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Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Review – Is It Worth It? Pros and Cons

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Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a portable fire pit? Whether it’s for your RV or to move between the backyard and the campsite, the Solo Stove Ranger has got your back.

This fire pit is also an excellent alternative for people living in areas that prohibit open campfires or for people looking for ease of use and ultimate portability. The Solo Stove Ranger ticks a lot of boxes. However, there are some negatives that we will cover them all in today’s Solo Stove Ranger Firepit review.

Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Review

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One of the most incredible things about the fire pit is its entertaining trait. It produces dancing flames and flickering patterns suitable for cuddling up around the fire in the spring through fall.  We have compiled a detailed Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Review to help you make an informed decision before making any purchase. The information is based on our personal experience with the fire pit.

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Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Review

This modern fire pit is a real gem for those who love outdoor activities like camping and evening backyard parties. It provides warmth and creates a comfortable environment to hang around with friends or family.

Below we explore the pros and cons of buying a Solo Stove Ranger Firepit. Hopefully, we can help make up your mind if this model is in fact suitable for your needs.

Pros of Solo Stove Ranger Firepit

✔️Less Smoke Production

The Solo Stove Firepit has a low smoke production. Thanks to the bottom vent holes that enhance entry of oxygen to facilitate complete combustion. This feature gives you the confidence to mingle with other people even after spending the whole night around the campfire.

Your clothes won’t smell like smoke.  But you need to arrange the logs maturely. Otherwise, the chances of experiencing some smoke before the fire pit gets lit are high.

✔️Generates More Heat

Solo stove ranger is designed with a double-wall, which maximizes airflow and facilitates complete combustion. The double walls gain heat and distribute warmth around the campfire. The intense flames generated by the fire pit is enough to keep you warm.

✔️Easy to Light

Starting a fire in this appliance is super easy when compared to the traditional fire pit. The ranger fire pit has some penetrations at the bottom that allow oxygen to pass and enable small fire to breathe.  These small holes are typically designed to help in kindling fire. Besides that, they play a crucial role in facilitating a complete burning process.

✔️Portability of the Ranger Firepit

The Ranger fire pit contains military stainless steel that is lightweight. The good news is that the light feature does not compromise the durability of the fire pit. But it allows an individual to transport the item from one point to another. The compact design makes the fire pit even more portable.

If you plan for the next camping or tailgating, Solo Stove Ranger should be a must portable fire pit to consider. It occupies limited space and can fit in any camping backpack.

✔️The Ranger Firepit Comes With A Stand

Lawn care is one of the most challenging tasks for many homeowners. People spent thousands of dollars to ensure their backyard lawn and patio stand out from others in the neighborhood. If you love a backyard fire pit, then destroying the patio is inevitable. The hot flames will burn the grass and even the backyard plants.

But the Solo Stove Ranger is a real gem. The package comes with a stand to help in protecting your backyard patio. It is worth considering since it will save you from expenses that involve lawn care.

✔️No Backing Away From Heavy Smoke

The ranger fire pit burns with almost zero smoke. It will give you a humble time to relax around the fire pit since there is no frequent dodging of smoke.  But that’s not all. The Ranger Firepit ensures you enjoy the campfire to the fullest. And your clothes and skin won’t smell like smoke.

✔️Lifetime Guarantee With The Ranger Firepit

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✔️The Ranger fire pit is made out of military stainless steel.

The robust construction and high-quality material guarantee durability.  The Ranger Firepit really is a durable and portable piece of kit. Look after it properly, shield from all year round weather when not in use and you will enjoy years of awesome (smokeless) cozy campfire memories. Guaranteed!

Cons of Solo Stove Ranger Firepit

Keep in mind that no product in the market is perfect. But it was challenging to come up with demerits for the Solo Stove Ranger Firepit. The fire pit has a near to perfection design.

We aimed to come up with an honest review. We had used the appliance and dug around to find out some hidden shortcomings.

These disadvantages include:

❌ Lose Of The Shiny Appearance (unless maintained)

The fire pit contains stainless steel, which brings out that shiny and sharp appearance. The outlook usually lasts for a couple of fires. The illustrious shine tends to go away after a few months of heavy usage.

The good news is that painting the solo stove ranger with heat resistant paint will maintain a gorgeous appearance. Meanwhile, use a little bit of elbow grease to restore the shiny appearance.

Can Get Hot On The Sides

The fire pit’s stainless steel design usually allows the heat to radiate throughout the sides of the fire pit.

The extreme heat radiation can make the surroundings uncomfortable and even destroy the patio despite coming with the stand.

❌ Too Expensive?

The ranger fire pit is durable and constructed from high-quality materials. These components make the fire pit too expensive for some people. But it is worth the value of your money.

Hands-on Video of the Stove Ranger

The Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Dimensions & SpecsSolo Stove Ranger Firepit Review - Size Dimensions

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Product Specs


304 Stainless Steel


Chunky Wood


15lbs | 6.80kg

Size: 12.5 inches tall  x 15 inches wide (outer)  x  13 inches wide (inner fire area)

The Bottom Line On The Solo Stove Ranger Firepit

Our final thought on the Solo Stove Ranger Firepit is that it is worth your money’s value despite the few drawbacks highlighted in the guide.  The fire pit’s impressive features will give you warmth and a cozy environment while camping or hanging out with friends around the RV.

Solo stove ranger firepit review

One incredible thing worth mentioning is the durability, portability, and easiness of starting the fire. It is one of the reasons behind the spontaneous growth in demand among outdoor enthusiasts.

The sleek design and ability to bring out beautiful patterns of flames making it among the best portable fire pits. It is also suitable for campsites that prohibit open-source fire due to forest conservation measures.

Thanks for reading our Solo Stove Ranger Firepit Review.

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  1. hello there . This modern fire pit seems like  a real gem for those who love outdoor activities like camping and evening backyard parties.  i love the fact that It provides warmth and creates a comfortable environment to hang around with friends or family. This is what I will really consider when I decide camping with friends and family.

    1. Hello Maureen.  Thanks for your comment.  Yeah, the Solo Stove Ranger model really is a fantastic piece of kit, looks awesome too I think 🙂  If you need any more info on this model feel free to ask.



  2. This firepit seems like quite a feat of engineering.  I am amazed that it barely produces any smoke, which is the main thing I was wondering due to it being advertised as great for traveling –  The fact that it is so small yet powerful is really impressive.  It is a little expensive but the durability makes it worth it since it’ll probably last forever, and if you use it enough it’ll eventually pay for itself.  Thank you for the review – I have been thinking about a firepit when I buy a house and now this one is on my radar.

    1. Hey Max,

      Thanks for your comment. Good luck with the new house  Defo worth splashing out on the Ranger Firepit as it will look awesome on your patio when inviting guests over and you can always take it with you camping or whatever.

  3. This is the “sister ” to the Solo Stove Firepit which is the larger one of the two stoves. I like the design of it and as it is smaller and lighter compares well to my favourite BioStove 2. The risk of burning the patio and your lawn is certainly something to consider, but I think that this is a challenge with all such stoves.

    I think the price of such stoves is often the most negative side of most of them.

    The portability seems to be great. Does it come with its own bag to protect when carrying it when your trekking?


  4. Hi Martin, Thanks for your Review of the Solo Stove Ranger Firepit. It was very comprehensive and left one in no doubt about its capabilities. Your honesty in providing a couple of the downsides was also appreciated. I am not a camper or hiker, but I do have a patio beside a pool in my backyard. I have been thinking about a firepit for those winter evenings in Florida, and this sounds like the perfect choice for such a location. Cheers, Jenni

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