The Ultimate Backpacking and Camping PACKING GUIDE | Tips and Essentials and Must Dos!

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The Ultimate Backpacking and Camping PACKING GUIDE | Tips and Essentials and Must Dos! [Full Video Transcription]

Good afternoon and welcome to lock dock art here in beautiful Scotland, We are doing a bit of backpacking, hiking and camping The last few days, and we want to do a packing video, So we are currently in the middle of nowhere. It was a bit of four-hour trek to get out here and we want to show you credibly what we packed for our few days of Backpack hiking camping. So this is my friend dan bell With a youtuber nature. Photographer Yeah, Camera type thing he’s a local hero. So you kind of know a lot of spots and you do quite a bit of camping, yes, sir lock a Kurd, which is Pretty remote spot to come. Camping for the first time in Scotland, but we’re going to kind of go through what Dan packs Well Dan’s gon na go through with Dan pack. I’M gon na go through what Nadine packs to remember that everything that we bring needs to be carried on our backs and Trek tins We’re very selective. Yeah, weight is a big thing. You really want to try and save weight and stuff So, but if you’re packing for the first time, it’s pretty difficult, Yeah, it’s taken quite a few camping trip. Perfect. Quite a few attempts.


So, let’s go through everything, Let’s start with Okay, So this is my backpack. Its currently empty right. Now It is the Osprey aerial 65 litres. Maybe it is 65 litres of stuff will fit in there. So I will show you these. What we’ll both show you these? When they’re packed up after we’ve packed everything back up into them, So you’ll see what they look like both. But the biggest thing is this: one is specifically women fitted Backpack. It is really important actually for females to get a proper fit because male backpacks bless Your guys. Heart is a little bit broader in the shoulders We don’t have as broad of shoulders and our torsos aren’t as long. So this one is really really good. I like it because it’s got lots of venting pretty sturdy straps, And this one is my trekking backpack. I’Ve had for several years now and I’m pretty happy with it. Okay, this is my Rucksack here, which is the Osprey. There are 70, So 70 liter rucksack the thing that I really like about this rucksack is the straps


They’re comfy, I think that’s one of the main things if you’re going hiking for a long time. You really want like yeah comfy straps, because if you get pains and your shoulders to your hips, not It’s not too fun. Usually you can actually get air. The rock sacks fitted for your size, body, type and stuff at that, so that’s learn to bear in mind and So yeah we’ve got a kind of stretchy pocket. If you’re like just shoving in maybe an extra layer, It’s getting warm during the day. Its really good pocket just to shove in random stuff Usually put in my sleeping bag and roll mat in the bottom there. What is really handy for Scotland is. Its got our green cover pocket In the top here.


I need to just Peel this, so it’s quickly as possible. Ok, so now we have our tents and Our whole tent. So this is actually a two-person tent, as you can see, it’s myself and Mathew sharing it, and I will show you how this is All set up, but all that will be carried with us and I’ll usually break it up between myself and that my sleeping pad. My sleeping bag, My let me pillow Yeah, so this one is actually three kilo and is Waterproof. H/H mm I like to know about ranking it, but it’s waterproof and that’s what’s important Great. This is my tent Here. It HEIs one pull, Pray, waterproof and so far I think I’ve used it for about 2 years and it hasn’t leaked yet which is a big bonus, And then this is my weave rule mat here.


So the reason it’s too small is that is good because it’s really late in the winter Welcome To zippers. Here Now we have the entrance and other scents. So typically, I don’t really like keeping my bag Outside of the tent I like inside, but I like to keep my shoes outside, because shoes are gross I Like, but this is jump, choose a ball outside of the tent and then you open it up. You have the inside of the tent, so it will be a bit squishy what we do put the backpacks in there, But I just like keeping all my stuff inside. Thats just my personal preference.

These are our city bags, Mine, as you can see, inflatable pillows, which are awesome. So that’s our pillow that we sleep on and then underneath Very very important. These Mrs. Well thumb rest is actually the brand, but it’s a sleeping pad. So I have one that’s like this, so it’s more stickers Almost looks like an air mattress. You blow that up as well, But these are super essential because Sleeping on rocks and just the cold from the ground that just comes up, It’s not very pleasant. So you definitely want to invest in some good Sleeping pads and make sure you’re comfortable in them and warm sleeping bags. So mine is ready to negative 12 degrees Celsius. I’M never gon na go camping at negative 12, but I really like a warm sleeping bag, So making sure you pick out a good warm sleeping bag is super important.


