Best Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Friends, Campers, and Hikers
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13+ Best Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Friends, Campers, and Hikers

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Are you looking for that perfect gift to buy for the guys and girls who loves the outdoors? Maybe your other half is an avid hiker, or maybe you’re buying a gift for an outdoorsy friend who seeks adventure at every opportunity.

Whether it’s Norwegian kindling Splitters, wearable sleeping bags, or rugged and waterproof sound systems for backpackers.

Even a Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica for your family campfire sing-along, I promise you there will be something here that will give you a great idea. So let’s get going.

13+ Best Gift Ideas for Campers, Hikers and Outdoorsy Friends and Family

#1 Larq Movement – Self Sanitizing Water Bottle

Marketed as the cleanest water bottle on the planet. This state-of-the-art stylish water bottle cleans 99.999% of bacteria thanks to the built-in UV-C LED purification system. With the way things are in the world currently this is a fantastic feature to have at your disposal while out camping or hiking.

A fantastic gift option and a worthy place in our awesome hiking and camping gadget gift list. It comes in 3 handy sizes and 6 cool colors.

#2 MERRELL Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot

The Merrell Altalight Hiking Boots have Uppers built from Stratafuse™ technology that’s known for its durability and lightweight properties that’s designed to fit like a glove. Just don’t ask what Stratafuse tech is though… Sound pretty cool though 🙂
I will personally be trying these out and think they would make an awesome gift for someone who loves getting out on the trail.

#3 Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Power Bank

Planning and camping or hiking trip? Never worry about budgeting power to your gadgets again. This beast can fully power your phone many times over and can even fully power your laptop.
In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, getting away from it all out into nature is so good for your general well being and mental health, but you can still keep yourself and the kids plugged into the net and fully powered. This is a high-end power bank that will not let you down. It looks fantastic too.

The Goal Zero Sherpa Has Some Amazing Specs Which Include.
An Airline approved battery that can be packed in your carry-on bags
A fully-charged power bank can charge a POV Camera 18X, a smartphone 8X, a tablet 4X, and a laptop 2X
Supports Qi wireless charging
Can be charged by solar panel.
Much much more.

#4 Lighthouse 600 – Portable Lantern With Phone Charger and Emergency Power Hand Crank

Portable lighting has come a long way over the past few years. The guys at Goal Zero are leading the tech in this area and their new Lighthouse 600 – Portable Lantern With Phone Charger and Emergency Power Hand Crank should be a must in anyone’s one camping kit or emergency home survival kit.

Super bright and featuring an emergency hand crank to generate power if you ever run out of charge. For every 1 minute of hand cranking, you can expect around 10 minutes of light which is pretty awesome we think 🙂

Can be fully charged from any USB source in around 6 hours which in turn can charge your phone if you are stuck without power, a really cool gift idea for the outdoorsman or woman.

#5 Tomahawk Polished Hatchet

Super light and agile this tomahawk can handle any duty which requires some chopping on your camping trip. Pretty cool looking also. Gets 5 stars for its ruggish good looks. 🙂

#6 Portable Charcoal Grill and Smoker For Camping

A stunning Portable Charcoal Grill and combined Smoker in a stainless steel suitcase design by NOMAD. The ultimate camping grill and smoker money can buy. This will make an incredible gift to anyone who loves to do the cooking while away camping. If your gonna grill, you might as well do it in style 🙂

#7 Everest Whisky Peaks Glasses Mountains

Sip your Whiskey in style with these awesome Everest mountains in the glass.
Each glass features a unique topographic impression of one of greatest mountain peaks – handcrafted with intricate detail.

#8 Mountain Wine Decanter Set

Not so much camping or hiking equipment but more of a gift for a camping or hiking enthusiast. This stunning accurate topograph iceberg will make a phenomenal gift to anyone who loves a ‘wee dram’ of an evening. And who is also a lover of the great outdoors.

Made from handmade glass which makes every set unique and also much lighter than leaded glass.
Includes a Decanter, drying stand, aerator filter, and cleaning beads.

#9 The Original Shot Flask – Stainless Steel in Premium Bonded Leather

Take your evening campfire nip to a new level with this ultra-cool flask with a built-in collapsible shot glass.
Awesome gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast.

#10 YETI Camping Cooler 24

Yeti is synonymous with the best coolers money can buy. The Yeti Hopper Soft Camping Cooler Flip 24 is highly portable, very light, and as tough as nails. Holding an impressive 20 cans with 2:1 ice to can ratio, this makes for a handy camping companion. It just up to you whether you fill it with food or beer.

#11 Multi-Tool with 17 Tools in One

The perfect camping or hiking companion. Leatherman is synonymous with quality and the 17 tools in one Wave-Plus multi-tool is a must-have piece of kit in anyone’s kit when camping or hiking.
Will make an amazing gift and is a worthy addition to our awesome list of camping and hiking gift ideas list.

#12 Hiking Journal With Prompts To Write In

Your hiker or mountain climber won’t have any trouble filling up every page with memories from this adventure-packed book. The pages are designed so that they can be filled out quickly without having to worry about running out of space.
There are prompts to record a place to record the date, weather, location, elevation gain/loss, time, distance, latitude/longitude, conditions (e.g., snowed in), difficulty level (e.g., easy), route taken (e.g., trail name), trail features, park fees and parking/shuttle fees, as well as journaling and reflection opportunities throughout the day of the trip.
It would be perfect for people who love spending their weekends outdoors exploring new places or going on adventures with friends & family

Check Price on Amazon

#13 Tactical Folding Knife – Cord Cutter and Glass Breaker

This pocket emergency knife is ready for any situation. It’s got a cord-cutting groove, a glass break, a wire stripper, and an extra cutter blade under the knife handle.
If you are buying for a camping, hiking, or hunting enthusiast then this blade will make for a fantastic gift.

#14 Handmade Damascus Survival Knife

This unique knife from Bobcat Knifes has a hammer forged damascus steel, genuine leather sheath with belt loop, and walnut wood handle.
Whether it’s camping, survival, tactical, military, or everyday outdoor carry, it’s a versatile compact knife.

#15 Adventurer Books

A good book makes a thoughtful classic gift for the lovers of adventure and books.

Want ideas for which books? Check out our 8 Inspiring Women’s Adventure Books For Your Reading List.


I hope you now have some great ideas for your camping, hiking, and outdoorsy friends and family.

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  1. These are some fantastic ideas for camping. I love the lantern where you can charge your phone as well that’s a great idea. Do you know if it’s waterproof? I have lost too many lights while out camping due to water getting in and ruining them. I am not fond of the glass flask camping due to possible breaking and a flask never holds enough for any occasion if you ask me. I like the decanter however not for camping, that one will break. Now the Nomad portable grill is an excellent looking piece of kit for camping.

    1. Hey Rick, thanks for your comment. Yeah, the lantern is waterproof. I don’t think you can submerge it in water but it can sit in the rain for a bit and still function as long as the rain can run off it. The decanter is more aimed at a hiking or camping enthusiast as a gift to enjoy at home that is themed around their passion 🙂

      The nomad grill looks incredible right? It’s on my list for sure. Will drop a good few hints to my other half on that one 🙂

  2. Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing. I’m looking for some cool gifts for the upcoming holidays, and I think I can scratch a few things off my list now. I wasn’t expecting so much camping and hiking gadgets and equipment. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey Ivan.. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, plenty more cool camping and hiking gift ideas coming. Found some really unique stuff and will be adding more soon.

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