RVShare Review [Updated: 2021] Is RVshare Safe?

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If you have landed on this RVShare review 2021 you are either looking for a way to rent an RV or you have an RV you want to rent out and make some extra cash. You’re wondering if this is a legitimate company that you can use.

Either way, in this RVShare review, I will cover the aspects of renting an RV or hiring out your own RV.  There’s a lot of RV rental companies to choose from so you can also check out our review of RVshare vs. Outdoorsy.

This company has some unique features that kind of sets itself apart from the other RV rental companies out there.

What is RVShare?

RVShare Review best place to rent an rv

RVShare is a rental company with a peer-to-peer model. It works like Airbnb, in that any person with an RV can list it the platform and make money by renting it to another individual.

The site works for both renters and RV owners. Once an owner publishes a listing, customers can view it to see if it meets their needs.

Both owners and renters have profiles with reviews from people they have transacted with before. The only problem is that most users do not have complete profiles.

RVShare Has A Network Of RVs, Motorhomes, and Campervans All Over The USA

A Brief History Of RVShare

RVShare was established in 2012 after Mark, the owner, and his wife, Rachel, used a recreational vehicle to tour the country for their honeymoon. The couple loved the experience and chose to share it with others by renting out their automobile.

A few months into the business, Mark discovered that the market lacked an ideal platform for RV rentals. He then founded RVShare, and it has since grown to become the most prominent RV rental businesses in the United States.

Looking to Rent Your RV?

Check out the RVShare.com Website

Pros and Cons of RVShare

Let’s see the pros and cons of RVshare when it comes to whether it’s safe to rent with them.


• At the time of this writing, RVShare has a positive rating on the BBB website

• Owners receive an insurance cover of up to $1 million

• Renters can request for optional upgrades and delivery at a nominal fee

• Prospective buyers can use RVShare to test a vehicle before purchasing it outright

• RVShare users enjoy 5% cashback discount on future trips

• It is free to join

• Renters get free 24/7 roadside assistance for the trip’s entire duration


• There is a limited number of RVs for people living outside urban areas

• You may have to wait to get a response from owners

• Some owners charge renters for extra mileage and wear and tear

• Renters do not have to undergo yearly DMV checkups

How Much Does RVShare Cost?

The cost of renting an RV mostly depends on the owner. Other factors that influence the pricing include the season, the condition of the vehicle and its model.

For most locations, the rental starts from $100 per day.

How RVShare Works

Anybody with an RV can list it on the RVShare website and start making additional income.

If you are looking to rent an RV, you can find one by keying in your location and duration you need to use it. Once you click on the search button, you can filter the results by type, price, location, etc.

RVShare Review - home screenPin

Renting on RVShare

You have to meet specific criteria before hiring a vehicle on RVShare. These include having a valid driver’s license, at least three years of driving experience, and being 25 years old or more.

In some instances, albeit rare, the owner might set the minimum age at 28.

Some factors that prevent you from booking an RV from RVShare include having a suspended license, driving under the influence, and two or more negligent collisions or speed tickets over the past 12 months.

Provided you meet all requirements listed above, here the steps to follow when renting an RV from RVShare.


Search the Listings

RVShare has abroad range of options – you can rent from an individual who owns one vehicle or an agency that has a fleet of RVs. Some of the types available on the platform include motor homes, campervans, trailers, and fifth wheels.

Book Your Preferred Option

RVShare Review 2021 | Is It Safe to Rent an RV from RVSharePin

Once you identify an RV that suits your needs, the next step is booking. It is a straightforward process that only requires you to share your name and contact information.

Some RV owners like using the ‘Instant Book’ features. This means that your reservation requests get booked instantly instead of undergoing the standard procedure to see if the chosen RV is available.


List Your RV

Rent an RV 

Contacting the Owner

RVShare Review 2021 | How to contact the RV ownerPin

After booking, you need to contact the RV’s owner. Tell them about yourself, who you will bring along, and the trip’s destination. The more information you share, the better.

Keep in mind that the objective is to establish trust so that they choose you over other suitors.

You can also request for optional upgrades when talking to the owner. The most popular choice is called the ‘Easy Living Package’, where you pay extra fees to have the vehicle cleaned and conditioned after using it.

Make Payments

The final step of renting an RV is confirming the request and making payments. Here, you will need to provide your card information and the corresponding billing address.

Once you make payments, you will be redirected to the RVShare dashboard for identity verification. First-time users have to upload a copy of a government ID and a recently taken selfie – if the two match, you will receive a link for verifying your profile. This process usually takes a few minutes.

Besides your photo, other things that you need to include in your profile include the date of birth, place of birth and a short bio.

Upon the verification of your identity, you will have to wait for up to 24 hours for the owner’s response. However, the results are faster if you use the Instant Book feature.

