Solo Stove Lite vs Titan

Solo Stove Lite vs Titan – Which is Better for You?

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The main differences between Solo Stove Lite and Titan are size and weight. 1-2 people can use the Solo Stove Lite while 2-4 people can use the larger Solo Stove Titan. Both are made with the same materials and low smoke-burning design.

The main purpose of Solo Stove was to create a small, practical, and cheap camping stove. This was achieved with Solo Stove Lite, the company’s first camping stove and its first product. Since then, Solo Stove went on to become one of the most important players in the camping gear world. Its smokeless fire pits and low smoke camp stoves make it a recognized brand.

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But which should campers choose between Solo Stove Lite and Solo Stove Titan? There’s a lot of similarity between these 2 camping stoves at a first glance. Let’s look at their differences, too.

Solo Stove Lite vs Titan

Solo Stove Lite vs Titan

Solo Stove Lite Specifications

  • 4.25” diameter
  • 5.7” height
  • 9oz weight
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Runs on biomass

Solo Stove Titan Specifications

  • 5.1” diameter
  • 7.9” height
  • 16.5oz weight
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Runs on biomass


Size is one of the largest differences between Solo Stove’s Lite and Titan camping stoves. Both of these are quite similarly sized as they are smaller than other camping stoves. At the same time, these are completely different in terms of the number of users they are built for.

The Lite version of the Solo Stove has a 4.25” diameter while the larger Titan has a 5.1” diameter. This recommends the larger version for larger branches, larger pine cones, and larger pieces of wood users might rely on for quick camping fire.

The smaller size of the Solo Stove light recommends it for backpackers. A smaller camping stove fits a backpack easier. At the same time, this smaller camping stove is also lighter making the life of the backpacker easier.

The larger Solo Stove Titan isn’t as easy to fit in a backpack. It might be seen as the type of camping stove that remains in camp, inside or near the tent. This larger stove is also ideal for a larger fire. Making a camping fire can be an experience of its own and those who love to watch campfires might favor the larger Solo Stove.

These might be small camping stoves but their sizes allow a double-wall construction. This is used to create a secondary burn as air is dragged from below the stove. As it heats, the air makes its way up and meets the main flame where it burns and creates a beautiful visual effect. This attractive flame sets the Lite and Titan Solo Stoves apart. Both camping stoves burn with virtually no smoke, which makes for comfortable camping without worrying about clothes that smell of smoke.


The difference in weight is also important. Solo Stove Lite weighs 9oz while Solo Stove Titan weighs 16.5oz. This means campers might double their camping stove’s weight when choosing the larger Solo Stove. The weight of the camping stove is important when compared to the weight of a larger fire pit

Both portable camping stoves are lighter and more practical than a larger fire pit. Solo Stove Ranger and Bonfire are ideal for large fires as fire pits but they lose weight and portability compared to Solo Stove Light and Solo Stove Titan.

You can carry both Solo Stove Light and Titan in their travel bags. These should also fit many types of camping backpacks as well as travel bags. This can’t be achieved with large camping fire pits.


The fuel of these 2 camping stoves is biomass. They haven’t been created for wood logs, gas, or charcoal. Campers who want to use the camping stoves need to look for tree branches, pine cones, and whatever biomass is available in the area. This might include dry vegetation which helps start the fire and keep the fire going.

A few sticks and twigs are enough to get the fire going. Those who want to cook or heat food on the camping stoves might need to collect more sticks to keep the fire going. At the same time, this has an ecological approach as campers get to recycle fallen branches and fallen pine cones instead of using other sources of fuel.


The Solo Stove Life is cheaper than the Solo Stove Titan. This reflects its smaller size and the reduced amount of steel in its construction. At the same time, both remain competitively priced.

Ideal users of these portable camping stoves are primarily interested in a compact design. But Solo Stove also managed to deliver an affordable steel camping stove. The competitive price of the camping stoves recommends them for single campers, couples out camping, or families on a budget who need a durable simple, and efficient camping stove.

Ideal use

You can boil, brew, and roast food on these small camping stoves. Boiling is ideal in a metal cup such as the Solo Stove Pot 1800 (ideal for the Solo Stove Titan) and the Solo Stove Pot 900 (ideal for the Solo Stove Lite). Both camping stoves can be used with a series of lightweight pans to prepare or heat food. The cooking ring on these stoves also allows users to rely on all types of small pots to prepare quick delicious meals while camping.

Both camping stoves are easy to use. Campers need to remove the cooking ring as this is going to allow them to add more sticks inside. Matches are ideal for lighting a fire inside the camping stove as long as the sticks inside are completely dry.

These camping stoves can also be used at home in the absence of a fire pit. However, they are too small for a larger barbeque. Solo Stove recommends using Lite for a maximum of 2 people when it comes to cooking. Titan is recommended for preparing meals for groups of up to 4 people. Preparing food for larger groups would require cooking multiple times on these small practical camping stoves.


Solo Stove Titan is the upgraded version of the original Solo Stove Lite. It features a larger body for a larger fire and enhanced cooking capacity compared to the Solo Stove Lite. This camping stove is recommended for multi-day camping or as a small camping fire pit replacement.

The smaller Solo Stove Lite is ideal for backpackers. A smaller form and reduced weight allow backpackers to travel with it easier. It offers a place to build fire to warm up, prepare a hot drink, or prepare a quick meal while in the outback.

Both camping stoves are made to last. Thick 304 stainless steel is used to make them. Various sets of all-steel pots are available from Solo Stove for a full camping stove experience. The 2-pot Titan set is ideal for the Solo Stove Titan.

A metal windshield is also sold separately. Compatible with both camping stoves, the windshield is ideal when camping out in open spaces. High wind can prevent the fire from burning efficiently. In some cases, high wind can also put out the fire in the camping stoves. This is why most campers buy these camping stoves with these accessories.

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