Where to Rent an RV in Florida Keys RVShare Motorhome and RV Rentals

Where to Rent an RV in Florida Keys | RVShare Motorhome and RV Rentals

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Finding the ideal RV (recreational vehicle) for a family vacation can be a daunting task. However, if you live in the Florida Keys region, RVShare is a perfect choice.  RVShare has a dedicated Florida Keys page with lots of ready to hire RV Motorhomes suitable for families of all sizes and price ranges.

CLICK HERE or click the image to see all the available RV’s available in the Florida Keys region directly on the RVShare website

where to rent an RV in florida keys

What is RVShare?

RVShare is an RV rental firm that operates on a peer-to-peer model. This means that any willing RV owner can earn money by renting it out to interested individuals.

When an RV owner lists their vehicle on the site, clients can see its features and see its qualities if it meets their needs. Both owners and renters have profiles where first-time users can read reviews from previous clients.

RVShare’s Roots

RVShare was founded in 2012 when a couple rented an RV for their honeymoon. After enjoying the trip, Mark and his wife Rachel decided to start a company to have a similar experience. Since then, the business has grown to become one of the biggest RV rental firms in the United States.

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How RVShare Works

If you own an RV, you can create a profile on the site. However, to rent an RV, you need to be at least 25 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and at least three years’ worth of driving experience. Some owners set the minimum age limit at 28.

The only things that can stop you from hiring a recreational Vehicle from RVShare are driving under the influence, having a suspended license, or having cased negligent collisions and getting two or more speed tickets before you make a renting request.

Provided you meet all the requirements, you can browse through the listings and choose your preferred RV. After this, you request a booking, contact the owner, and make payments. While doing this, you will need to confirm your credentials by uploading your government ID and a recently taken selfie.

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Why RVShare Is Your Best Bet

The following are the top reasons for using RVShare.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

The RVShare support team is always online to offer assistance to drivers who experience challenges while driving. Some of the services provided include towing, fixing punctures, and unlocking vehicles.

Emergency Rebooking

Suppose an RV owner cancels your booking at the last minute, RVShare staff will help you find another vehicle similar to your first choice. If not, you get a refund.

Insurance Cover

RVShare guarantees owners a liability cover of up to $1 million. This means that if a renter dames a vehicle, the company is liable.

Fraud Screening

The platform does background checks on all renters to protect owners against fraud.


RVShare is way better than other rental businesses because its customer care team is always ready to help clients. For example, you can call for help if you experience any accident while traveling. Another impressive feature is the insurance cover that offers up to $1 million to owners. On the downside, people living outside urbanized areas have access to a limited number of vehicles.

All in all, RVShare is a reputable company whose history speaks for itself.

Rent an RV in the Florida Keys region by visiting the RVShare website HERE.

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