Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe

The Hikers Guide – Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe Review

Picture this. It’s a sunny summer day, you’re walking through the woods in a pair of sneakers, and – whoops! – your foot slips on a rock, and you go crashing to the ground. Before you even had time to react, you twisted your ankle and now you’re out of commission, probably unable to hike for the rest of the season.

That’s worse case scenario of wearing the wrong shoe. Best case scenario? Head out on the trails ill-prepared, and you’re probably going to end up with some sore feet and quite a few painful, unattractive blisters.

Hikers tend to have strong feelings about hiking boots. Many resent the idea of having to purchase and wear a special shoe just for a few hours of hiking. For that reason, companies like Adidas have invented an attractive, yet functional, shoe that can be worn in a variety of circumstances – and not just out in the backwoods.

A good pair of hiking shoes will provide you with tons of ankle support, and protection from rocks and debris. An excellent pair of hiking shoes will give you all that and more, adding on features like waterproof linings, durable soles, and lifetime warranties so that you can get the most for your money.

We set out to review one of the best hiking shoes on the market – the Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R hiking shoe. These shoes are built for speed and for comfort, allowing you to move through the woods easily without having to worry about injuring yourself.

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Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe – The Appearance

Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe
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This low-cut hiking shoe is attractive, made out of breathable textile and synthetic upper materials that dry quickly when wet. They have a lace-up closure that allow for a more personalized fit, and are offered in sizes 6 to 13 for men and 5 to 12 for women. The shoes come in multiple colors, including black, gray, pink, and aqua, making them a versatile option for any hiker.

Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe – The Fit

These shoes are comfortable, offering a loose fit that won’t suffocate your foot. While some customer reviewers claim that these shoes fit in a sloppy way, others like the hard rubber soles and excellent tension on either side of the foot. There is a roomy toe box, offering plenty of space for thicker socks or for feet that are prone to swelling during a long hike.

These shoes come with a number of special features to help them mold to the pattern of your foot more efficiently. For example, they come with a molded sockliner, enhancing your comfort when you have to wear them for long periods of time, as well as a midsole adiPRENE insert for shock absorption and a TRAXION outsole for maximum outer grip.

It should be noted that most reviewers state that this product runs about half a size large. Unless you want tons of extra space to wiggle your toes or to wear padded socks, consider purchasing a size down to prevent your feet from sliding around inside the shoe.

Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe – Performance 

Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe
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These shoes are lightweight, offering users the ability to hike dozens of miles with little stress to the feet. Many users claim that they didn’t experience any foot pain or blistering even after multiple hours of hiking.

Some users criticize this shoe’s ability to provide support during lateral movements, complaining that they flexed easily when moved in that direction. That being said, because these shoes offer a lower, more stylish cut than high-top boots, that feature is to be expected. Individuals who are seeking more ankle support than provided by these shoes should consider high-top models instead of the Adidas Outdoor Terrex.

Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe – Stability and Support

These shoes offer excellent stability despite their low-cut design. Many users report that extra support could be provided by swapping out the included, out-of-the-box laces for thicker hiking laces.

The shoe’s stiff sole is ideal for balancing on small rocks and inclines, yet also has enough flexibility in the ankle area to make hills easy – instead of a struggle. Furthermore, the insoles of these shoes can be easily removed and replaced. If you have high arches, flat feet, or another problem that you tend to correct with supplementary insoles, this is a good feature to consider.


While the rubber on these shoes can be a bit too slippery for gripping slick indoor surfaces, like tile, they provide excellent traction when you’re hiking outside. The outsole is made out of super high traction rubber that provides excellent grip in rainy, wet conditions. No slipping and falling with these bad boys on!


Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe
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These shoes tend to wear earliest on the toe seam and upper mesh material, along with the lace loops. Insoles are another commonly replaced element of this product, but luckily insoles are inexpensive and can be added quite easily.

Unfortunately, this shoe is not waterproof on its own, requiring Gore Tex spray or add-ons for them to repel water. That being said, these shoes are offered at a low enough price where purchasing a water repellent would not be enough to break the bank.

Out-of-the-Box Wear

While these shoes are an excellent choice in the long term, they do take some getting used to when they’re fresh out of the box. Although some users claim these can be worn immediately and don’t have any negative effects as a result of immediate use, most hikers would agree that breaking in your shoes is a must before heading out on the trails.

Wear them for a few days to get used to them, ideally before you need to head out on the trails. In the long term, these shoes offer longevity that far surpasses its competitors.


  • Lightweight design (weighing less than a pound) that can aid in improving speed in trail running as well as overall comfort in hiking
  • Superb grip in wet conditions with super high traction rubber sole
  • Affordable price makes it easy to add thicker laces and waterproofing spray


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Roomy interior can be too spacious for some feet

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How it Stacks Up

These shoes are some of the most affordable and comfortable hiking shoes you can buy. They are breathable, with a mesh lining that offers adequate airflow even on the hottest days.

Some customers debated between these shoes and their sister product, the Climaproof version, for its waterproof features, but ultimately preferred this option. These shoes stayed much cooler and airier during hot hikes than did their competitors.

These shoes also received top marks by reviewers for their adaptability to a wide variety of activities. They can be used for an average day hike, for a long backwoods trek, or even on a fast-paced trail run. They are much less expensive than similar models, offering users an affordable option without having to sacrifice quality in the decision.

Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe – Verdict

Womans Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R Hiking Shoe
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These shoes are an excellent choice for both hikers and trail runners alike. If you are looking for a shoe that can bridge the gap between a day of work and a day on the trails, this is the shoe for you.

The Adidas Outdoor Terrex AX2R hiking shoes are comfortable and offer exceptional ankle support, with plenty of room for your feet to swell during a long, hard hike.

While they tend to run a bit large, the longevity of these shoes simply cannot be beaten. These shoes are comfortable enough to be worn as an everyday sneaker, yet also provide the support needed for more rigorous backwoods hikes.

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