The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review Pros And Cons

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review [2022] – Pros and Cons

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This kayak could be the one to make your waterfront dreams a reality. In this Sun Dolphin Aruba Kayak review, updated in 2021, we will go over the pros and cons so you can see if this kayak is right for you.


😊 Gear capacity – You can easily take this kayak on a short paddle when you are staying at a hotel or camp. As it has plenty of room for your gear.
😊 Comfort – The padded thigh and back protectors ensure that you won’t get hurt or experience soreness from the bounce of the waves. You can enjoy your trip out on the water with comfort.
😊 No height issues – The kayak has adjustable foot braces, making it easy to use for people of most heights, short or tall.
😊 Sturdy composition – Built out of rugged Fortiflex, this kayak can take the pressures of the water and other beatings your adventure throws at it.
😊 Extra storage space – You don’t have to worry about keeping your paddles or water bottle in your hands at all times. The kayak has water bottle and paddle holders, so you can stash them and experience nature. Staying hydrated and comfortable while you’re out on the water is important, and this kayak offers you just that.


🤨  Solo product – If you want to enjoy a day out on the water with your partner or a friend, or even a small child, this kayak will not work for you. This is a solo kayak, meaning you will need to purchase another kayak, such as a tandem kayak that has two cockpits or separate seats.
🤨  Weight limit – Although this kayak is designed to be rather roomy for your gear, there’s a recommended weight limit of 250 lbs.

The Bottom Line on the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak

This kayak is easy to carry and easy to use and maneuver. Appealing to both beginners and veterans.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit In Kayak Review Pros And Cons


Is there anything better than adventuring? The best adventures are those that allow you to live life to its fullest, and that give you permission to explore the very best of the sea, the mountains, or even better – both.

There are likely times when all you want to do is paddle against the waves, feeling nothing but the breeze on your face and the sun on your skin. If you don’t have the right equipment for the job, though, this feeling can be a difficult one to achieve. Your adventures may fall flat if you don’t have the right kayak for your needs.



Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak

This kayak is 10 feet long, and is a sit-in kayak that gives you the comfort you need to paddle away for hours. Back pain from too much sitting? Not anymore. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is here to save the day.

We’ll give you more information on the exact specifications of this kayak in a moment, but first here’s an overview of what we think is so fantastic about this kayak:
✔️ Affordable product that is a good value for the money
✔️ Easy to use, especially for beginners
✔️ Exceptional power and speed
✔️ Multiple color options

Where are Sun Dolphin kayaks made?

Sun Dolphin is one of the major watercraft manufacturers, not just in the United States, but in the world. Established in 1982, this company originally began by manufacturing only paddle boats.

With a headquarters in Michigan, the goal of the company is to produce dynamic, yet budget-friendly, kayaks and boats that can be a good choice for anybody in the world – no matter your style or price point.

The company manufactures amazing boats that can be used by single individuals, children, and other people from all walks of life. This inclusive company produces comfortable, reliable kayaks as well as other types of boats such as:

✔️ Fishing Kayaks: Sun Dolphin’s fishing kayaks are great for trying your hand at angling, regardless of whether you are fishing by yourself or with a partner. You can read more in our Top 5 Kayaks Review
✔️ Recreational Kayaks: If you simply want to go out for a spin and soak in the surroundings around you, a recreational kayak will allow you to do just that. Sun Dolphin manufactures multiple products that will allow you to enjoy and appreciate nature.
✔️ Canoes: If a classic canoe trip is what you have in mind, Sun Dolphin has that, too. You can enjoy a nice trip down a gentle stream by rowing one of these majestic creations.
✔️ Fishing Boats: Sun Dolphin Produces multiple lines of fishing boats that can be used by you by yourself or your entire family as a group.
✔️ Paddle Boards: If you like to surf or do water yoga, Sun Dolphin makes elegant paddle boards that will allow you to do just that.
✔️ Pedal Boats: These boats are fantastic for children. Your kids will be safe on these industry-approved and tested boards, but they’ll also be able to have some serious fun out there on the water.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10: Specifications

Ready to learn more about the Sun Dolphin Aruba? This is the company’s line of recreational kayaks, which are best used for peaceful paddling out into nature. You must consider this kayak. Everybody knows that heading out on a trip where there is idyllic scenery and glass-like water – and not having the perfect kayak to enjoy it with! – is an absolute travesty.

The Aruba line comes in two separate models, the Aruba 10 SS and the Aruba 10. In this review, we will examine just the Aruba 10. This product is an affordable kayak that is designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind. You will be able to absorb all the beauty that the environment around you has to offer, without worrying about discomfort or how to use your kayak.

Here are the specifications of the Aruba 10:

  1. Width: This kayak is 30 inches wide.
  2. Length: 10 feet long, this kayak is long enough to give you room but not so long that it’s difficult to maneuver.
  3. Weight: Weighing in at 40 lbs, this kayak is lightweight enough for you to carry with you on any adventure.
  4. Capacity: This kayak can carry up to 250 lbs, making it possible for most people to use this kayak.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review - side and top

Key Features

✔️ Large, easy to access cockpit for quick entry and exit
✔️ Adjustable padded seat for added back comfort
✔️ Large storage compartment on the rear of the kayak
✔️ Carrying holders on rear and front ends of the kayak
✔️ Comes with a water bottle holder
✔️ Two padded thigh guards on either side of the cockpit keep you nice and cozy
✔️ Included paddle holder
✔️ Ideal for paddling on rivers and lakes
✔️ Adjustable foot braces
✔️ Cord deck rigging to keep your water gear secure
✔️ Comprised of stabilized Fortiflex, which is a type of high-density polyethylene

This kayak is a good value for the money, offering reliability and durability. It is easy to handle and built out of high-quality materials. It’s also incredibly comfortable to ride in.

One added bonus that we did not mention? Some friends mentioned taking their pets for a spin, not realizing that it was pet friendly until they tried it. Pets loved this kayak, and not just dogs, but a cat, too! This kayak is also kid-friendly, easy to maneuver by little hands as well as those of adults.

If you are planning a paddling or camping trip to a place with streams or lakes, you should consider bringing the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak. This kayak is made with comfort and maneuverability in mind. Convenient and lightweight to carry, comfortable to sit in, and an affordable choice. This recreational kayak could make your kayaking dreams come true.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit In Kayak Review Pros And Cons

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