Best Hanging Shelves For Pop Up Campers

8 Best Hanging Shelves For Pop Up Campers

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Camper storage space is easier to organize with the best hanging shelves for pop up campers. These shelves are often made with a pop-up design themselves which means they are easy to install. Limited in storage space, pop-up campers can be improved in essential storage and for freeing up more living space.

Pop-up campers are lightweight and smaller than regular campers. They often come with limited storage space. Installing hard shelves isn’t an affordable solution for most campers. But hanging shelves can be ideal for just about any pop-up camper.

Best Hanging Shelves For Pop Up Campers

Best Hanging Shelves for Pop Up Campers – Our Top 5 Picks

1. NestTidy Hanging Organizer – Best for all pop-up campers
2. Granny Says 3-Shelf Hanging Organizer – Best small hanging shelves
3. Smirly Hanging Closer Organizer – Best for families
4. Exsun 2-Piece Hanging Closet Organizer – Best versatility
5. Homyfort 5-Pocket Hanging Shelves – Best for spices

8 Best Hanging Shelves for Pop Up Campers

Hanging shelves for pop-up campers can be chosen from standard over-the-door hanging organizers as these are the easiest to hang.

1. NestTidy Hanging Organizer

Made with 4 large pockets (5.5 x 14.7 inches each) this hanging organizer is ideal for pop-up campers. These campers often have a few places where these can be hanged from. This includes walls, ceilings, and other holding brackets.

Made with see-through materials, these pockets of the organizer look more like shelves as you can see what’s inside each of the 4 large storage areas. Additional smaller see-through pockets are also installed on the organizer.

Adjustable metal hooks are used to hang these shelves. They adjust to either the camper’s door, windows, or to any horizontal bars. Alternatively, they can be hung straight from the ceiling.

2. Granny Says 3-Shelf Hanging Organizer

With a height of just 12 inches, this 3-shelves hanging organizer is ideal for just about any pop-up camper. Since storage is an issue in small campers, its compact size is ideal for personal belongings such as phones, wallets, and even clothes.

2 metal hooks ship with the compact organizer. These can be hung by the ceiling or on the outer sides of the pop-up camper.
These hanging shelves for pop-up campers are ideal for small objects. They also work when hanged from a ceiling or the extended edges of the pop-up camper. These aren’t hanging shelves for the walls of the camper.

3. Smirly Hanging Closer Organizer

These hanging shelves are ideal for clothes. If your pop-up camper doesn’t have the best storage area for clothes it can be a temporary solution to keep all of your camping and casual clothes organized. Getting clothes out of a camping bag is not ideal.

There are 6 shelves on this organizer. These come with pop-up drawers which help store smaller items such as socks and underwear. But one of the most interesting parts about these hanging shelves is the hanging system itself.

Unlike other hanging shelves, Smirly’s hanging organizer uses a Velcro soft attachment. This makes it ideal for campers with kids since there are no hard objects for the little ones to get hurt in.

The Velcro strap seems not as supportive as the alternative metal hooks. But the organizer is tested for up to 30lbs. Ideal for clothes and other lightweight accessories, it provides the organized storage space needed when out camping with the family.

4. Exsun 2-Piece Hanging Closet Organizer

This hanging organizer is a 2-in-1 system that can be used as needed, according to the inner space of a pop-up camper. The organizer can be used in one 1-part only for limited space and with both of its main pieces when you need to store more objects such as accessories, phones, and cooking utensils.

The bottom part attaches to the top part of the organizer. Users can remove the bottom part without taking down the top part of the organizer. Such versatility is truly representative of the space-maximizing design of pop-up campers themselves.

Made from 300D Oxford cloth, the hanging shelves for campers are ideal for breathability. These pop-up shelves can even be washed after every camping trip. Ideal for stopping bacteria build-up and scent build-up inside the camper, the organizer is among the lightweight solutions to consider on a budget.

5. Homyfort 5-Pocket Hanging Shelves

Full see-through hanging shelves for pop-up campers are ideal for clothes, food, and even spices. This Homyfort design is made with see-through front panels and 5 shelves or pockets that help campers stay organized and keep everything off the floor and the bed.

It’s also one of the tallest hanging shelves in its class. With a height of over 120 inches, it represents an ideal design for campers.
Unlike sagging pop-up shelves for campers, this Homyfort design is specifically made with boards to keep its shape. It holds socks, clothes, snacks, glasses, phones, toiletry, and other similar products helping you stay organized inside the camper.

6. X-Cosrack Metal Wire Hanging Shelves

Basket shelves are ideal for clothes as they provide the best breathability. X-Cosrack metal wire shelves are ideal for hanging in a camper when out camping in the winter when clothes need to be dried quickly. It’s also a system that doesn’t sag keeping clothes in perfect shape.

This is also one of the few hanging shelves that can be used outdoors. Hanged from the camper, it can be the solution for shoe storage which allows campers to keep their shoes off the ground but out of the camper, especially during hot summer nights.

7. Simple Houseware Wall Mount Shelves

One shelf with multiple pockets is ideal for the pop-up camper’s small kitchen. This simple houseware shelf design is practical to hang from the camper’s sink. It can keep all washing-up products such as washing detergent and sponges organized.

Otherwise, it can be one of the most compact pop-up shelves for pop-up campers. As it only measures 8.27in X 14.86 inches, it’s a compact shelf to consider for small items.

8. BTY Shelf Basket Organizer

Metal hanging shelves for pop-up campers are rare. These basket-style shelves are just the right size to be hung either from the door or outside on the outer edges of the pop-up camper.

Weighing just 3.4lbs, the organizer can be hung from the door. Most other heavy-duty metal organizers are too heavy to hang on the camper’s doors. Alternatively, they can be used to store cooking and barbecuing utensils when hung on the outer walls of the pop-up camper.


The NestTidy Hanging Organizer is the ideal choice for most pop-up campers. It features the most storage space and a good mix between shelve storage, pocket storage, and small pocket storage for accessories and small items such as keys and smartphones.

Its hanging system is also proven for just about any pop-up camper. It can be hung off a wall and not just off the ceiling, which also makes it the most versatile design for pop-up camp storage. Made with soft fabrics, it’s also a quiet storage system. This can be one of its hidden benefits as metal hanging shelves tend to rattle and make noise whenever the pop-up camper moves or when the door is hanged-off closes.

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