What To Pack For A Ski Trip

What To Pack For A Ski Trip

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There are so many things to think about when it comes to what to pack for a ski trip. Many first-time skiers need a list of things to pack for a ski trip to ensure nothing is forgotten and the trip’s success.

Skiing with the family requires even more packing. Here are the essentials.

What To Pack For A Ski Trip

What To Pack For A Ski Trip – The Essentials

Ski clothing

Ski clothes are the first stop on the packing list. Essential for dealing with snow and cold weather, these clothes are not optional as every family member needs them.

Waterproof jacket

A waterproof ski jacket is a must for a ski trip. It’s essential to get a jacket both for the parents and for the kids as casual winter jackets aren’t ideal for skiing.

Waterproof ski pants

Ski pants with waterproofing are mandatory when skiing. At least one pair should be packed per family member.

Base layer tops

Multiple base layers are required for those thinking about a ski trip. These keep you warm when skiing and even when taking a break from skiing.

Base layer bottoms

At least a few base layer bottoms are recommended per family member. Sweating prompts skiers to change these at least once per day.

Waterproof gloves

Skiing gloves are also a must-have for skiing. Small but important, they keep the hands warm while holding ski poles.

Ski helmet

Ski helmets are mandatory for the safety of all family members. Kids need age-appropriate ski helmets. Both helmets for adults and kids are made to the same rigorous safety standards.

Casual clothing

Casual clothes are often overlooked when packing for a ski trip. But they are just as important as ski clothes as much of the time of a skiing trip is spent off the slopes.

Winter jacket

A casual winter jacket can be a good replacement for a ski jacket. Wearing a ski jacket to a restaurant might not be the best idea for those who like to look their best.


Multiple pairs of pants are also required when taking a break from skiing and bulky skiing pants.

Winter tops

Tops such as sweaters and T-shirts are ideal for casual dressing. Kids need more of them as they tend to spill drinks frequently.


Sleepwear isn’t provided by hotels. Multiple sets of sleepwear are recommended for each family member.


Undergarments are as important as sleepwear. Plenty of these should be packed for the parents and the kids as well.

Winter hats

Casual winter hats are ideal to keep the head warm. These hats come in all shapes and sizes and they don’t take up too much luggage space either.

Ski Gear

The list of ski gear required for a ski trip can be quite long. However, it’s best to stick to the basics as a beginner and start with the following gear.


Good skis are a must for a skiing trip. Some families prefer not to rent out skis and bring their own. This is especially important if you plan to ski with the kids who need age-appropriate skis.

Families with limited space inside the car or on the roof of the car might not be able to carry pairs of skis for each family member. Is worth calling the hotel to ask for local ski gear rental options as a space-saving alternative.

Ski boots

The right ski boots offer safety and comfort while skiing. They need to be packed with skis.

Ski poles

Ski poles for adults and kids need to be considered. They are small and they can be packed in a single ski poles bag.


Skiing helmets are very important. There are a few good family ski helmet bags to consider here. They make carrying the helmets easier.


Ski goggles for all family members need to be packed as well. They are rarely found in the rental area of skiing destinations.


Toiletries are always important no matter the purpose of the trip. Families need to pack even more toiletries to keep the kids clean and safe.


Deodorant is a must when it comes to staying fresh during physical activity. Packing a few extra deodorants is not a bad idea.


Sunscreen is recommended to protect the skin from the harsh sunlight on the slopes.

Lip balm

Lip balm is crucial for both parents and children. A good lip balm protects skiers from cracking lips, even with sufficient hydration.


Other miscellaneous objects and must-haves are often forgotten at home. Here’s what to bring on your next ski trip.

Ticket passes

Ticket passes can often be purchased in advance. You can find these online and print them at home to avoid long queues at the slopes.


Standard medication for an upset stomach or headaches is a must on any trip, particularly on a ski trip.

Water bottle

Multiple water bottles are ideal for a skiing family. These should keep the water warm so that they can be taken in the backpack and sipped through the day.

Sewing kit

A sewing kit can often save the day when it comes to small accidents such as ripped skiing clothes.


Plenty of tissues and sanitizers are needed for a skiing trip. Families with children often need more of these than initially planned.


Chargers and external battery packs are a must for a skiing trip. Smartphone batteries can be drained in seconds in cold weather and a good battery pack can be life-saving.

What To Pack For A Ski Trip

What to pack for ski trip family

Families planning a ski trip also need to think about other must-haves. From appropriate large luggage to snacks, here’s what to pack. Families also need sufficient chargers and power banks for the kids who want to play games or watch movies on a tablet while away on the trip.

Family ski bag

A family ski bag is the simplest way of carrying all skis and ski poles. One large bag for the entire family makes transportation easier.

A backpack

A backpack is a must for at least one of the parents if not for all family members. Backpacks carry first aid kits, water bottles, snacks, and other must-haves for a skiing day.

Hand sanitizer

Extra hand sanitizers are a must, especially for children as they tend to touch everything in public places.

Extra hand warmers

Hand warmers are a necessary investment. They have a limited lifespan which means packing extra hand warmers is recommended.


Snacks are often overlooked when packing for a ski trip. Families need to pack dry snacks that tend to have a long shelf life for a kick of energy. Kids can benefit from an energy bar or a protein bar at set intervals to prevent going hungry from all the physical effort.

In Summary

Packing for a ski trip is often a meticulous process. None of the gear, clothes, or accessories listed above can be overlooked. From staying warm to staying hydrated, there are plenty of things to pack. Planning out in advance is the only true measure not to overlook any of them.

At the same time, families planning a ski trip can pack all gear, clothes, food, and accessories together. This can save luggage space and make transportation easier.

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