first day that I bought then I am good. Going to check out your link for the prices. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee. 

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree. After doing many reviews on many different Electric Mountain bike models, I think the ECOTRIC range of e-bikes really gives you the best bang for your buck. Being in the lower end of the price range you get so much for your money.

      I have done reviews on models that are almost ten times as much money. Sure these models have some serious stats and power but for the casual mountain biker who just wants to explore the local trails and hills then the ECOTRIC range of e-bikes is perfect.

      They look awesome, pack a powerful pedal assist punch, and don’t break the bank. What more do you need 🙂

  2. Well as there are so many electric bikes today, a good review to help me chose the right one will help for sure. I never heard before about Bison fat tire electric mb, but after reading this article I find out what I am missing actually. It seems bike with great performance and it is worth considering it while I am choosing my next bike for sure. thank you for this.

    1. Hi Valkira,

      Thanks for your comment. Pleased you enjoyed my Bison Electric Mountain Bike review 🙂

  3. I own a Bison… after much research, purchase decision was based on motor size (1000w)and battery size (17.6AH) for dollar spent. Many ebikes with smaller motors and batteries were hundreds of dollars more. Upon arrival and after minor assembly… It should have been called Bison/Goliath.
    Summary: After 100+ miles…trails/street, it demonstrates excellent engineering (both front and rear suspension systems) with high quality components/parts.
    Best overall review to be given… All my ebike riding friends wish they had bought a Bison.

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