The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag by WildHorn Outfitters Review

King Cove Double Sleeping Bag Review

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For some, camping can be a struggle if you aren’t willing to give up the luxuries of everyday life. One of those luxuries is a good night’s sleep. Have you ever camped in a traditional single sleeping bag? You probably have found yourself struggling against confining zippers, sweltering under a down interior, or freezing once the temperature drops low. If this is the case, the King Cove Double Sleeping Bag could be the solution you are looking for.


This is where a double sleeping bag can come in handy. The best double sleeping bags have durable liners that allow you to choose how cozy you want to be. Better yet, these sleeping bags are designed to be sleeping bags for two, allowing you to sleep with a partner or to give you a bit more legroom.

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The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag by WildHorn Outfitters is one of the best double sleeping bags around, offering a roomy interior as well as a durable outer shell.

If you’re sick of suffering from a poor night’s sleep caused by your existing single or double sleeping bag, read on to learn why the King Cove Double Sleeping Bag might be the right upgrade for you.

The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag – Features and Benefits

This double sleeping bag is one of the largest double sleeping bags around, with dimensions of 86 by 72 inches (yes, just like the dimensions of a California king size bed). You can easily make this sleeping bag 2 x single bags by using the very handy zipper technology incorporated into the King Cove.

(Altogether, as a California king, the double comes to 86″ x 72″; as singles, each bag is 43″ x 72″.)

The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag
The king cove split into 2 singles

Even when used in tandem with both pieces, this double wide sleeping bag offers plenty of open sleeping space for both partners.

The bag has a removable interior liner, making it easy to wash in your washing machine. The liners are breathable and wick moisture, meaning you will be able to get several uses between washings. The internal zippable liner can easily be reused when the bag gets grimy.

This sleeping bag for two can be used at temperatures as low as 30 degrees, making it ideal for winter camping. It is rated based on TruTemp comfort ratings, meaning that sleeping bags are rated to optimal comfort – not survival, as many comparable sleeping bags are.

You will be plenty warm in this sleeping bag, which offers waterproofing abilities and a hood that can be cinched in freezing temperatures. Made out of nylon ripstop, it is incredibly durable and stays in excellent condition no matter what kind of conditions you put it up to. Finally, it has a stylish design with modern graphics and colorful patterns to make it a staple in your go-to camping gear stash.The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag review 6

The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag – How it Stacks Up

This double wide sleeping bag is frequently referred to by customers as being “insanely huge,” and that’s no overstatement! The King Cove is sized to fit a California King, making it a good choice for larger campers or simply for individuals seeking a bit more space to stretch out.

Many customers initially shied away form a sleeping bag this large out of fear that it wouldn’t wash well. However, this bag’s handy interior liner makes it possible to have a large sleeping bag as well as a sleeping bag that doesn’t smell like sweat.


  • Extremely large dimensions make it ideal for more than one sleeper
  • Riptop polyester exterior for added durability
  • Mummy-style hood for extra warmth and comfort
  • Internal zippable liner can be removed to wash in a standard washing machine
  • Can be transformed into two single sleeping bags


  • Bulkier dimensions make it a bit more cumbersome for long treks into the woods

What Customers Say

Customers report out happily on the King Cove Double Sleeping Bag by WIldHorn Outfitters, claiming that it is one of the best two-person sleeping bags you can buy for the money. It is ideal for campers traveling in jumbo-sized tents or those looking to sleep more than two people in a sleeping bag. This includes parents with young children that they cannot leave alone in a separate sleeping area.

The King Cove Double Sleeping Bag – Verdict

While this sleeping bag isn’t the smallest on the market, it offers no apologies as such. It is, according to the manufacturers, “unapologetically huge,” but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. A big, warm, cozy sleeping bag, it will make you feel like you are cuddling with your partner at home instead of the backwoods.

At the same time, it will allow you to enjoy the very best of the outdoors. Consider the King Cove Double Sleeping Bag if you are looking to purchase one of the best (and roomiest!) sleeping bags on the market.

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