Top 10 Tips For Camping With Kids To Save Your Sanity

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Are you an all season hardcore camper or strictly a summer family fun-times camper? Regardless of what time of year you go camping, if you are camping with kids then its a whole different ball game, especially in this technological era, you are going to have to compete with the kid’s tech to keep them entertained all weekend.

This point brings us straight to camping with kids tip number one.

Ten Important Tips When Camping With Kids

1: Camping With Kids – Ditch the tech.

Camping is all about the outdoors family bonding experience. Real lasting memories are not formed with all the family around the campfire with their heads buried into their iPhone’s. Of course, you can have an emergency phone or two, but keep them in the car.

The kids might kick off a bit about this but I guarantee you that an hour later as you are exploring the campsite, setting up the tent etc, an iPhone will be the farthest thing from their mind. Kids are all about fun, so stay one step ahead and have a whole list of activities planned for your trip.Camping with Kids Infographic

2: Camping With Kids – Do Your research:

  • Choose a family-friendly campsite
  • Check online what facilities they have and is there plenty to do for kids
  • Plan out fun activities (again, ditching all tech)
  • Are there cool places to visit nearby? Family-friendly hikes etc?
  • Examine your camping equipment. Do you need replacements? is it all in tip-top condition?

3: Camping With Kids – Your sanity.

We as parents are there for a bit of fun too right? Whatever your vice make sure you have plenty of it. Like wine? then take enough to last. Nothing quite like getting kids down for the night after an energetic day then the wife and I cracking open a bottle of vino and enjoying it huddled around the campfire. These are my moments of true bliss and I cherish every one of them.

4: Camping With Kids – It’s a dirty job.

Are you a clean freak at home? Leave your OCD tendencies at home. Nature is DIRTY, let the kids run free and get as dirty as they want, wet wipes will do for now. You can steam clean the kids once you get back home.

5: Camping With Kids – Indulge:

Sleeping on a hard floor, running after and entertaining kids all day, suffering the odd tantrum here and there can raise the stress levels to epic proportions at times. Do not scrimp on your little indulgences like good food, treat your self, bring steaks over canned foods or cheap burgers. Bring a few nice bottles of wine, bring nice wine glasses and really treat yourself.

De-stressing in the evening and having some “me” time translates to a better more relaxed which in turn means a better time for the kids as you will be fully revamped and ready for day two or three.

6: Camping With Kids – Practicalities:

It would be awesome if every time we went camping with the kids we could guarantee good weather but unfortunately that’s an impossibility. Always pack with bad weather in mind, even in mid-summer. Pack waterproofs and be prepared for rainy weather.
Read our camping essentials post here.

7: Camping With Kids – Taking very young kids?

If you are taking kids who are not toilet trained yet then use your car as a changing station for simply changing their clothes. Put down a plastic sheet first in your boot or back seat and cover with a towel. Bin nappies and bag and store away towels after each change. This assures you are keeping your kids free from insects and also not spreading any germs in the process. Spray boot with nontoxic germ spray after every change.

8: Camping With Kids – It gets cold at night:

Make sure you all have time of year appropriate sleeping bags with you. It can get damn cold at night even in the middle of summer. Take plenty extra thin blankets with you too so you can layer up if it gets too cold. Nothing worse than not getting a night of sleep when camping due to being too cold. Nice and cozy = a goods night rest and makes for a happy family in the morning!

9: Camping With Kids – Let the kids help:

Kids LOVE to feel important. When you arrive at your campsite give the kids jobs to do, tell them how important their job is and just watch how involved they get.. Its soo cute ) Simple things such as fetching the sleeping bags from the car or testing the tension on the tent guy ropes will give them a sense of purpose and make them feel super important.

10: Camping With Kids – Have Fun:

Creating family memories you can all recall 20 years from now is what it’s all about. Bringing up kids during these times is hard. Getting away from it all even for a couple days at a time can have such a good impact on young impressionable minds.

Make these weekends fun for you all, plan and prepare beforehand and just go and have fun. Forget about your job, your debts your horrible boss for a few days and put your heart and soul into being there for your kids. There is nothing comes close (in our opinion) to building strong lasting family bonds than going camping with the kids as much as possible.

If it’s your kids first camping trip remember to take plenty of pics for the family photo album. Awesome pics to bring out for their 18th birthday party to embarrass them with -)

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