This is my crib, My mo a mini tent, it’s pretty late, It’s only about one and a half kilograms, So it means that you’re not really having So separate from where you sleep. You’Ve got all this space for your rucksack. So if the grounds wet, sometimes what I do is actually put my waterproof rain cover Under my rucksack, and that means that your rucksack doesn’t get wet So inside My beautiful we tent. So this is the kind of living area. Again, We’ve got my therm-a-rest sleeping mat and then there I’ve also got my Sleeping bag, which is a winter sleeping bag. If it’s cooler than I usually sometimes we’re a fleece, but it just depends How warm it is during the night. I think it’s related to about minus ten And the other thing about this sleeping bag is there’s no feathers in it, So I’m allergic to feathers. So you can actually get synthetic sleeping bags, Which means that I don’t have an asthma attack in the night. But it’s still warm


So this is my Clothes bag, which has got all my kind of like fleeces and thermals in it, which I also just use as a pillow. So I just kind of stuff it with clothes, extra clothes and then just use that as a telephone company off great. This is our lovely kitchen for our trip, which is basically just the rock That’s a really multi-purpose or a pretty solid kitchen. It’S a pretty solid kitchen and a so. This is our stove. We’Ve got our we many stove here, There’s usually two different types of stoves. There’re screw onto the gas and then there’s ones are separate and there are like a wee tripod light here. I Find that these are we more stable in case That falls off a gas. It’S not too fun. So all this kind of packs up into a wee mini bag, which is quite handy if you’re wantin to can it pack light. So this is our main cooking pot, So usually we’re just boiling water and then maybe pouring it into our coffee cups and it’s always important to have a lid so that your water boils a lot quicker and it’s not just kind of like You can waste a Lot of gas


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Yeah, the other thing that’s important to remember is a lighter, So before a trip, it’s usually a good shirt, just to make sure your lights are still working, Because if it’s not, then all of this is kind of useless, Really awful Good experience. I mean if it’s bad enough, so this is kind of my multi-purpose Everything. A tensile has a little carabiner there that could fun to you. Then You have your fork spoon knife, Mm-hmm, pretty solid! This is mine. This Is actually specifically designed camping food spoons Super long Yeah. These are Silicone, usually just use it for coffee or For soups. For just literally anything I don’t have a plate. This is mine. I found in my kitchen before the trip I Pretty much does everything that does, but it’s just a cheaper. Would you know the bowl Yeah, So one of the things that I like to eat breakfast and that’s my essential go to Camry breakfast food are oatmeal Or porridge? Is you want like that? Warm Yeah food


Its easier for your body to process it. If it’s warm, it gives you much more energy than just having like stuff. That’S gon na dry, cold, Yeah, and if it’s like rainy or not really, nice and mornings are just generally cool. So I love porridge in the morning, but breakfast I usually just na make it up so much in a number one essential is Gary Baldy biscuits, which are essentially just crackers with raisins through them, So I usually bring maybe three packets of these. For some reason I just really like them and then I also maybe bring like some sandwiches. I’Ve made up before the trip, But you just have to be careful because after a couple days, especially if it’s warm it’s sandwiches tend to go off, Which is what happened. Nice


So, like you’re at your lunches, sandwiches anything else that you typically eat for lunch and Just basically for it. So the thing about packing fruit is that you want to make sure that when it’s in a bag and it’s getting compressed, It’s not gon na can it go all over the place. So bananas are not very good. Yeah, bananas are an order. I’Ve learned that the hard way dried fruit, as well as pretty good, actually comes in a packet. It’S fairly light Trail mix, But Nuts dried fruit. Thats how you make up your trail mix. Some people put chocolate. I don’t tend to put the chocolate in because, if it’s hot, It’s gon na melt all over it, those nuts and they drive through the other thing that I for lunch, is maybe just like brunch bars, which are just kinda like breakfast bars, take thing and then Also, just chocolate white chocolate, you Can do yes, The biggest thing for lunches. If you want it to be? You don’t want to cook now when it comes to dinner. What is our number one Camping, packets? These things are brilliant, as Madinah not find it. Joys of camping food – Oh I mean camping food – is like you just you want a warm dinner, Like that’s the biggest thing with camping. If you want that warm dinner,


You’re kind of like after a long day’s Yeah like burning calories, doing activity Yeah. Yes, so these things are really light. They packed in really Well Yeah they’re dehydrated. How do they last for ages So, like? I think the expiry date on this is maybe like? Yes, So 2020, so like two years from now, this expires. The only thing is they don’t really taste amazing, It’s essentially just a dehydrated meal. Yeah. All you need to do is put boiling water from your pot Yeah into literally into the package itself. Stir it about. Let it sit for a few minutes Boom Yeah, you don’t need to dirty 80 plates or bowls. You just eat it out of that Yeah there’s like some that work better than others.