List Your RV

Rent an RV


Listing an RV on RVShare

If you own an RV, you can make a decent income by listing it on RVShare. It is simple – you only have to write a short description, upload pictures and set a price. You also need to decide if you want to charge a security deposit, and how much it will cost.

The security deposit covers the damages that are not included in your insurance policy.

These include interior damages and mile overages. Suppose the renter returns the vehicle in the right condition, the security deposit is refundable after seven days.

RVShare processes all transactions. The money reflects in your account 24 hours after the renter picks it up.

List Your RV and See How Much You Can Earn

What Does the RVShare Rental Protection Include?

The following are the most significant things covered by the cost of RVShare rentals.

Payment Protection

When you transact on RVShare, you get payment protection. This means all aspects of your transaction ae protected against fraud. If anything goes wrong, the company will refund you.

Fraud Screenings

RVShare verifies all profiles on its platform to protect uses against potential fraud.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Suppose you experience any crisis while traveling, you can seek assistance from the RVShare emergency team that is available 24/7. Some of the services they offer include solving battery issues, towing, fixing punctures, and unlocking RVs.

Emergency Rebooking Service

Sometimes, the owner can cancel your booking request at the last minute. If this happens, the RVShare support team will help you find a similar RV in time for your trip.

Cancellation Policy Coverage

The cancellation policy is aimed at protecting renters from unwarranted cancellations by RV owners. As long as you do not violate any regulations, you can either a partial or a full refund, depending on whether you had already picked up the RV.

It is worth noting that all refunds, both partial and full, are subjected to a $99 cancellation processing fee.

Damage Deposit Protection

The damage deposit protection policy covers you when the owner files a damage claim against you. In this case, RVShare will pay the charges on your behalf.

Check out the Insurance page

Insurance Coverage

RVShare Review 2021 - Highlights of the insurance policyPin

Different insurance covers protect both renters and owners.

For owners, the insurance gives them peace of mind knowing that the vehicle will be repaired if it gets damaged. On the other hand, renters are assured that they will not be liable for any pre-existing defects in the RV.

The RVShare insurance policy guarantees owners a liability cover of up to $500,000 that can increase to $1 million. Even better, this coverage is entirely free.

The system is designed such that renters pay the insurance’s deductible costs through their security deposit.

When you rent an RV, you get an automatic enrolment to the 24/7 roadside assistance service until your trip ends.

Suppose you experience an incident on the road, you can get help from nearby towing and car repair shops by calling RVShare. The company then sends the mechanics to help in the shortest time possible. 

Final Words

Like many rental companies, RVShare has its advantages. However, the pros outweigh the cons.

What impressed us the most is the readiness of the support team to solve customer issues. For instance, if you puncture your tires, they will contact the nearest mechanic to fix it on your behalf.

Another benefit offered by the company is the insurance policy that provides covers of up to $1 million.

The most significant drawback of the platform is that people living in remote areas can view fewer listings compared to those in towns.

That said, RVShare is a reputable company with an excellent record of accomplishment that shows with a great rating by the Better Business Bureau.

What’s more, users can leave comments on particular RV’s that can guide first-time users to making the right choices.


4 thoughts on “RVShare Review [Updated: 2021] Is RVshare Safe?”

  1. Wow! What a cool idea and one I had never even considered. I don’t own an RV but it sounds like a lot of fun to drive around and travel. RVShare would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a full purchase of an RV but would still like the experience. Thanks for letting me know about this. Great post!

    • Hi Shyla,

      Thanks for your great comment. Yes, hiring and not buying is perfect for most who do not have the funds or space for an RV. Its a fantastic company and you will have a great experience should you ever rent from there. Remember if you do ever buy one you can list it for hire also and make some money back on it 🙂

  2. I love the great outdoors, but sleeping in a tent kind of sucks. It seems like every time I have gone camping a monsoon turned the campout into a bad experience. A few years ago I just packed up and went home. Or you managed to sleep on a rock.

    I have always considered getting a camper for such occasions, but they are pricy and I don’t go camping that much.

    This is a great idea. Renting an RV.

    What do you do if an owner makes a false accusation and tries to sue you? Is that covered? Can they sue the individuals are would they go after share? There are always people out there with an agenda. I see it is covered by insurance… that would be another concern.

    Thanks for the information. Brian

    • Hi Brian. Thanks for your comment. To answer your question. The insurance is pretty comprehensive and covers all sorts of situations. From personal experience, I have never had an issue though. I’m sure there are dodgy RV owners out there but for the most part, I reckon you would have to be very unlucky to have someone try to scam you like that. RVSHare is a source of income for RV owners and owners behaving in an unscrupulous manner would probably cause RVShare to kick them out of the company.

      But if it does happen and you are 100% sure any damage was not caused by you or anyone in your family then RVShare will sort out the issue for you.

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