How to use fire pit glass rock
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How To Use Fire Pit Glass Rocks

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Fire pit glass rock is a special type of tempered glass that makes fire look distinct. It replaces fake fire logs to create a unique fire and even change the shape of the flames.

Fire pit glass rocks can be used in any fire pit. However, to have the best results there should see it used as a barrier between the flame and the burner. This type of glass is only compatible with propane and butane gas fire pits.

How to use fire pit glass rock

How to use fire pit glass rock

Using fire pit glass rock is not complicated. However, this type of glass needs to be used correctly as too little glass will not cover the burners while too much glass will diffuse the flame or even stop the fire pit from running correctly.

Add 1-2 inches of fire glass to cover the burners

The ideal amount of fire pit glass rocks added to a gas fire pit is between 1 and 2 inches. Most people make the mistake of assuming they need too much fire pit glass. However, a thin layer of glass is needed to cover up the burners since the small pieces cover the burners efficiently.

Fire pit glass is sold in plastic bags. Once opened, these pieces of glass are laid evenly over the burners. They need to cover the burners completely.

Avoid adding too much glass

The first mistake made with using fire pit glass rocks for the first time is adding too many pieces. A maximum of 2 inches of glass rock is recommended regardless of the type of glass rock you use.

For an even flame, it’s recommended to spread out the glass rocks evenly. Adding more glass to one side will make the flame smaller while adding insufficient fire pit glass rocks will enable larger flame areas. These uneven layers of glass rock create an uneven flame.

Combine multiple types of fire pit glass rock

For a unique fire pit, you can always combine multiple types of fire pit glass rock. The easiest way to combine these pieces of glass is to use opposing colors to create contrasts. You can also use similar colors to create gradients.

The main benefit of using multiple colors and multiple shapes of fire pit glass rock is creating a unique fire pit. Custom fire pits typically cost more than standard fire pits but some customization such as arranging multiple pieces of fire pit glass rocks can be made by the user.

Why Avoid Ordinary Glass For Fire Pits?

Some might think ordinary broken glass can be used instead of special fire pit glass rocks. This is not the case. It’s even dangerous to use regular glass in a fire pit.

Not heat tempered

Regular glass is not heat tempered. This means regular glass cracks under high heat. Tempered glass is used for fire pit glass rocks. Such types of glass are ideal for enhanced durability. Furthermore, these pieces of glass are better than lava rock for heat.

Multiple sharp edges

Regular pieces of glass have sharp edges. These are dangerous to children and even to adults. Fire pit glass rocks have dulled safe edges. Not having to deal with possible cuts is essential and this is why all types of fire pit glass rocks are made with rounded edges.

It melts

Regular glass starts to melt when it reaches 2552 degrees. This means it’s not made for the continuous high heat of a fire pit. Melting glass can block the fire pit’s burners for good, essentially damaging it without means of replacement.

It cracks

But even before regular glass starts to melt it starts to crack. All types of regular glass start to crack when heated which means it can’t be considered for a fire pit. Cracking glass is also an issue when using a glass fire pit lid which is the main reason most of these lids are metal-made.

The benefits of using fire pit glass rocks

Those unsure about the return on investment for fire pit glass rocks need to learn more about its benefits. It’s not only about how this type of glass looks on the fire pit.

Long-life fire pit burners

A prolonged burner lifespan is the main benefit of using fire pit glass rocks. A good fire pit can cost thousands of dollars and keeping it in good shape is essential. This prolonged lifespan is mainly possible by essentially moving the flame away from the burners. The fire pit glass rocks act as a buffer zone essentially taking the flame from directly contacting the burners.

Gas runs through the pieces of fire pit glass rocks. This means the flame of the fire pit is only created on top of the glass, essentially protecting the burners below. Burners tend to darken and eventually clog up or deform under heat. Adding fire pit glass rocks keeps the burners in new condition for longer.

Aesthetic benefits

Of course, one of the main reasons to use fire pit glass rocks is aesthetic enhancement. This type of glass is a talking point of its own, making your fire pit stand out from the regular standard alternative found in stores.

Another good reason to use it in a fire pit is to create a luxurious product. Most premium fire pits use fire pit glass rock to add a degree of sophistication to the design. This can be recreated at home by adding glass rock yourself.

Better heat output

Spreading out the fire also creates an enhanced heat output. If you’re planning to enjoy long evenings with the family on the deck, a larger flame can help keep you warm. Furthermore, using fire pit glass rocks evenly distribute gas and the flame itself, meaning the heat output is constant from all sides of the fire pit.

The heat output can also be controlled manually by adjusting the gas output. Since fire pit glass rocks are only used on gas fire pits, increasing or diminishing gas output to the burners further helps control the heat output.

How to use fire pit glass rock


You can use fire pit glass rocks by themselves to enhance the look of a fire pit. Alternatively, you can use it with lava rock or other fire pit rocks to enhance the look of the fire pit. The glass rock is always added on top of lava rocks as the glass is translucent.

But the main reason to use fire pit glass rocks is to create a unique flame that sets your fire pit apart. Without these pieces of glass, the flame has an irregular shape that’s fairly common.

Adding up to 2 inches of fire pit glass rock spreads out the flame, essentially creating a wider flame that also looks better. The pieces of glass add to the aesthetics of the fire pit through their reflective nature.

Fire pit glass rocks can’t be replaced by broken pieces of regular glass. This type of common glass is not tempered or treated to high temperature which means it breaks and eventually melts when in contact with an open flame. Unlike fire pit glass rocks, regular glass is also risky to use since it has sharp dangerous edges.

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