The Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent Review – 6 Best Features

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If you’re looking for a six person tent, check out this Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent review, that is one of the best on the market.

Pros of Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent

  • Separates into 2 rooms easily to give you more privacy while camping in a group!
  • Tent comes with ten-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free storage duffel
  • Rain fly adds extra protection against inclement weather
  • Built-in electrical ports make camping more luxurious and fun
  • Mesh windows and mesh roof allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of the great outdoors without having to deal with bugs


  • Made out of a material that is lighter in weight than comparable tents. Making winds a bit more challenging, but can be addressed by using the included guy ropes

Bottom Line

This tent is durable, comes at an affordable price and backed by a reliable warranty. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular 6 person tents on the market.



Camping is one of America’s favorite pastime, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without requiring you to break the bank. Tent camping is particularly delightful, giving you the opportunity to sleep under the stars without spending tons of money.

If you are planning to take the whole family on your next camping trip – or if you are tall or prefer to lug around tons of gear when you camp – you might find yourself feeling somewhat crowded in your standard-sized tent.

Enter the six-person tent. A 6-person tent allows you to sleep in comfort, without feeling claustrophobic or constrained by a small space. These tents are roomy and affordable. Great option for any camper no matter how large or small you may be.

Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent Review


6 Best Features of this 6 Person Tent

  1. Weather protection
    This stylish tent, in an attractive green and white color scheme, is made out of Weather Armor polyester fabric. This fabric has polyurethane coating that protects against all kinds of weather, from snow to rain and everything in between.
  2. Durability
    This coating also helps make the tent more protected against other damage, such as rips and tears caused from use and carrying.
  3. Easy to create 2 rooms!
    As a six person dome tent, it is easy to separate into two rooms. This is ideal if you want to use one room for your kids. Also if you plan on using the extra space for storage.
  4. Plenty of ventilation
    The tent also has three mesh windows. It can be easily closed to block out sunlight or cold air, as well as a mesh roof. This roof allows you to sleep under the stars yet not be pestered by biting or stinging insects while you do so.
  5. Easy setup
    The tent is constructed with shock-corded fiberglass poles, all of which have fast feet that make set up quick and easy. It also has pre-attached guy ropes that you can tie off for added support and stability.
  6. Stay organized with e-Port and extra compartments
    The tent even has a gear loft, providing you plenty of space to stash any gear that doesn’t fit inside the extra compartment, as well as an e-Port for electrical cords.

Why the e-Port, you may ask? Simple. If you plan on using an electronic or electrical devices inside your tent (such as pumps for an air mattress or a charger for your cell phone), you will need a power cord.

To get the cord inside a normal tent would mean opening the zippered door and creating an air gap for moisture and pests to enter. The e-Port removes the need for this, and allows you to truly camp in style.

How it Stacks Up

This product is one of the most popular six-person tents available. Offered at an affordable price.

The tent comes with a ten-year warranty that adds additional value and lowers your expenses over time.

The durability of this tent is good.

One of the best features of this product is its ability to be divided.

The tent is equipped with room divider curtains which allows you to create more space and a division between you and your fellow campers.

There are even two back-to-back “D” style doors that give you separate entrance. Allowing for added privacy and overall camping happiness.

You’ll be able to enjoy your own space and to leave the tent for a bathroom break without disturbing the other campers.

The Bottom Line: Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent Review

If you’re looking for a durable six-person tent that will hold up to the test of time.

This tent could be the right choice for you. This product is one of the best that you can purchase.

If you’re sick of dealing with a crowded tent or one that leaks under the slightest bit of rain, consider purchasing the Wenzel Evergreen 6 Person Tent. One of the best 6 person tents that money can buy.


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