Rambo R750 26 Electric Hunting Mountain Bike Review
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Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike Review

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In this Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike Review, we will explore this incredible bike designed specifically for Hunters.

The Rambo R750 26 is a true beast and makes light work of any offroad trail you can throw at it. Whisper quiet and powerful enough to pull a trailer loaded with gear.

If Hunting is your thing,  this bike will give you a whole new level of perspective. You will be able to cover vast areas and reach places faster and quieter than ever.

Rambo R750 26 Electric Hunting Mountain Bike Review

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Review of the Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the R750 mountain bike.


• Excellent range – this bike can travel for 19 miles on a single charge.

• Superb battery – an LG battery powers this mountain bike.

• Powerful – the 750w Bafang mid-drive motor is the best in its range.

• Comfort – this bike has 770mm wide handlebars with ergonomic grips.

• Vast load capacity – this bicycle can carry up to 300 lbs. in the harshest conditions.


• Heaviness – at 63 lbs., the R750 is heavier than typical mountain bikes.

• Expensiveness – not for everyone’s budget (but a great deal all the same)

• Lack of springs – the seat posts do not have springs.

• No suspension seat post – the rider has to stand on the pedals sometimes to avoid hurting their back.

Rambo R750 26 Electric Hunting Mountain Bike Review

The Ideal User for the Rambo R750 Mountain Bike

This beast is useful to mountain bikers, riders who love cross-country trails, and wildlife photographers. However, its features, such as stealth and huge load capacity, are ideal for hunting trips.

So let’s get going with the review. I will cover all the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike, so you can see if this bike is suitable for your needs.


Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike Review

The Rambo R750 is an electric mountain bike designed for use in the most challenging conditions. Its most impressive features include a powerful 750W mid-drive motor with a sealed drivetrain, a bike frame with anti-puncture fat tires, and two-piston hydraulic brakes. These make it the ideal companion for off-road riding.

Been designed with Hunters in mind

Rambo Bike Range Is Used In Many Outdoor Activities

Recreational bikers
Backcountry tours
Backcountry camping
Extreme mountain biking

Basically, if the excursion involves anything steep and offroad the Rambo R750 can do the job.


• Bafang (750W BBS02 motor High Torque

• Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061

• Weight: 63 lbs.

• Battery: LG 48V 10.4aH

• Tires: 26” Kenda Krusade Anti-puncture

• Handlebars: PROMAX 770mm

• Load Capacity: 300 lbs.

• Range: 19 miles (without pedaling)

What We Like About the Rambo R750 26 Hunting Electric Bike

If you want a reliable and robust bike that can handle all terrains while carrying heavy loads, this is a perfect choice.

Here are the top reasons to purchase the Rambo R750 C26 electric mountain bike.

Excellent Range

Without pedaling, the R750 can carry you for 19 miles. You can increase the range by activating pedal assist mode. It has a premium 10.4aH battery that allows it to support heavy loads in unfavorable conditions.

Thanks to its excellent range, this bike allows you to travel long distances or ride on off-road trails without breaking a sweat.

It also allows you to monitor vast areas of land without losing, making this machine ideal for hunting, herding, hiking, and outdoor photography.

Powerful Drivetrain

Unlike previous models that used a down-hanging derailleur to switch gears, the R750 uses the Sturney Archer 3 speed hub as its internal gearing system.

This adjustment was made to increase the bicycle’s durability, stability, and its torque handling abilities.

Regarding the chainrings, this bike has a 32-tooth front chainring with a metallic guard on one side. While the guard can protect you from dust, it is not overly effective.

The R750’s front has rigid rustproof aluminum 26” tires without compression. Theses anti-puncture fat tires provide a cushion effect when riding, such that you do not bang about when biking on uneven terrains.

The crown’s fork has a few attachment points for fenders. The bike’s underside has bottle cage bosses that make room for the fenders and protect the tires from rainwater, mud, rock, and sand splashes.

Rambo R750 26 Electric Hunting Mountain Bike Review

Sturdiness and Quietness

When you own the Rambo R750, you do not have to worry about the trail.

Its Bafang mid-drive motor makes the bicycle steady such that it travels through wet, muddy, and sandy surfaces with unrivalled ease.

Despite having immense power, this bike is incredibly quiet. This is useful to hunters since you know that it will not scare the game away.

Instead of having the obsolete and nosy derailleur, it has a three-speed internal gearing system that works silently.

Excellent Electrical System

When you press this bicycle’s remote grip attachment system, the LCD screen displays detailed information on your journey.

Some of the things you see include your speed, battery level, pedal-assist, and distance covered. You can also adjust the assistance levels using up and down arrows on the display.

The pedal assistance system is a cadence with five configurations. Whenever you pedal and turn the cranks, you increase the assist level. On the other hand, pressing the thumb throttle spins back the throttle and deactivates the assistance mode.

Lastly, the electric system uses power from several connectors that shut down the motor when you press the brake. The remote attachment and the LCD have their designated connector.

Premium Components

The R750 has several first-rate components. It has two-piston hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel that give more control when riding downhill or cornering.

The greatest thing about this feature is that you do not need to travel a long distance for the bike to stop. This is useful when you are using a bike as heavy as this, or when carrying a massive load.

Additionally, the R750 has wide handlebars with an ergonomic grip that guarantee exceptional handling and stability when riding.

Other features that add comfort are the Neco Alloy pedals and the Justec saddle.


Rambo R750 26 Electric Hunting Mountain Bike


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Rambo R750?

The R750 is a high-power electric mountain bike made for off-road trails.

2. How heavy is the R750?

This bicycle weighs 63 lbs.

3. What is the Bike’s Range?

The R750 can carry you for up 19 miles without pedaling when fully charged.

4. What is the Return Policy?

Suppose you get a faulty product after purchase, you can request a refund or a replacement, depending on your preferences. The seller can also process an insurance claim on your behalf.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for an E-bike

Here are the top things to look for when buying an electric bike.


An e-bike’s power comes for its motor – therefore, the more powerful it is, the better it can handle uneven terrains like mountains and steep slopes. If you plan to use it for hunting, the motor needs to be silent to enhance its stealth.


If you intend to use your bike for longer trips such as hiking and hunting, it would be best if it had an excellent range. Otherwise, a model with a five-mile range would meet your needs.


You get what you pay for when shopping for an electric bike especially an offroad electric mountain bike. This means that costlier models tend to have more useful features than cheaper variants.

Unboxing Video: Rambo R750 Electric Hunting Bike

The Bottom Line

In this Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike review, we find this ebike is a robust and versatile offroad electric bike that is the great choice for riding on off-road trails.

Be it for hunting or any outdoor activity which involves offroad terrain, tt has a powerful mid-drive motor that is the best in its range.

The motor’s central positioning gives the machine more control and balance.

This bike has anti-puncture fat tires with hydraulic disc brakes that add to its stability and make handling easier.

Amazingly, the brakes are so responsive that you can avoid hitting bumps and other unfavorable spots.

This bike ticks so many boxes that make it a fantastic choice.

The only sticking point will be the price. This model is classed as a mid-range model, meaning there are other less expensive models and others far more so.

The sheer amount of high-end specs on this model, compared to some others, makes it a fantastic deal with regards to features versus cost.

Thanks for reading our Rambo R750 26 Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike Review.

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