How To Store Camping Chairs

How To Store Camping Chairs – 12 Best Ways

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You can store camping chairs in unused areas of your home. They can also be stored in the garage. Camping chairs don’t get frequent use. While most of them are foldable, storing them can be an issue.

This is why finding the right camping chair storage solution is a must to keep these chairs in good condition and to have them out of your way. Here are the most popular ways on how to store camping chairs.

How To Store Camping Chairs

How To Store Camping Chairs

1. Hang camping chairs on the wall

You can get a neat wall storage for your garage or storage area. This will save precious floor space for all the other outdoor things that cannot be hung up on the wall.

Camping chairs are lightweight. Their weight is mostly the frame’s weight. This is why you can hang these chairs off the wall easily. One of the best ways to store camping gear is to hang it on the wall and to avoid it taking space on the floor in your garage or your home. A simple nail in the wail can solve a complicated storage problem.

2. Hanging from the garage ceiling or storage room ceiling

The ceiling of the garage is a place that’s often overlooked for storage. This space can generally be repurposed for easy storage. As one of the top places to store bulky camping goods, the ceiling beside the car is where you can store most of your camping gear, including camping chairs.

This space can also be repurposed using DIY wood planks or other metal alternatives to create a lower ceiling that holds all camping chairs. This can be a DIY process as it doesn’t require much to put into practice. Accessing this space may require a ladder to easily get the chairs down whenever you go camping.

3. Buy a small shed

Small sheds are affordable and efficient as quick storage solutions. You can buy a small shed for the backyard where you can store most of your camping gear such as folding chairs, the tent, or camping stoves.

Small sheds also need a basic foundation as most come without a floor. You can lay pebble as a foundation or even consider a cement foundation for added durability. The benefit of using a dedicated shed is you gain storage space without stacking all of your camping chairs in the garage.

4. Consider crawl space around your home

Crawl space often goes unused. The space under the deck or the stairs of your basement is ideal for storage. These are spaces that typically don’t fit other types of products but they work well for camping gear.

One of the first concerns is to ensure these spaces are dry. Mold is the biggest camping chair enemy when in storage. All crawl spaces should be dry without direct exposure to rain or high humidity which favors mold growth.

5. Storage bins

Large bins are ideal for clearing all camping chairs and small camping gear or accessories. These bins can then be stored in the basement or the garage. The benefit of using bins is they close off the chairs which means there are no dust build-up issues on the chairs.

Whenever you go camping you can count on a camping chair that is clean and dust-free. Almost no other storage option seals off the chairs as well when it comes to dust.

6. Organize them in the closet

The closet can also work as a storage space for camping chairs. Closets are dedicated storage spaces. Most people use them for clothes and shoes. However, these spaces are also ideal for camping gear storage. Not all camping gear is easy to store in the close.

Folding camping gear such as camping chairs and camping cots are easily stored here. Folded chairs can be stacked on top of each other to save space further. Folding chairs can also be stored vertically, especially in small closets.

7. Stack them behind a washer

The washing machine is normally found in basements, the laundry room, or even in the garage. The space behind the washing machine is normally occupied by the power cord or the water pipe of the washer.

But there’s always at least one free side you can use to store folded chairs whenever the washing machine sits in a corner. You can store it to the left or the right side of the washing machine easily. Up to a couple of camping chairs can easily be stored behind the washing machine vertically when folded.

8. Using under the bed storage

You don’t always want dusty items in your bedroom, but you can still store them if space requires. Just put them sealed neatly in an underbed storage bag. Get one with clear windows on the bag to help you identify what’s in them as soon as you slide them out from under the bed. Then, you can take the container outside to unpack, without having to get outdoor dust inside the bedroom.

Queen size bed frames often come with sufficient storage space. Storing camping chairs under the main bed might not be a permanent solution, unless you use an underbed storage container.

9. In the attic

The attic is one of the main storage spots of a home. You can bring camping chairs up to the attic as they’re lightweight. An attic is normally a place that attracts dust. This is why you should cover up the camping chairs either in a storage bin or in plastic bags to keep them in great condition. I recommend clear containers so that you can see where the camping chairs are while packing for a trip.

10. In the basement

The basement is one of the ideal storage spaces as it’s out of sight. You can store camping chairs in the basement as long as there are no humidity issues in the space. Humid dusty basements favor mold formation and they can impregnate a bad smell in your camping chairs. This is why not all basements are suitable for storage camping chairs.

11. Chair wall organizer

Camping and outdoor chair wall storage comprises simple hooks that work as an organizer. You can buy these organizers online and install them in the garage, in the basement, or in the attic. These organizers are specifically designed for folding camping chairs and outdoor chairs as they’re stored horizontally. You can typically store anywhere between 4 or more camping chairs on camping chair wall organizers.

12. Outdoors

You can also store some camping chairs outdoors. You can store them in an outdoor storage box. You could also use a camping chair wall organizer can be hung on the outer wall of your home or your garage when you lack storage space. This might be a temporary solution but it can turn into a permanent storage option. The main requirement is for the outer wall to be sheltered from the rain as water can damage camping chairs and even make them rust.

Final words

Storing camping chairs around the house is a matter of space. Not all homes have sufficient storage space for everyday items. But camping is one of those activities which comes with plenty of camping gear. Camping chairs are a must when it comes to camping comfort but they can be troublesome to store when not in use.

The basement and the attic are ideal places to quickly put camping chairs away. The main problem is that these spaces are typically already used for storing other goods. This is why you might need to get creative with camping chairs.

The garage ceiling is one of the places which can be repurposed for storage. Large bins can also work if you have storage space in the garage. But storing camping chairs on the wall is one of the simplest strategies as most people can find a free wall to hang these chairs either in the basement or in the garage. Camping chair wall organizers are ideal if you want to hang more than one chair off the wall.

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