So, like pastas work, pretty well rice Curries, they usually are okay, Yeah things that don’t work are like all-day breakfast. In a packet, I’ve heard they’re pretty Disgusting. You might want to try a few out. Theres a hit-or-miss, like there’s a lot of different. Another thing is, that are not just the package: 80 kind of dehydrated food, So dehydrated soup, It’s another one that I’ve made before in the past noodles You hydrated like those like they call them sidekicks at home, but like this dehydrated Sides and if you’re going on Three days you pack threes for dinners if you’re on a seven-day hike pack, seven dinners And then, if you want to pack any like treats like sometimes pack like for Yoos or like some sort of like Yeah, like a treat like it’s nice to have like one. Like a sugary dessert, like great


So, another essential That discovered are freezer bags which basically work in a lot of situations, so the first example would be For a bin bag. Yes, these things work great and you just kind of tied him up when they’re filthy. Yes, because the joys of camping in the wilderness, Responsible camping means that you trek all of your garbage out. This is important. I need all of your garbage all of your food scraps, all of your wrappers and all of your Toilet paper. Take it away, You take it away. Another way that you can use these freezer bags is actually to create your very own, waterproof shoes. So if your shoes get totally soaked you’d run into the river run into the lock, Then one thing that you can do is put on a dry pair of socks and then over the top one of these freezer bags and Then put your shoe on and that Just protects you from your socks getting wet k-dubb, Although your feet do usually tend to get quite sweaty, But you know next we’re gon na do our clothes and what we wear so first off Yeah make sure there’s no blusters. Blusters are the worse. You get like a new pair of boots, Just make sure that you’ve gone, throw a walking on and there’s no blusters


This is one of the things that I forgot on. This trip is Sandals, so I like to sew hiking shoes will be the only shoes that I bring, but I also like a pair of like other Flip-flops or sandals that I can put on After. Like a long day here, just kind of like wear them around camp Yeah, if you’re jumping out your tent quickly to go to the loo or, if you’re just gon na go for, we destroy, you do want to have to Put on your socks putting your boots. So that’s a nice thing, but that’s essentially all Footwear, hats, Hats, pretty important, keeps helps with ticks, keeping ticks away.


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That is from your head: Perky, milk and the Sun, so I have two pairs of hiking socks and that’s it Just to kind of rotate to keep it. Nice and fresh Gon and feet aren’t really gon na are fresh ever So. These are like waterproof, hiking pants. Waterproof jackets, My puffy jacket, which is my warm jacket, because this is a shell. This is so important. I’Ve learnt the hard way. How important is one of these are Good, insulator, good insulator, Like it’s just a warm jacket. This isn’t waterproof, though. Thats why I have the shell doesn’t matter How warm it is during the day it will 95 % of the time get way colder in the night during the night and in the morning Or if it rains. So I like to make sure I have lots of warm stuff with me, So I stay basic warmth. I hate being cold. Buff Buffs is awesome. Wear that around your neck. Wear that on your head, Pretty essential, hiking shirts, which are vice waterproof, quick drying. Then we have t-shirts So essentially bring a t-shirt for every day that I’m hiking Underwear don’t see that hiking sports bra casual comfort, a bra and then I’m wearing my slightly more Bra Everyday bra. This is really really important. A good pair of thermal


I agree: Merino wool thermals, And so that’s my long shirt thermal and I’m wearing my thermal Leggings, and that is essentially all the clothes that I will bring Or my trip so and this is actually a compression sack. So this will compress a bit more, And all of these this will compress really small First thing I bring in terms of clothes is a good waterproof jacket. If you go into a store, they’ll usually tell you like how to waterproof a jacket is So like some jackets are only really made for, like light rain, some jackets are made for, like total downpour Scottish weather, so it’s important that your jacket can stays dry. Another thing to watch out for with your jackets is that you have a Velcro strap around your wrist just means that the wind doesn’t catch in to your body and you get really cold. Second, item is: What’s proof trousers Really important for Scotland usually, but luckily, Nadine and Matt have been really lucky and have caught the Sun. These are actually also a really good wind, stopper.


