Unique gifts for Snowboarders

Top 14+ Unique Gifts for Snowboarders

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When you’re looking for unique gifts for snowboarders, that depends on the skill level and current equipment standards of your gift recepient. An experienced snowboarder might benefit more from an action camera as a gift while a beginner will feel appreciative of essential snowboarding gear. However, novelty gifts like a beard ski mask or a snow-themed multitool can appeal to enthusiasts of any experience.

Snowboarders only have a limited timeframe through the year to practice their hobby. This is why they need the best gear to make the most of their time on the board.

Unique gifts for Snowboarders

14+ Best Gifts for Snowboarders

From basic gloves to neck warmers, snowboarders can be surprised with all types of gifts. Here’s are some of the most popular gifts for people into snowboarding.

Slopes Inspired Whiskey Glasses

For your lovers of the whiskey and winter sports, this gift may be the thoughtful combination you’re aiming for. The classy gift comes packaged in a luxury gift box.

Beard Ski Mask

This novelty item keeps their face and neck warm. It comes in many colors to match their hair so it will look great. This fun, water-resistant mask will invite many compliments, like one of those gifts that keep giving. Be warned not to use it on a very windy day as it could blow into their peripheral vision.

Iceberg Wine Decanter

We’re not forgetting about the ones who prefer wine over whiskey. The ice mountain profile of this wine decanter is a must have for a snowboarder’s home wine collection.

Snowflake Multi Tool

This handy tool contains 18 tools in 1 snowflake, and comes with a key ring, carabiner clip, and storage bag. It also includes a bottle opener which makes for a thoughtful and useful gift.

An action camera

An action camera is superior to a regular camera for snowboarders. Fast shutter speeds are the reason why most people in this sport prefer these cameras, followed by their compact size.

Good action cameras can record images even before you press the record button so that there’s no missed moment. A live burst function that takes multiple photos per second can also prove a good reason to consider an action camera as the perfect gift for those into winter sports.

Given the action camera also comes with great connectivity, snowboarders can also be into live streaming to show off their latest tricks.

Recommended product – GoPro Hero 10

A GPS sports watch

Navigating around new slopes can feel somewhat intimidating. A dedicated GPS sports watch can prove to be one of the most beneficial gadgets around uncharted terrains.

Snowboarders can benefit from sports watches to point directions, similar to a compass. Some sports watches can show weather information that snowboarders can use to plan a descent. Others are also capable of pinpointing camping spots in case of a snowstorm.

Apart from its features, a sports watch needs to be durable, especially as a gift. Rugged construction and a waterproof design are essential for this potential gift to last for years.

Recommended product – Suunto Core

A foam roller

Snowboarding all day is relaxing but tiresome at the same time. Foam rollers can be seen as replacements for a relaxing massage and they can be a great gift for snowboarders looking to relax.

Many types of foam rollers can be categorized by pegs’ design and materials. Most importantly, foam rollers help speed up recovery and even avoid injuries when used constantly.

The key to a good foam roller (apart from its physical quality) is a guide to foam rolling. Many snowboarders can benefit from an attached illustrated guide or an introduction to foam rolling which may aid recovery. These can help speed up recovery from one day to another when spending multiple days out on the slopes.

Recommended product – TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Triple Insulated Water Bottle

A good water bottle is another good and affordable gift idea. Snowboarders might not be able to get a hot drink too many times throughout the day as this keeps them away from the slopes and tricks too much. Having a personal water bottle can help.

The best water bottles for snowboarders are made with insulated walls to keep any drink warm. From hot tea to hot coffee, these durable water bottles are ideal for active people such as those who love snowboarding.

Recommended product – Finedine Sports Bottle

A snowboarding jacket

Snowboarders need the right jacket for thermal protection. 100% polyester jackets are affordable, breathable, and warm. These make-up for some of the best jackets for snowboarders and they prove to be an inspired gift as well.

Hooded jackets are ideal for snowboarders, especially when it’s snowing. This is why hooded jackets with at least a couple of pockets represent a good choice as a practical gift.

Recommended product – Quicksilver Sycamore Snowboarding Jacket

Ski gloves

Snowboarders tend to lose their ski gloves all the time. Others prefer to own multiple pairs of gloves to match their outfit of the day. Since there are so many types of snowboarding gloves, these can be an affordable gift to consider for men and women into snowboarding.

Not all snowboarding gloves are equal. Snowboarding gloves are split into size (small, medium, and larger) and by their low-temperature rating. These gloves also come in different colors and patterns which can be a good idea as a quirky gift for snowboarders.

Modern times often require sending a quick text or taking a quick call. Snowboarding gloves compatible with touchscreen use can be some of the most inspiring gloves to wear while out on the slopes.

Recommended product – Hoihoo Gloves

Snow boots

Snowboarding boots use BOA systems to connect to the board. They come in men’s and women’s sizes, different colors, and various thermal protection levels. Good snowboarding boots keep the feet dry and warm at the same time.

Removable liners represent a characteristic that top snowboarding boots need. The liner can be washed as often as needed and even updated when worn out without actually changing the boots.

Snowboarding boots also offer freedom of movement on snow. Good grip outsoles are mandatory for these types of boots on and off the board.

Recommended product – Burton Snowboard Boots

Neck warmers

Staying warm out on the slopes is crucial for snowboarders. A jacket might not keep the neck warm and this is why a neck warmer can prove one of the most inspired cheap gifs for snowboarders.

Some of the best neck warmers are made in one size only. They use elastic materials such as spandex to go over the head and micro-polar fleece to keep the neck warm. Available in different colors, neck warmers can also be raised above the nose for high-speed snowboarding when the cold air is a bit too much to handle.

Recommended product – Cuimei Fleece Neck Warmer

Snowboarding goggles

Snowboarding is impossible without good goggles. These can be the ideal gift for a person that truly cares about vision and healthy eyes. Snow and cold air are unfriendly to the eyes. This is why the right protective gear is essential for this extreme outdoor sport.

Good snowboarding goggles offer UV protection and anti-fog coating. They remain fog-free even with excessive sweating. A bit flexible and typically padded with foam on the parts that are in contact with the face, snowboarding goggles are comfortable and protective.

Recommended product – Oakley O-Frame 2 Pro XL

A protective helmet

Protective gear is something new snowboarders might not feel too keen about. This is why a protective helmet can be an inspired gift. There are various types of protective ski and snowboarding helmets to consider. It’s ideal for these helmets to have third-party testing, which allows them to have some degree of credibility compared to non-ranked helmets.

Recommended product – Oakley Mod1

Snowboarding socks

Keeping feet dry and warm is more difficult in snowboarding than in trekking in the winter. Continuous friction and sweat can be enemies to the feet. Compression socks can be a good gift idea as these help with circulation. They also help keep feet warm while wicking sweat. Snowboarding socks come in small, medium, and large sizes as they feet multiple sizes easily given their elastic nature.

Recommended product – TSLA Socks

Padded short pants

Impact shorts represent one of the hidden secrets of snowboarders. They protect crucial areas of the body such as the tailbone. Falling is common in snowboarding, and having shorts with multiple pads can reduce shocks considerably. Both thick pads and thin pads in shorts can prove efficient.

Recommended product – Protective Padded Shorts


An ideal gift for snowboarders can be fun and useful. All of the ideas listed above are practical and useful as snowboarders don’t need to carry gear or gadgets that aren’t of primary importance. The right gift needs to be useful rather than just something that seems like a good gift idea.

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