So it’s a doc, you get a wee bit chilly from like if there’re gusts and things, And in this summer I usually bring one really warm layer. So here I’ve got like a really can a warm fleece, and I think this is also like a wind stopper. So if it gets cold at night or You’ve jumped in the water, You could just fire this on and Give you a bit of a warmth boost for socks. I usually bring a lot of socks. I usually find that my feet get wet jump in the river jumping a lot. You go through a bog, especially in Scotland And then so yeah bring in a couple. Extra pairs of socks really helps hiking socks as well. They usually help to make sure your feet are insulated and stuff Yeah and also if your boots are quite rigid, it means the M Padded socks give your feet a wee bit of protection for blisters and things

Yeah, The other thing is, I bring a couple of thermals, so thermal leggings and Thermal talk and these types of things Dry or quicker than cotton And again, especially in school. If it’s raining all the time, then usually your stuff gets wet at some point and I usually maybe bring like a t-shirt. A running white t-shirt, two t-shirts, So yeah, maybe like a running top, which is like really light and a cute insulator. So if you get sweaty from hiking, then this is quite good and can it wait Wiki yeah, yeah, so a running talks quite good for Wiccans to wear away From your 40. I love it.


How like you’re, like oh yeah, just one shirt, a running top and I’m like I’m like shirts for every day’s and two great stocks and you’re like multiple socks. So you don’t like stinky feet. I don’t like stinky body So to eat your own. As you can see, there are multiple ways to do that. Really warm buff yeah really good, Just making sure that there’s no gaps and your clothing with the wind can get in And then also I’ve got. My ten over robbers hat that I found in Iceland


Its like a real hat Yeah like babies. Daxter look, you know yes, So I usually just bring a light pair of gloves just in case. So if you’re going, if you’re going to any altitude as well, Then it usually gets colder. The higher you go So gloves. Do come in handy now, all the little knickknacks Accessories and other things that are pretty important phone, even though we have no signal out here So, but when you do get signal, it’s pretty important And then I have the phone. This is my charger cable. For my phone and Power pack, This is a crazy power package. Twenty thousand milliamps Does seven phone charges again, not using my phone when we’re out here, but when we return to civilization, it’s important There’s some networks that are back to than others. But if your remote like here, you usually don’t get a signal, know so it’s hit or miss, but phones, important. This is a lot of sunscreen, but it’s sunscreen Me and Matt are sharing Its wilderness wipes. Oh, my gosh. This is amazing. These are there essentially baby wipes for your body, Because I don’t like to shower in this cold water.


Its not really my thing, Then we have this. This is an amazing little light torch. It charges via USB. So again I can charge it via my power pack and it is a flashlight. So it’s a very strong flashlight, but because it’s light, Oh you don’t really see It’s a flashlight. It also does a lantern and then slightly dimmer lantern. Then we have our bathroom set up, which is some tissue paper and hon Jill and sanitizer pleasure, Washroom essentials and again, like I said you pack, all your toys a throughout these are Water, purifying tablets, so you can put these in water. Let it sit for about an hour and then it’s good to drink, Although most of the water I drink is actually through my life straw bottle. So this has a straw that filters out, like all the bacteria Dirt, so you can just put it in a stream or lake my toiletries. This is actually quite a bit of toiletries.


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If I was just doing a camping trip, I wouldn’t pack this much deodorant Dry shampoo, ladies, so essential, fresh shampoo. We just have like Toothbrush toothpaste, couple eyedrops, some lipgloss, That’s pretty important, glasses, very straightforward. I’M asked because it gets late at 4 a.m And it doesn’t get light and doesn’t get dark until like 12:30 Yeah. This is a first aid. Kit is a fully stocked first, it can. I actually did a video all about this. I will leave a link down below if you want to see what I packed in my first aid kit, but a very important. This is the cover for my bag. So, like your bag, you can attach Yeah whatever I had it separately. So it’s just a waterproof rain cover Yeah Little umbrella, so that’ll just be. If I’m around camp


I don’t hike with an umbrella, It’s mainly for cameras or from around camp, and I don’t want This is just women swimming trunks, my bathing suit and a little waterproof bag. This is a little compact. Russian here passports Make up a little pared down makeup kits. I won’t go through all this, but is essentially just a few little makeup. Okay, so this is my Selection of stuff that I usually bring with me. First item is a power bank I kind of prefer. If you have this kind of many wires, You don’t have massive wires going all over the place and they can kind of sometimes break, and it just means that it’s quite compact and also see when it’s actually Cold. Your phone runs a battery. A lot quicker like the battery will just die So sometimes I’ll actually just leave my phone plugged in if I need to use it for the time Or my alarm clock or sometimes I’ll save some maps on my phone. So it’s just handy to have on you. If you get a train back on a certain day like today, We’re catching a train at 7


Its always just handy to have all those details on your phone, So you know where you’re going. Second thing is an EpiPen. I’Ve never actually used one of these by I’m allergic to not so I just bring it with me just in case Many first aid kit, with maybe a few plasters. Some antiseptic wipes Scissors tweezers for ticks, which we have used this trip, because there’s quite a few ticks cut about here Again, I’ve got my air toiletries pack Yeah the bathroom kit, and then I’ve also just got my toothbrush, Toothpaste and I’ll. Just put that in like a freezer bag,


So it doesn’t kind of jump about your bag. I’Ve got asthma, so I bring inhaler, I’m going in a long hike and sometimes it’s good just to make sure I’ve got my inhaler. Another thing that’s quite handy to do is to print out Printer a map of where you’re going So in the circumstance that your phone dies, your phone crashes You’ve got a physical map of where you’re going just in case you get lost, especially if you’re going To a new area,


Its just important to know where that you are In the UK. We’Ve got OS Maps, which is the most detailed map, So it will have the Contour lines of the mountains. Dothe n’t have the rivers, It will show you the past or where you need to go. The thing about Google Maps is, it doesn’t actually tell you the walking routes in Scotland. So that’s why OS Maps comes in handy also have a head torch, which is really handy for night Kids, if you’ve got a normal torch. These are great, But it means that you only have one hand to maybe set up a tent or make food. So if you’re in the dark Head torch is good because it means that you have both hands for a dance and a boat. Also, I’ve got our notebook. Just writing random notes. Maybe if I want to plan the next day, then oh really plan my notebook Also just bring a book with me for my 10. If I’m gon na board


I’Ve got a few hours to chill out Always handy next thing I usually bring is a pair of headphones. I want to listen to music or the other thing is that if it gets really windy at night and You’re having difficulty sleeping because of the air because of the wind or like two nights ago, There was just tons of birds here having a big chat And It was can really load their headphones, can kind of help just to block out that sound and then from water. I’Ll usually bring one of these water bladders, which goes in your rucksack, and the advantage of these things is that it’s got a tube which then fits into your Rucksack strap. So you don’t actually need to drop your rucksack to bring it your water bottle. You can just kind of sip your water, as you go just saves a bit of time when you’re hiking and Then also I’ll bring our backup bottle of water.


So, usually, for about five-day trip I’ll make have a boat 5 litres of water, but then also in a place like this, where the water’s pretty pure, You can boil water as you go as well, And that means that it kills. The bacteria in the water kills the germs and Use that for like coffee or cabinet, Thanks Yeah so like. If you ran out of water, you don’t yeah, I purifiers, and the water filters are also really handy just to make sure that your Towels, but these is on these – are quick drying. The microfiber towels that you use for, like you, want a shower. If you’re going for a swim, yeah Or you can use a fleece, So we’re gon na now pack everything up into our bag and we’ll show you what it looks like All right. So, as you can see, our bags are all packed up. Everything that you saw a light on the ground is now in our bags, The tent that cuz Matt actually has that I just take the poles. Thank you, Dan for joining this video and giving your insight. Don’T forget to go check out his channel and go subscribe to him for more to nature, camping videos links down below If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments if you’ve done any backpack Yeah. I can camp before and where that was Yeah. If you enjoyed it, Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you enjoy this video and you want to see more travel advice and adventures, Shall we head back to camp or head back to civilization Yeah? We should probably catch the train.


Yeah, we probably should go catch, We’re running out of food, so we should probably go

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